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  • The Saturdays' Hairstyles - Wedding Fever!

    We've been keeping a keen eye on The Saturday's hairstyles this month as the girls have been caught up in wedding fever with not one, but TWO of the girls tying the knot in recent weeks. So exciting !! :D A big congrats to both Una and Rochelle and their new hubbies. :)


    Una Healy was first to walk down the aisle as she married rugby star, Ben Foden, in her irish hometown on June 30th. The Saturdays' hairstyles were styled perfectly at Una’s wedding; all of the girls, including Una, wore their hair loose. Frankie wore her cropped locks and her sweeping fringe styled straight and the rest of the girls wore their long locks styled into gorgeous waves and curls. We love that their hair was all styled similarly for the wedding and the curls complemented the lilac dresses perfectly.
    Una looked every inch an irish beauty on her wedding day with her warm auburn locks styled into waves; her hairstyle was finished with a delicate headpiece which tied in perfectly with her fairytale wedding dress … just lovely. :)


    Rochelle was next to tie the knot as she married Marvin Humes, from JLS, last Friday. The couple wed in Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire and the wedding pics have so far been kept under wraps … we’re itching to see what Rochelle looked like on her special day and we’re super excited to see The Saturdays’ hairstyles for the wedding too … pretty please reveal the photos soon guys.


    We have big expectations for the pics of Rochelle’s wedding hair as her hair has been super long and has looked incredible lately when she’s been spotted out and about.
    Rochelle has been rocking an on-trend ponytail this weekend and we have to say, we are loving this look on her. Rochelle has been spotted with her long, waved locks tied into a high ponytail as she stepped out with her new hubby yesterday to show off her FABULOUS wedding ring and as they got ready to jet off for their honeymoon. Rochelle was seen in a stunning cobalt blue dress as she emerged with Marvin; she was later dressed down in a personalised tracksuit with Mrs Humes etched on the back of the jacket, but she still looked incredible. How does she do it?! We’re well jel!!

    If you fancy re-creating Rochelle’s super long locks, then a full head of hair extensions in 20-22” would be perfect. Style away with a conical wand to achieve those sultry waves that Rochelle wears so well. :)

    We will be keeping our eyes peeled for any photos of Rochelle’s wedding look and The Saturday’s hairstyles from the big day, that’s for sure. What do you guys think of the styling at Una’s wedding? Are you eager to see the styling at Rochelle’s wedding? Are you as excited as we are about all this wedding fever for The Saturdays? Tell us in the comments or find us on Twitter. :)

  • Summer Hairstyles

    We’re enjoying the sunshine at Dirty Looks HQ today, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to share our favourite summer hairstyles with you. Keep reading for inspiration for styling your hair this summer.

    Ponytails and braids are both perfect choices for summer hairstyles and they are both bang-on-trend too! They’re great styles for keeping your hair off your face and for keeping you cool in the warmer months.


    We’re keeping it simple with the super high ponytail as our first summer hairstyle; this look is easy to achieve and has been super popular in the celeb world, so you certainly won’t be compromising on style with this look. We love the super high ponytail when it’s worn UBER long, so clipping in your 20-22” or 24-26” hair extensions first would give you a real statement finish. Wear this ponytail up high on the crown of your hair and wear it poker straight. This style looks amazing worn super sleek, but a straight cut fringe also complements it really well. :)


    Next up, we’re taking inspiration from our recent braid hair tutorials with the gorgeous upside down french braided bun; we love this summer hairstyle as it incorporates both the braid and the bun, which are two of this year’s hottest hair trends. If you’ve got the french braiding technique down to a tee then this should be super easy for you to create, but the finished style looks far more intricate (no one needs to know how simple it was … it can be our little secret!) If you’re a little unsure on creating this style, then pop over to our upside down french braided bun tutorial to follow our steps. :)


    If the braided bun isn’t your thing then you could give the fishtail braid a whirl instead; the popularity of the fishtail braid has continued to grow and we can definitely see why! It’s constantly popping up on the red carpet and on runways all over the world.
    We think this is a great summer hairstyle and it’s a great festival look too; we LOVE this look when it’s worn to the side and over one shoulder.
    Fit your hair extensions before creating your fishtail braid to add gorgeous thickness and length to really set this style off.


    Finally, if you’re looking for a down ‘do, we have the ever popular boho waves. Boho waves are a staple summer hairstyle and you’ll see crowds of girls sporting this look during the warmer months. This style is carefree, but still fabulously on-trend. We recommend styling your hair and your hair extensions with a Babyliss Conical Wand to create your boho waves … tousle your waves so they’re not too defined … we’re going for that beachy effect remember. ;) If you want to add more texture then braid or plait a few sections of your hair and pin them to the back of your head … braids and plaits work oh-so-well with boho waves, so give this a go.

    So, there you have our favourite summer hairstyles, but we want to hear all about your favourites. Would you pick one of our fave styles or do you have one of your own? Tell us in the comments box or pop along to our Facebook page to show us your pics. :)

  • Mariah Carey's Hair - American Idol

    We were super pleased to hear the confirmation that a huge diva has joined the American Idol judging panel … we can’t wait to start crushing over Mariah Carey's hair. There’s been loads of speculation, since the announcement that J-Lo and Steven Tyler were leaving American Idol, over which celebrity had a personality big enough to replace either of them! Mariah Carey is known for her voice, her hair and her personality, so she should fit into the panel perfectly! :)


    Mariah Carey, who give birth to twins last year, was rumoured to be a judge on X Factor, but we think her diva traits are much better suited to the more established American Idol talent show! The series is due to start this autumn and we love that we will now get to watch the show here in the UK too. :) Mariah joins the only remaining original judge, Randy Jackson, and we are super excited to find out who will take the last place on the panel, replacing Steven Tyler!

    Mariah Carey’s hair has been looking amazing recently in a gorgeous bronde Butterscotch Highlights shade. Her long locks haven’t always made the headlines for the right reasons, with some very dodgy styles at the start of her career, but Mariah has redeemed herself in recent years. We can’t wait for the show to start to see how varied her hairstyles are and how stunning she looks week after week! And, of course, we can crush over the lovely Jennifer Lopez's hair too ... how lucky are we?! :)

    Are you looking forward to seeing how Mariah Carey’s hair will be styled? Do you think Mariah will make a good judge? and more importantly do you think she’s going to look good doing it? Lets us know what you think below or find us on Twitter. :)

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the Teen Choice Awards

    Who watched the Teen Choice Awards last night and spotted the lovely red carpet hairstyles? We’re having a peek at the pics and we are LOVING some of the looks, we’re totes going to do a round up and compile our favourite red carpet hairstyles so you can have a peek and see what you think too. You can thank us later! :D

    So, let’s begin with Selena Gomez, who celebrated turning 20 at the awards ceremony last night; we have to say that we are a little fond of her birthday dress! However, we’re even MORE fond of Selena Gomez’s hair at the Teen Choice Awards; one of our favourite red carpet hairstyles is a sleek down ‘do which Selena proved to pull off oh-so-well.

    Another thing we are loving about Ms.Gomez’s hair is the shade!! Ohhh, we are a little bit in LOVE with the darker roots and lighter caramel ends, we think it suits her complexion perfectly and it screams summer fun at us. We WANT. ♥


    Lea Michele’s hair is pretty similar to Selena’s too, but it appears a little darker at the roots. They are both opting for the caramel shade towards the ends of the hair though. :) Lea’s red carpet hairstyle was styled with loose waves, which is always a winner in our eyes. ;)

    Presenter of the awards and X Factor US judge, Demi Lovato, looked super stunning and created THREE different looks throughout the awards. Firstly, she appeared on stage rocking THE longest ponytail we have seen on the red carpet in some time ... we are loving it a little. We think it has been styled perfectly with her busy feathered and jewelled embellished dress; both work to complement each other. We dare one of our lovely readers with 24” extensions to give this a go and send us a pic :). We think this look will be a hot trend pretty soon, so get practising :D....


    Demi’s second look of the night was so much more demure; her ponytail came much lower, to around the nape of her neck, and was styled with a chic centre parting. Obvs we are loving this look too, but we think the high ponytail is winning so far...


    For Demi’s third and final red carpet hairstyle, she went a bit edgier. She wore leather and spikes, and left her hair down, revealing her blue dip-dyed ends!!! L.O.V.I.N.G ♥
    We think Demi looks super cool with dip-dyed blue hair, which is another unique red carpet hairstyle!
    HUGE clap for Demi, we love a girl who isn’t afraid to try new things.


    Kendall and Kylie Jenner also got our attention with their gorgeous hairstyles for the awards! Another favourite red carpet hairstyle of ours is braids!! So it was a big YAY when we saw Kendall rocking one. We think she looked super cute with her messy fishtail braid, a hairstyle for not only the red carpet, but for summer fun too. :D To create an ah-mazing thick long braid, simply fit in your Dirty Looks hair extensions and braid away. You will NOT be disappointed with the results. The youngest out of the sisters, Kylie, kept her luscious long hair down and styled with big loose waves which is obviously a safe red carpet hairstyle, as we are forever seeing it on red carpets! Not that we’re complaining though, we ADORE this look. ♥

    To get full, waved hair like Kylie’s, we would recommend styling your hair extensions with a curling tong or your straightners. You could always opt for an extra Quad Weft alongside your full head for maximum thickness for that Hollywood look.

    Hayden Panettiere was another celeb whose red carpet hairstyle caught our eye, as well as her super sparkly pink dress. SO cute!!


    We’re loving Hayden’s blonde summer locks and the waves throughout the ends of her hair. Which, again, is not only the perfect red carpet hairstyle but also a perfect beach or festival hairstyle too! Lovely! Just lovely! ♥

    So which is your favourite red carpet hairstyle? Did you catch up with the awards too? Let us know your thoughts and pop us a comment below, or head over to facebook and tell us there.

  • Brown Hair Extensions

    So last week we uploaded a Blonde Hair Extensions blog so this week, it’s time for a Brown Hair Extensions blog :)...We couldn't do one and not the other now could we?!

    Like our previous blog, we’re going to match up our brown hair extensions to a celeb to hopefully give you more of an idea of the different shades we have on offer! :D


    Let’s begin with Hot Toffee then, shall we? The lightest of our brown hair extensions is perfect for those with a caramel tone, or multi tonal brown hair. This shade tends to work well for those with dark blonde/light brown hair, and we’d say Audrina Patridge, from The Hills, would be a perfect match for Hot Toffee when her hair was a little lighter!


    The scrumptious Melted Chocolate is a shade darker than Hot Toffee and works perfectly for those with mid tone browns and chocolate shades, yum yum! The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, would definitely be matched up to Melted Chocolate from our range of brown hair extensions, so if your hair is similar; look no further. :)


    Moving on to the darker shades of our brown hair extensions, we have shade Espresso! Say ello’ :)...This shade is perfect for those with hair that is considered dark brown. A lot of people tend to get confused whether to opt for Melted Chocolate or Espresso, the easiest way to set them apart is the tone! Melted Chocolate has a more neutral tone, whereas Espresso can appear a little more red toned. :D
    The lovely Carly Rae Jepsen would be a good option for shade Espresso in this pic, so if your hair has similar tones, then this should work for you too. :)


    Next up, we have have shade Organic, which is the second darkest in our brown hair extensions range! This shade is absolutely perfect and a super choice for those with hair that is considered to dark brown/black but isnt JET black! Lea Michele is a great example of our Organic shade, so if your hair has similar tones and isn't super black, then this one's for you! ♥


    So our darkest shade is, of course, Soho Black! This shade is a deep, rich black which will blend with most types of black shades. Perfect for those with jet black hair, if you’re not sure if your hair’s black or not; then it probably isn’t quite dark enough for Soho! Nicole Scherzinger would for sure be matched up to Soho Black with her dark luscious locks ♥


    Moving on to our highlighted shades of brown hair extensions.We’d like to introduce you to  shade Iced Coffee. This gorgeous shade could possibly turn a blonde haired girl to a brown haired girl … yes, it’s that lovely! Iced Coffee is a luxurious chocolate shade with subtle velvet blonde highlights throughout, so if your hair has a few highlights throughout then this could be for you. Cheryl Cole is generally our mascot for Iced Coffee so take a look and see if this is the shade for you. :)


    Lastly, we have Cappuccino Highlights as a highlighted option in our range of brown hair extensions. This is comprised of a chocolatey brown base with creamy blonde highlights, this shade is a little treasure too. This pic of Elizabeth Hurley would be a good match for Cappuccino Highlights, so if your hair is similar then this may be the shade for you. :)

    So there we have it, a roundup of our brown hair extensions. :) We hope it’s helped a little, but if you’re still unsure then don’t hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email or posting on our Facebook wall and we’ll give you a little helping hand :) ♥

  • Lana Del Rey's Hair H&M Autumn Campaign

    Lana Del Rey's hair looks simply stunning in the promo shots for H&M … we are LOVING the volume too!! The lovely Lana is the new face of H&M and we were excited to see the promo shots being released this week as the new autumn collection was unveiled … we think it’s easy to see why they picked the singer to front the campaign; she’s oh-so-gorgeous and she’s already been making waves in the fashion world after Mulberry named a bag after her and after she appeared on the front cover of Vogue in the UK.



    At Dirty Looks HQ, we've been swooning over the 60’s inspired look that Lana Del Rey’s hair has in these pics; the big bouffant looks INCREDIBLE on her. You’ll need oodles of volume to re-create Lana’s lovely look from this shoot, so a full head set of hair extensions in 20-22” would be best. You’ll need to do a bit of backcombing for the added oomph and wearing an extra Quad Weft on the crown of your head would really help too. :)



    Another thing we are loving about Lana Del Rey's hair is the dark, luscious shade. We’re most used to seeing her hair a little lighter than this, but we are loving the sultry look that this shade creates on the singer. The length of her hair looks fabulous too … it’s a big thumbs up for this look from us.

    We can’t wait to see what the lovely Lana does next, that’s for sure. :) What do you think of Lana Del Rey’s hair in this H&M shoot? And what do you think about her being the new face of the brand? Tell us in the comments or pop over to our Facebook page.

  • Miley Cyrus' Hair

    Wowee … Miley Cyrus' hair has almost been transformed back to the shade that made her famous as character Hannah Montana! She became famous for her quick hair shade change in the Disney Channel show, where Miley's hair changed from her own bronde shade to a light beach blonde shade to help transform her into the singing star, Hannah Montana, all with the help of a wig!


    Miley has been seen out and about this week with her fiance, looking super slim after a recent health kick, and rocking a newly dyed, blonde, long bob! This is a summery change from her previous auburn shade, while keeping some coppery tones, and we are liking the new look! Before jumping on her skateboard and taking a stroll, Miley tweeted a pic of her freshly dyed locks with the the comment: ‘Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo’ :)
    Miley Cyrus' hair falls into a razored, long bob; we think the style gives her a very grown up look … a Dirty Looks 12-14” full head of hair extensions in Parisian Highlights would be the best option for creating the look that Miley Cyrus’ hair now has.

    Miley is the second celeb to go blonde in a matter of a week after Tulisa's hair was transformed from her dark Organic shade to a sandy blonde ... perhaps they're on to a new celeb hair trend?? We will be keeping a keen eye out for any other blonde transformations  ...

    What do you think of Miley Cyrus’ hair with this new blonde shade? Do you prefer her with long locks and a little darker or do you love the blonde bob? Leave your comments below or let us know on Twitter. :)

  • Blonde Hair Extensions

    We’re always inundated with emails from you lovely lot asking about our blonde hair extensions. It seems you’re too spoilt for choice and have a little difficulty choosing a shade to match your hair, so we thought we’d do a quick blog on our blonde hair extensions and link them up with a celeb in an attempt to make it a little easier for you guys to choose!! :)


    So let’s begin with Bunny Blonde, the lightest shade available which appears as a light bleached blonde shade. It is usually pretty easy to decipher if your hair is this shade as it’s super light and a block shade. So if your hair is bleached to a super light blonde, then this is probably the shade of blonde hair extensions for you ;) Gwen Stefani would be a good match for Bunny Blonde.


    Up next, we have LA Blonde. This is a shade down from Bunny Blonde and our second lightest block shade in our blonde hair extensions range. This is a classic Hollywood Blonde with luxurious sandy tones. LA Blonde is another one of our block shades that’s perfect for light blondes. Carey Mulligan is a good example of LA Blonde.


    Moving on to Malibu Blonde, which is one shade down from LA Blonde; This is a gorgeous light sandy blonde which is highly reflective and perfectly toned. We can see a full head of Malibu Blonde looking perfect on Amanda Seyfried so if your hair's like Amanda’s, then this is the shade for you. :D


    St.Tropez is next on our list. This gorgeous medium blonde is becoming ever so popular in our range of blonde hair extensions and looks ah-mazing with a tan. Beyonce’s hair always dips between a few shades but it generally appears to mimic St.Tropez, need we say more?!


    Tanned blonde is the darkest shade of our block blonde hair extensions. It’s such a borderline shade it could be called light brown or dark blonde, some well known descriptions of this shade are ‘dirty blonde’, ‘mousy brown’ and ‘mousy blonde’ which some of you may recognise. Our girl Lauren Conrad would most definitely be matched up to Tanned Blonde. So if you’re in two minds as to whether to go blonde or brown, then this could be the perfect balance for you. :)


    Moving on to our highlighted shades from our range of blonde hair extensions. The lightest highlighted shade we have on offer would be Paparazzi Highlights! This is such a popular shade and it’s super blendable with most light highlighted blondes. Paparazzi Highlights is a mixture of milky and wheat blonde tones which works to create this beautiful shade! Mollie King from The Saturdays would be a perfect mascot for Paparazzi Highlights, we think. :)


    Our next lightest shade of highlighted blonde hair extensions is California Highlights. This shade is incredibly blendable too and is usually created with bleach or a hi-lift tint! It’s a perfect summery shade and Kate Hudson would be a good match to California Highlights, so if you want hair like Kate’s, look no further...


    Next up we have Parisian Highlights which is a lovely soft blonde with copper highlights and has a warm tone which is perfect for those with similar tones to their hair. Parisian Highlights would look gorgeous on Heather Graham to give you more of an idea of this shade. :)


    Then we have the very lovely Manhattan Highlights, which is our second darkest highlighted shade out of our range of blonde hair extensions. This super popular shade has soft multi tone highlights on a sandy base shade. The gorgeous Holly Willoughby would match up well to Manhattan Highlights so if your hair is similar to Holly’s then this shade is for you too! :D ♥


    And last, but by no means least, we have Butterscotch Highlights which is the darkest highlighted blonde in our range. This is a blonde hair shade as it’s not quite blonde and not quite brown. It has nutmeg and walnut tones, but still contains gorgeous blonde highlights. This is a great option if you are going for the Jennifer Aniston look.

    So there it is! A quick round up of our blonde hair extensions. :) We hope this has helped you a little better but if not, please do drop us an email with some pics of your hair or head over to our Facebook page....We’ll be more than happy to help ♥

  • Tulisa's Hair Transformation

    It’s often been said that women will change their hair to help get over a man...but Tulisa's hair has been dyed from a rich dark Organic brown shade to a super light blonde shade to help her get over and move on from her court case ordeal with the ex!


    We loved Tulisa’s X factor makeover last year, with her changing her lighter hair to a stunning dark Organic brown shade for the start of the last series. We’re not too sure on her new locks just yet, but we think this may be due to the shock factor as we certainly didn't expect her to step out with a new ‘do!

    It has been reported that Tulisa attempted to change her own shade but ended up going a ginger shade instead! Definitely not the look she wanted to achieve, but we all know how tricky it can be to lift a shade as dark as her hair was!
    Tulisa's hair transformation took over 6 hours! When she finally emerged, Tulisa's hair was hidden under a dark wig to confuse the paparazzi waiting outside for her, but she later tweeted pics of the wig which got us very excited to see what she had been hiding!


    Considering the amount of dying and toning that her hair must have gone through for this transformation, her hair looked gorgeously thick, and was styled with loads of volume at the crown and large loose waves for tons of movement through the ends. Although we do think she had some help from some hair extensions for added volume and a little extra length.

    We can’t wait to see what Tulisa does with her new’s clear to see that the ends of her hair still need a little toning to achieve the same shade as her roots! What do you think of the new shade of Tulisa’s hair? We prefer her dark locks at the moment but we are very much looking forward to seeing her new blonde locks styled for X Factor as we are sure this will help it grow on us. :)

    What do you guys think of Tulisa's new hair? Are you a fan or not? Tell us in the comments or pop over to our Facebook page and tell us there.

  • Jessie J's Hair at T in the Park 2012

    Jessica J's hair was worn long for her performance at T in the Park over the weekend and we have to say, we’re loving the look!

    We’re BIG fans of the lovely Jessie J and her lovely locks so it was great to see her performing at T in the Park on the weekend. The star wore a night-sky themed crop top with bleached jeans … it was an unusual outfit choice, that’s for sure, but being Jessie J (with her quirky style), she was of course able to pull it off. :)

    Jessie-J's-HairJessica J's hair was styled into long waves with lots of volume and root lift and an on-trend side parting; it was the perfect festival hairstyle. We do love it when Jessie wears her hair longer. :) If you want to add some length, like Jessie J’s hair had at T in the Park, then a full head of hair extensions in 16-18” would be perfect. Don’t forget your root lift and your bold curls too!

    Another star who caught our eye was Cher Lloyd. Cher performed in a black dress with a cutesy red heart on the front and gold boots; Cher Lloyd's hair, which is currently dyed a warm red/brown shade, was styled with voluminous curls and her bobbed hair was pulled back and pinned at the back. This style looked pretty cool on the singer, but we have to say, we do miss Cher Lloyd’s hair being long and luscious so we’re hoping she might turn to hair extensions next time we see her. :)


    Did any of you guys get to go to T in the Park? Tell us your stories from the festival in the comments. Pop your thoughts on Jessie J’s hair and Cher Lloyd’s hair below or find us on Twitter. :) We’d love to hear from you.

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