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  • Nicole Scherzinger's Hair

    Nicole Scherzinger's hair looked super glamorous as she celebrated her upcoming birthday in style at the TAO nightclub in LA on the weekend. The singer, who has also been announced as the final judge for UK X Factor 2012 (YAY!), dazzled in a glittering gold, backless mini-dress with matching metallic heels — just gorgeous!!

    The star, who turns 34 this week, certainly ensured that she was centre of attention with her daring outfit and her gorgeous locks ... we think we’re in for a real treat when X factor hits our screens later in the year!


    For her TAO party, Nicole Scherzinger's hair was super long and styled into oh-so-sexy waves.  Her hair had a centre parting and looooads of volume and root-lift. Such a hot look!! Clip in your Dirty Looks hair extensions and style your locks with a large barrelled tong to re-create Nicole’s on-trend look. You can finish the look with a silky serum for that celeb shine. :)

    Tell us in the comments or tweet us if you loved Nicole Scherzinger's hair at her bday bash as much as we did! And let us know what you think about Nicole being the fourth X Factor judge too ... are you excited? We certainly are!

  • Jennifer Lopez's Hair

    We’re swooning over the recent pics we've seen of Jennifer Lopez's hair on the Argentinean version of American Idol and thought you might like to see too!
    The 42-year-old singer (who looks incredible for her age, can we just add!!) was seen arriving with her new shoulder length curly hairdo and then voila, a few hours later, she is transformed into a singing starlet with thick and full gorgeous long locks! So our guess is that she’s quickly fitted some hair extensions and we have to say that we LOVE the results. It just goes to show how quickly and easily hair extensions can transform your look!

    Jennifer Lopez’s new hair was debuted last week and we do think it’s a super cute style with the curls and side parting, but we are just a little head over heels in love with her longer locks!!


    Jennifer Lopez’s hair on the show was styled with soft waves throughout the mid-lengths of her hair and it was kept to a centre parting this time, which is bang-on-trend, so that gets top marks from us! <3 We’re loving the golden caramel shade and the layered texture of her hair too!
    Jennifer Lopez’s hair also appeared to be in tip top condition and we’re impressed by how smooth and sleek it looked considering how curly it was beforehand! I think we all what to know her secret?!

    Another thing that’s catching our eye is Jennifer Lopez’s dazzling gold all-in-one outfit which she rocked for her performance. The skin tight one-piece clung to J.Lo’s enviable figure, and the tassels around her famous hips and booty just topped off her look and we think she looked SO amazing.

    All in all, we love the transformation some hair extensions have given Jennifer Lopez’s hair and we would like to know your thoughts too. Are you impressed too guys? What about her outfit? Impressive huh?! Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us with what’s on your mind! :)

  • January Jones' Hair

    January Jones' hair has always been super blonde, but now she’s had a shade transformation!! Known for playing Don Draper’s wife, Betty, in the 1960’s set TV show, Mad Men, January Jones is the perfect blonde bombshell. Her look in the show has made an impact with her own styling, with January often choosing vintage inspired hairstyles for red carpet events. This week has seen a whole new look for January Jones’ hair though!


    The actress was seen out and about in Beverly Hills showing off a brand new hair shade! January’s hair has been dyed to a stunning Spiced Auburn shade that looks amazing with her perfect, pale complexion and really warms up her skin tone.


    The auburn hair trend has been super popular with lots of celebs since last year and it’s great to see that January Jones is the latest lady to embrace this look. :)

    We can’t wait to see January Jones’ hair styled for the red carpet; with her new shade, we think she’ll look like a super glamorous vintage vixen!

    Do you love January’s new shade? Or do you think she makes a better blonde bombshell? Let us know which shade you prefer in the comments below or via our Facebook page. :)

  • Cheryl Cole's Hair

    Wowza, Cheryl's Cole hair looked INCREDIBLE as she signed copies of her new album in her hometown, Newcastle, on Wednesday.  The star may have dressed down a little (well, compared to her usual standards) for the signing, but she still looked stunning and all eyes were, most definitely, on her!

    Cheryl Cole wore a pair of faded, skinny jeans teamed with a white vest, a patterned jacket and two-tone heels. Her look was simple, but veeery effective. And Cheryl Cole’s hair looked just perfect styled into large, loose curls. We have a bit of hair envy going on right about now!!


    A full head of 20-22” hair extensions and a large barrelled tong are a MUST for re-creating Cheryl’s look. :) Backcomb the roots of your own hair before fitting your hair extensions if you are looking for that extra volume boost; you could always wear an extra Quad Weft alongside your full head set for an oh-so-Cheryl finish.
    Cheryl Cole's hair was looking a little darker than we last saw it too, but she still had lighter, caramel brown sections through the mid-lengths and ends of her hair; we have to say, we’re loving the look Cheryl.

    Pop over to Dirty Looks to get yourself some gorgeously thick hair extensions to re-create the gorgeously on-trend look of Cheryl Cole’s hair. <3

  • Upside Down French Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

    The hair bun trend continues to be super popular and bang-on-trend, so if you fancy giving this trend a twist then follow our hair tutorial to create a gorgeous upside down french braided bun.
    Adding an upside down french braid to your bun will really transform this look and create a statement style.


    Step One

    Start by flipping your head over as you will need to start the braid at the nape of the neck. Apply a little serum to your finger to help smooth out the hair. We think Bed Head is just peeeerfect!

    Step Two

    Separate a small section of hair from the bottom of your ear to the other side; this section of hair will be the start of your braid. Split this into 3 and begin braiding. Follow our french braid hair tutorial for the next few easy steps for creating this hot look. :)

    Step Three

    You need to stop braiding as you reach the crown of your head as this is where your bun will sit. Secure your braid with an elastic.

    Step Four

    You now need to hold back the front section of your hair that hasn't been incorporated into the braid. Smooth this back and secure this and the hair from the end of your braid with another elastic.

    Step Five

    You now need to create your bun! If you're going for a super smooth and glamorous look, you can use a mesh bun ring to give a perfect shape and if you're choosing the more relaxed look simply twist your hair around. Secure these with some pins and your look is complete.


    This can appear to be quite a difficult style but once you have the french braiding technique this really is very simple and will only take a few minutes to style. We love trying out different ways of styling braids and would love to hear if you have any braid hair tutorial requests … pop your requests in a comment below or find us on Twitter. :)

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012

    The MuchMusic Video Awards were hosted in Canada on the weekend so it’s only right we do a little roundup of our favorite celebrity hairstyles  from the lovely ladies who made an appearance.

    The first lady in question, whose hair we were absolutely LOVING, is the gorgeous Shenae Grimes! Everyone probably knows her best as Annie from 90210, but we’re all going to be a little better acquainted after Shenae pulled out all the stops in a show stopping dress with slits either side showing a whooole lotta leg! Oh-la-la!

    One thing we loved even more was Shenae’s celebrity hairstyle at the MuchMusic Video Awards; we were love love LOVING the shade! It’s super unique and eye-catching … we’re big fans!! We think the golden strands through Shenae's darker shade is a gorge contrast! We love that she's rocking the ombre hair trend... it's still going strong with the celebs, that's for sure.
    Shenae kept her hair full of volume with a head of big bouncy curls which gave her hair plenty of texture and topped off her overall look for the night. Just one of the celebrity hairstyles from the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012 which we j’adore!!


    Selena Gomez was another lady who rocked one of our fave celebrity hairstyles at the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012. Selena looked dazzling as she walked the red carpet in a glistening gold dress, with her hair glistening too; she looked every inch the Hollywood starlet. We’re loving how healthy Selena Gomez’s hair looks, it appeared to have a golden shimmer on it too - matching her dress! How chic! We love the simple styling Selena has kept to, opting for soft, subtle curls through the mid-lengths of her hair! So simple yet so effective! Another of our favorite celebrity hairstyles at the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012!! Big clap for Selena!!


    However, Selena didn’t walk the red carpet with her beau, instead he walked the red carpet with the lovely Carly Rae Jepson who we LUH-OVE. Carly was looking lovely as she walked the red carpet with Justin Bieber! In typical Carly Rae Jepson style, her hair was styled into soft waves with a straight fringe, which we gotta love! LOVING Carly’s dress too! I want me one!


    But the lady who had all eyes on her for most of the evening has got to be the gorgeous Katy Perry!! She was seen in an array of different outfits throughout the awards ceremony and our favorite look has got to be her red carpet dress AND her performance outfit; we can’t pick JUST one!! It’s far too hard!
    Katy Perry’s hair was kept to its purple shade with hints of black throughout; her hair was styled into large waves. This look suited her Marvel comic glamour perfectly! Katy Perry’s hair was also later seen in a bang-on-trend high ponytail … we LOVED it!


    So, who wore your FAVE hairstyle at the MuchMusic Video Awards? Leave us a comment or find us on Twitter to share your thoughts. :)

  • Tulisa's Hair X Factor 2012

    Tulisa's hair has been looking extra glamorous and super thick during the first round of auditions for X Factor 2012. We are super excited for the new series here at Dirty Looks HQ and we are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the final and fourth judge for us to crush over their hair too!


    Tulisa’s hair has returned to its stunning all over Organic brown shade, which looks gorgeous. The hairstyles she has chosen for the auditions have been sultry with a very grown-up look for the singer! Normally used to trying out some more intricate and interesting styles, Tulisa has played it super safe.....but still kept her locks looking super glam. Tulisa's hair has been worn down a few times with gorgeously full curls through the can use a large barrelled tong to create a similar look to this. Tulisa has changed up the style by going from a side parting to pulling her shorter layers back and creating a small, pinned-back quiff style.


    Tulisa’s hair has also been styled into a high ponytail and a low-slung side pony. We love how versatile the ponytail is ….Tulisa’s side pony gives her a super demure look whereas her high pony gives her a girly look.

    We have to say that our favorite overall look of Tulisa’s so far has to be from the Manchester auditions. The ridiculously cute Tweety Pie t-shirt teamed with a black puff ball skirt and braces was the most girly we have ever seen her! Not to mention the lemon spiked Jeffrey Campbell peep toes......SO jealous! We love the added root lift to Tulisa's hair and the super voluminous flicks through the lengths look simply stunning.


    We can’t wait for X Factor to hit our screens in the autumn just so we can talk about the style choices made by Tulisa and the mystery 4th judge! Who would you like to see complete the panel? We’d love to hear who you think makes the cut... and what do you think of Tulisa’s hair so far? Jump over to our Facebook page to let us know! :)

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the Capital FM Summetime Ball

    The Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 has just passed and we have to say, we LOVED it and we loved the celebrity hairstyles too! The ball was full of superstars from the UK and across the globe, it was certainly an event not to be missed!
    We thought we’d give you a round-up of our favorite celebrity hairstyles from the lovely ladies present on the day (you should know the drill by now ;)) so let’s crack on...

    Cheryl Cole proved to steal the show on Saturday; whether this was for all the right reasons for her lovely hair or for the wrong reasons with her extravagant performance outfit. We can’t quite make up our minds on whether we really like this outfit choice?!?! Hmmmm … Anyhow, Cheryl Cole's hair still looked as stunning as ever; her hair was styled into an on-trend high ponytail complete with soft boho waves throughout which is a hot hot HOT look for summer! Girls take note! Complete with sultry make up, Cheryl looked every inch the star as she performed in front of thousands in Wembley Arena! We’re pretty proud she’s a Brit <3

    Celebrity Hairstyles Summertime Ball 2012

    After Cheryl Cole performed at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012, her look was a little more toned down; Cheryl wore a cute coral dress and she kept her hair back and out of the way into a chic big high bun! Another bang-on-trend look for the summer! LOVING it <3

    Both of these looks are super easy to re-create if you have long hair, if not, clipping in some hair extensions for added length will make styling TONS easier :)


    Another lady we think stole the show at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 was the delightful and show-stopping Jessie J! She was looking way too cute with her newly cropped ‘do! Jessie J’s hair was styled with subtle playful curls which is a mile away from her usual poker straight style, but we seriously approve of the texture!! YAY for Jessie!! <3 Curls and waves are soooo on-trend for the summertime, get yourselves in on the act too ladies!!


    We’re also completely in L.O.V.E with Jessie J’s studded shorts which she performed in at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012; they are so chic and SO on trend ... we want a pair SO.BAD. eeek! Another thing that caught our attention was Jessie J’s magnificent voice, she’s super cool at performing live and we love her that little bit more for it! <3

    Another lady who switched up her look for the Summertime Ball was the daring color chameleon Katy Perry! Although she kept her shade to a subtle black this time, the blunt bob was an attention grabber instead. Katy Perry's hair was teamed with a statement cropped fringe … we can’t decide whether this is a hair DO or hair DON’T!?!?! Hmmm! We’re pretty sure Katy Perry just used a wig though and didn't actually chop off her lovely locks as she was seen partying out later that evening with hair falling just below her shoulders! I know ‘phew’ is what some of you are probably thinking ;)


    We do love Katy Perry and her gutsy attitude towards her hair, she isn't afraid of switching it up a little and we LOVE that!

    A new fond favorite of ours is the little starlet that is Rita Ora!! We LOVE the lighter hair on her tanned skin and we also ADORE the curls which she always tends to style her hair with! How does she keep them intact ALL.OF.THE.TIME? Reveal your secret now Miss Ora...<3


    Rita Ora’s hair has been almost Bunny Blonde for some time now, however it looked as though she has a peach shadow effect going on at the Capital FM Summertime Ball...What do you think guys!?! Are my eyes playing tricks on me or?!?

    So whose look are you guys loving? Did you go to the ball too? Who was your favorite? Let us know by popping a comment below or tweet us! :)

  • Double Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

    Last Summer, the waterfall braid was our most popular style so this year we are turning our attentions to the double waterfall braid! Braids are still a huge trend for the Summer months, but the styles are getting more and more intricate and detailed. :) The popularity of the waterfall braid has meant this style has been cropping up loads and with lots of variations. One of our favorite variations is the double waterfall braid so we thought we’d treat you to a hair tutorial for this cute style! :)

    Step One

    Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions as normal. Personally, I think that this style looks perfect with mermaid style waves! So style your hair whether you’re going curly, wavy or straight before starting your braid.

    Step Two

    For this braid you need to take a small section of hair from the top section of your hair, angling the hair up from your ear. Seperate this into 3 sections.

    Step Three

    Begin by doing a normal braid. Angle your hands so that your hair is moving towards the back of your head and not down the side of your face for the next step.

    Step Four

    Before you move your top section over to the middle once again, you will need to pick up a little more of the loose hair from right beside the section, combine this with that section and fold over the middle section.

    Step Five

    Now, instead of folding the bottom section over the middle you should drop that hair and pick up the section of loose hair from underneath this dropped section.

    Step Six

    Follow these steps until you have gone all around your head and braid the hair to the end. You can use this braid to start the next. :)

    Step Seven

    To do the second waterfall braid you can follow the steps above, but when you are picking up hair to include to your top row, try and pick up the dropped sections from the braid above as this gives a lovely effect. :)


    Weave in some flowers or ribbons for a super girly feel to the look. This style is great for parties, a day at the beach or the perfect holiday style...we’d love to see if you give this a go! Upload your pics to our Facebook page so we can take a look.

  • Made In Chelsea Hairstyles

    We're sad that this season’s MIC has finished :( so we thought we’d do a quick roundup of our favourite Made in Chelsea hairstyles to hold on to the MIC love!! There are quite a fair few ladies on Made In Chelsea, but our favourites stand out a mile with their forever glossy and immaculate hair; we just HAD to do a little blog on them!!


    Now to begin, a firm favorite of ours has GOT to be Natalie Joel! With hair like hers we are pretty much green with envy. Natalie Joel’s hair is lusciously long and super thick we just LOVE it. We’re a little unsure as to whether or not she’s had help from some hair extensions?! Whatever the case, her Made in Chelsea hairstyle is simply stunning!!
    We love how Natalie keeps it simple with her hair; it’s either straight or wavy with boho-like curls — a typical Made In Chelsea hairstyle. She obviously takes good care of her hair and doesn't over style it to keep it in perfect condition. So, ladies, if you’re looking for healthy hair, lay off the heat styling and jazz up with your hair with cutesy braids to keep bang-on-trend whilst giving your hair some rest and recuperation!

    We have also fallen in L.O.V.E. with Natalie Joel’s hair shade; with a light caramel blonde on top and a darker shadow towards the ends of her hair, we think this shade is pretty unique at the moment, but we have our bets on it becoming a hot trend in the coming months! You heard it here first....;)

    Our next lovely lady who we are a little bit fond of is the marvelous Millie Mackintosh! She’s becoming quite the style queen and we adore her sense of style — so chic and girly. But another thing we’re besotted with is...her hair!! Of course! Millie Mackintosh’s hair is always beautifully glossy and styled to perfection almost EVERY time we see her! Reveal your secret Millie!!


    We love Millie’s hair when it’s styled with curls towards the ends of her hair and flicked out around her face — another Made In Chelsea Hairstyle which we adore! Millie is a bit more extravagant with her hairstyles and does tend to mix it up a little! She’s not scared of trying something new and we think she pulls of pretty much all of the looks she has gone for, whether it is a slick back high ponytail or a cute updo, Millie can do no wrong with her hair in our eyes! <3


    Millie Mackintosh is also a fond lover of some hair extensions from time to time, we think she looks AH-MAZING with longer hair and we love the curls in this shot too! We’d love to see her more often with longer hair as we think she looks incredible! BIG thumbs up from us Mille!!

    And last, but by no means least, is the chic and cool as a cucumber, Caggie Dunlop! Caggie makes an appearance in and out of MIC due to touring with her band, but we have a little soft spot for her and her hair so we had to include her! Caggie’s hair kind of mirrors her best pal Millie's hair as it appears to be cut in the same sort of style, however it is lighter than Millie’s and Caggie isn’t afraid of letting her hair look a little messy! We do love a little messiness from time to time!


    Caggie Dunlop tends to style her hair with boho beach waves which is another hot Made In Chelsea hairstyle we are loving, especially as the Summer is fast approaching we can see plenty of lovely ladies rocking this hairstyle on the beach. So chic and simple too! We will definitely be taking this hairstyle on our holidays with us!!


    Updos are another fond favourite of Caggie Dunlop and another Made In Chelsea hairstyle which gets our seal of approval. Whether she neatly styles them up with a quiff or quickly puts a messy bun on top of her head, Caggie pulls it off! We adore Caggie Dunlop’s effortless look and the fact that she gives her hair a break from all the styling from time to time! A girl after our own heart, putting her hair first! ♥♥

    Which of the MIC girls is your favorite? Any others you think should be included in the blog? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to the Dirty Looks Facebook  to share your thoughts. :)

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