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  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the Billboard Music Awards

    As one of the biggest events in the music world, the Billboard Music Awards is always the perfect opportunity for the stars to strut their stuff in glamorous gowns and showcase their eye-catching celebrity hairstyles, and this year was no exception with the celebs pulling out all the stops!

    One of our fave celebrity hairstyles this year was worn by the gorgeous Carrie Underwood; her blonde locks were styled into voluminous curls and her hair looked gorgeously thick and full of bounce! Carrie Underwood’s hairstyle complemented her princess-like Oscar De La Renta gown perfectly ... we LOVE!
    You need oodles of volume if you want to re-create Carrie’s fabulous celebrity hairstyle, so add lots of root lift before you start styling and try using an extra Quad Weft alongside your full head of hair extensions if you want that extra OOMPH!


    Another celebrity hairstyle that packed a voluminous punch was Miley Cyrus’ new ‘do! Miley’s bobbed cut looked amazing styled with lots and lots of root lift and some natural movement. We are loving the ombre shade of Miley Cyrus’ hair at the moment too! We weren't so keen on Miley’s outfit choice for the red carpet though; she appeared in a Jean Paul Gaultier white blazer ... and nothing else ... hmm!


    Katy Perry’s celebrity hair style at the Billboard Music Awards was styled with vintage-inspired curls and a deep side parting; this is a look that works really well for the lovely Katy Perry and it looked gorgeous with her purple hues too. Katy Perry matched her purple locks with purple lippie and a lilac Blumarine gown that made her look like a mermaid ... only Katy could pull that off! Katy Perry's hair never fails to impress us on the red carpet!!


    Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen both opted for super sleek celebrity hair styles with full fringes; Taylor Swift’s hair looked stunning and we think the full fringe works really well for her too! We’re most used to seeing Taylor Swift with curls and waves in her hair so it was lovely to see her hair worn super straight. Carly Rae Jepsen’s hair looked gorgeously shiny and healthy, and we just LOVE her bold fringe, but we would like to see her hair with a little more thickness and volume!


    So, those were our fave celebrity hair styles from the Billboard Music Awards, but what do you guys think? Do you agree with our choices or were you loving someone else’s look? Leave us a comment or head over to the Dirty Looks Twitter to tweet us with you reply!

  • Britney Spears' Hair X Factor USA

    X factor USA is returning and we couldn't be happier with the line up of judges and the fact we get to spy on Britney Spear's hair! OF.COURSE.
    Alongside Britney on the X Factor US panel will be: Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Demi Lovato (another one we can’t wait to spy on!!)


    The first day of filming saw Britney pull out all the stops by wearing a showstopping, tight fitting, bright pink dress which clung to her in all the right places! We think she is looking amazing! Britney Spears’ hair was also looking much thicker than we had seen it a week or so before filming started; since the announcement was made that she was to feature in the show it looks as though Britney Spears’ hair has been given a little bit more va va voom from some hair extensions and we couldn't approve more. <3

    We’re loving the shade of her hair and love it even more in comparison with her dress! Britney Spear's hair was styled into voluptuous curls which we adore, and think is a much better choice than her poker straight hair which she was seen with previously!


    To style your hair like Britney's be sure to use a large barrelled curling tong to ensure you are left with big bouncy curls which rival Britney Spears’ hair, comb through afterwards and spritz with some styling spray to hold your curls. And voila, you have picture perfect hair. <3

    So is it finally fair to say that Britney’s Back B*****? Are you loving her hair? Think it's her time to shine again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or pop along to the Dirty Looks Facebook page.

  • Cheryl Cole's Hair at Cannes

    We were pretty blown away by Cheryl Cole’s hair and her fabulous dress as she appeared on the red carpet at Cannes over the weekend; the star certainly guaranteed that all eyes were on her for the event and she’s been making headlines since!!


    Cheryl Cole’s hair, which is now back to its trademark brunette shade, was styled effortlessly into loose waves for Cannes; her hair was kept with a soft centre parting with the fringe falling either side … the style was super feminine without being too stylised … it was very Kate Middleton ... we loved it!!

    And that dress … WOW! Following in Beyonce's footsteps with a feathered dress, Cheryl Cole graced the red carpet in a white Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture gown with a red feathered train. Cheryl’s outfit choice was certainly glamorous, but the low cut back and the snug fit added a super sexy feel too!

    We love that Cheryl Cole’s hair is now back to its sumptuous chocolate brown shade and we think the simple styling for Cannes worked perfectly with her eye-catching dress. She managed to keep her hair glam without over styling and this was just what was needed to complement that impressive gown! You can’t deny that this lady certainly knows how to make an entrance, and despite having just a small role in one film, she made one BIG impact at Cannes and worked the cameras like a true star!

    What do you think of Cheryl Cole’s hair at Cannes and what about that dress? Do you love her look as much as we do? Tell us in the comment box below or head over to the Dirty Looks Facebook page.

  • Tape Hair Extensions vs Clip In Hair Extensions

    There’s lots of talk about tape hair extensions with lots of girls wondering about this option for their own hair, so we thought we’d give you all a little heads up of what they’re about and why clip in hair extensions are SO much better for your hair.

    Firstly, to begin with, you might be thinking tape? TAPE!? What kind of tape? ….Well, apparently, it’s a ‘special’ kind of type that keeps your hair intact for up to 10 weeks. With its super strong hold that the tape is known for we are probably quite right in thinking that most people are a little apprehensive when first hearing about the method. And we can totally see why!!

    Sticking your hair to tape that mimics sellotape seems pretty ludicrous when you first hear it, but women across the world are already pursuing the method and putting their hair through hell in the process. So, before the whole world goes tape hair extension crazy, we thought we’d give you some vital information so you can decide for yourselves.

    The application of tape hair extensions is pretty simple; you section your hair into a thin straight line, remove the backing tape seal and place it under a small section of your natural hair, as close to the scalp as possible. It is advised to use as little hair as possible as the sticking strength of the tape will be much higher, the more hair you stick it to, the less likely it is to hold. You then need to smooth your hair onto the tape using the end of a tail comb; then you will need to take another piece of tape hair, remove the seal and press it directly on top of the previous piece. So the thin section of your natural hair is pretty much ‘sandwiched’ between the two pieces of tape hair extensions. It is then recommended to leave your hair unwashed for at least 3 days so the taped hair has enough time to set.

    Now I don’t know about you guys, but we’re certainly not seeing how tape hair extensions can be kind to your natural hair? Even though most of your natural hair is being covered by hair extensions you still need to think about and treat your natural hair as best as you possibly can.

    It’s the whole thought of sticking fine pieces of hair to the tape and then having to remove them that we aren't fans of; just imagine the breakage of your hair ladies! Even when sticking them onto the tape at first, the hair could easily break if you had to re-position or start with a new tape. We just don’t see the logic! When removing the tape hair extensions it is advised to use solution and to ensure that your aren't pulling too hard at the tape. Removing the hair extensions with solution may take a little effort and time, however, it is the safest way possible to remove them so if you are using tape hair extensions be sure to remove them with plenty of solution to increase the chances of your hair coming away less damaged.

    You also need to think of when the extensions are fitted, you aren't able to take them out willy nilly. Once they are in, they’re in for a couple of weeks. This means washing your normal hair as well as your hair extensions, which is time consuming in itself and also decreases the lifespan of hair extensions when you have to wash them as frequently as your natural hair. All the hassle just isn't worth the end results, and potentially ruining your natural hair is not worth it at all.

    This is why we think clip in hair extensions are definitely the ones to go for. They are easily fitted, easily taken out, you can pick and choose when you want to wear them,  you can wear them up or down with ease, style them to your heart’s content, and wash your own hair freely: all whilst keeping your hair extensions in tip top condition! Whoop!

    Clip in hair extensions are no more damaging to your natural hair than tying it into a tight ponytail so if you’re a little uneasy at the thought of clipping extensions onto your natural hair then fear not, if you backcomb and add a little hairspray to where you’re about to clip this will give your hair a little extra support so all should be well my lovelies!

    So you are able to have long, luscious, thick hair which isn't really damaging your own natural hair in the mean time...Need I say anymore?!

    Pop over to Dirty Looks for all the different shades available and to get yourself some super thick clip in hair extensions.

  • French Braid Hair Tutorial

    The french braid is the staple style of braiding; once you have mastered this technique, all the complicated looking styles suddenly seem so much easier! The best thing about the french braid is this can be transformed into any style — the normal straight braid, an angled from side to side braid, from the nape of the neck up, or pigtails...the possibilities are endless! What's even better is this look is perfect for keeping your hair away from your face during the hot Summer months. For this tutorial we are just going to do the basic straight down braid. :)


    Step One

    Make sure all your hair is brushed through so you have no knots. I find having a tail comb very helpful for this style. If you want to thicken up this look then add some hair extensions before you start styling, but play around with the positioning a little so they are well hidden and not in the way of the style!

    Step Two

    Take a small section of hair from the front of your head. Starting smaller will position the braid higher up. Split this section into three.

    Step Three

    Start the french braid by folding each section over once. When you get to the first piece again you need to add some more hair to this. Drop the section you need to braid and hold the other two in the other hand, using your fingers to keep the sections separated. Using the tail comb, section a little more hair from your loose hair and grab this along with the section that has already been braided. Smooth the hair out and pull over the correct section.


    Step Four

    The next section will now need to have more hair added to this! This will sit on the other side of your head to the section just added to. Complete step three again for this section.

    Step Five

    You will now see that the braid is sitting nicely along your head, so complete these steps until you have incorporated all the loose hair.

    Step Six

    When there is no hair to add just braid the sections as normal. Secure with an elastic.


    This can be a little tricky to get perfect first time, but don’t give up as mastering this can instantly transform all your everyday styles! Once you have the skill to do a normal french plait why not try a half-up style? Or adding a small side french braid to your pony or bun? We’d love to see the different styles you add to a french braid too :)  Add your pics to your Tumblr and tag us or post them on the Dirty Looks Facebook page so we can have a nosey!!

  • Old Hollywood Glamour Hair Styles

    We've been keeping a keen eye on hair trends in the celeb world and we've noticed that Old Hollywood Glamour hair styles have become increasingly popular on the red carpet with stars like Lana Del Rey, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian being huge fans of this trend! We absolutely LOVE this look as it looks incredible worn short or long and it just oozes sophistication, so it’s great to see so many celebs sporting this trend! Old Hollywood Hair Styles Old Hollywood glamour hair styles need lots of volume for the full effect so using your Dirty Looks hair extensions with this classic style is perfect for that extra oomph! Start with a deep side-parting, as this is key for creating an Old Hollywood hair style, then fit your hair extensions and style them in with your natural locks for better blending. You can choose to wear your Old Hollywood glamour hair style as a down ‘do or as an updo: both look equally gorgeous! Whichever you choose, you want to add some sultry waves and movement before you style; we recommend using a large barrelled tong or a conical wand for the waves and curls in this style as you want them to be bold and brave like a true Hollywood star!! Finger waves are perfect for creating this look so pop over to our Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair tutorial to try this yourself. :) Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles Updos If you are choosing an updo as your Old Hollywood glamour hair style then pull all your hair back into a bun or chignon and then secure your hair and your hair extensions with a sparkly clip! For a more traditional Old Hollywood look, keep your hair sleek and off your face, but if you want to modernise the style a little then you could leave some sections of hair loose to frame your face. Finish your updo with a little serum for that Hollywood shine! We think Tigi is just perfect!!

    If you are leaving your Old Hollywood hair style loose then pin your curls after styling as this will help them stay in place for longer. Once they have cooled, gently let your hair loose. Try not to brush through the curls too much as you don’t want them to lose their bounce and voluptuous shape! A side fringe looks incredible with this down ‘do, but you have to get the styling right! Style your fringe with your large barrelled tong so that it follows the movement of the rest of your hair. Then you can either opt to wear your fringe loose or slick it back a little so that it stays in place for a true Old Hollywood hair style.


    We think the Old Hollywood look is the perfect hairstyle to complement any evening gown; it's just SO classy! If you need a super glam hairstyle for a special event then this could be just the style for you to stand out from the crowd . Pop over to Dirty Looks to get your full head of hair extensions to ensure this style is super thick and bang-on-trend.

  • Milkmaid Braid Hair Tutorial

    Braids are the most popular trend of the Spring/Summer and with SO many intricate, pretty, and interesting variations of this traditional style, we thought that we’d take a closer look at our favorite braided styles over the coming weeks...starting with the stunning milkmaid braid. :)


    This look has been seen on loads of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen, and most recently, Scarlett Johansson, who rocked this look at the Avengers Assemble premier. It looks amazing worn as an updo and super cute worn a little smaller, but with a down ‘do... we’re really loving the milkmaid braid and it's versatility! Using your Dirty Looks hair extensions will add volume to the braids as well as the extra length, if needed, to allow these to be pinned into place.


    Step One

    Fit your hair extensions; you will be separating your hair at the centre so it's best to position the wefts on either side of your head, avoiding your quad weft and back wefts as these would be seen when your hair is parted. If you play with the positioning you should be able to incorporate these either side.

    Step Two

    Part your hair into pigtails. Braid these into a simple braid and secure the ends with an elastic or a clear snag if you don’t want these to visible!

    Step Three

    Take one of your braids and pull this over your head so that the braid falls along your hairline. Pin this in place.

    Step Four

    Take the other braid and position this slightly behind the first and pin this in place. If the ends of the braids are visible, you can either tuck these into the loose hair where your braids were started, or if you have super long hair wrap these around a little further and tuck these underneath the braids :)

    And it really is that simple to create a milkmaid braid! To give the look a messed up bed head style that is very popular with it, pull out a few strands and plump up your braids. Adding in a few flowers or pretty pins makes this super girly, summery and perfect for festivals!

    If you wanted to do this with a down 'do then you can fit your hair extensions as normal and then you can take a small section of hair from behind your ear, on each side, to braid. Once these are braided and secured follow steps three and four. Add gorgeous waves to your hair for the perfect boho hairstyle. You can also make this style more creative like Diana Argon and try this style with a fishtail braid!


    This style is super perfect to cheat at too...instead of fitting your extensions and braiding your own hair you could just braid a weft or two! Once these are braided simply pin at the nape of the neck so that your own hair hides the clipped section, although this does only work if you are wearing your hair down!

    We love the milkmaid braid and think it’s a great alternative updo for Summer parties, festivals and even weddings!  What do you think of the milkmaid braid and have you tried it yourself? We’d love to see where and how you wear your milkmaid braids so upload some pics on the Dirty Looks Facebook page. :)

  • Kim Kardashian's Hair

    Kim Kardashian's Hair was super voluminous and most definitely bang-on-trend as she appeared in Canada to launch her jewellery line; her hair was styled into a high ponytail with a bouffant at the front … we LOVED it!

    Kim looked stunning as she appeared in a tight-fitting patterned skirt and a white blouse ensemble; the look was completed with a thick black waist belt which really showed off her curvy figure! We’re a little jealous of how incredible she looked … she oozed sophistication!!


    We love the super long length of Kim Kardashian’s hair; it looks great styled up into this high ponytail with super volume at the front. Adding a bouffant to your high ponytail is the perfect way to transform this girly look into a statement style for any occasion! We think this style looks best with oodles of thickness and luxurious length, so fit your hair extensions first and they style away! Remember to add lots of root lift!


    Kim Kardashian’s hair complemented her outfit perfectly for the launch on her new Belle Noel jewellery line. Kudos to Kim for this hot look! The star was full of smiles as she was papped in Toronto … it’s a shame we can’t say the same about her bf Kanye though who didn’t look too thrilled to be attending!!

    If you want to add super length to your own hair to re-create Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle then pop over to Dirty Looks to get your full head of hair extensions!!

  • Red Carpet Hairstyles at the MET Gala

    The MET Gala has just taken place so we thought we’d give you a quick round up of our favorite red carpet hairstyles … oh, and our fave outfits of course! The legendary New York fashion meets art event saw stars pulling out all the stops to see who could outshine who the most and we’re amazed at some of the outfits we have seen! Wowza!


    Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz both opted for metallic dresses, yet dressed them up with different hairstyles. Jessica Alba’s red carpet hairstyle was worn down with some big gatsby waves adding to her overall look to ensure she looked every inch the Hollywood star! We’re loving the shade of her hair at the moment and the lighter tones towards the ends of her hair, very on-trend! Cameron Diaz kept her look effortless, and her hair simple and slicked back with a quiff, yet she still managed to look delightful.


    Lana Del Ray’s red carpet hairstyle was another one we were particularly fond of! Her hair appeared much longer so we can only presume she had a little helping hand from some hair extensions; the thickness of her hair is enviable too!! Lana has also changed the shade of her hair and has gone a little darker; we’re loving this sultry look Lana! Her hair was styled classic Lana Del Ray with vintage girly waves from the middle of her hair to the ends ... just lovely. Lana kept to her individual style and wore a black cape around a warrior inspired dress which only she could pull off! What a beauty! <3


    However the show stopping award of the night MUST go to Beyonce who pulled out all of the stops and wore a sheer, figure-hugging Givenchy dress, with a purple featured ombre train. Beyonce didn't hold back showing off her post baby figure and we have to say she looks amazing considering she’s not long had baby Blue. We are loving Beyonce’s red carpet hairstyle, which she kept super simple (it was needed with the busy dress I think), and wore it in a low ponytail with a side parting, so chic! It appears Beyonce has got rid of her reverse ombre hair and returned to a block shade which is very similar to our own shade of St.Tropez! We very much approve Beyonce and we are loving the on-trend red carpet hairstyle too! <3


    So who was your favorite of the night? Whose red carpet hairstyle and look are you loving and who do you think should have stayed at home? Post a comment below and let us know your thoughts or pop over to the Dirty Looks Facebook page!! :) <3

  • Lauren Conrad's Hair

    You may have noticed that we’re pretty big fans of Lauren Conrad's hair and now we are loving her locks even more as she has changed her dip-dye shade to a super bright pink! Lauren is no stranger to the dip-dye hair trend as she has experimented with a few different shades in the past to keep her hair bang-on-trend, but her new look is perhaps her boldest yet!


    For the final part of her book signing, Lauren appeared with her hair in a super cute curly high ponytail with the ends dip-dyed a bright pink. We loved the high ponytail, which is also a huge hair trend for 2012, but we loved the bubblegum pink locks even more! The shade worked really well with the girly hairstyle and just looked awesome on Lauren Conrad’s hair!


    Lauren always seems to get it just right with hair trends, the ombre hair trend always looked incredible on her and Lauren's dip-dye attempts have always worked so well too; her blue dip-dye and her multi-coloured style were awesome and then she showcased peach tips, which were simply gorgeous, and now she’s experimented with bright pink … which also looks incredible. We’re very jealous Lauren!!
    If you fancy introducing a touch of bright pink into your own life and if your hair is a similar base shade to Lauren Conrad’s hair then you can dip-dye your hair extensions to re-create Lauren’s fab new look!


    Sadly, the pink dip-dye isn't permanent, but it’s psyched us up for what Lauren will do with her hair next. We’re super excited to see more dip-dye looks on Lauren Conrad’s hair and we’re sure she won’t disappoint!

    What do you think of Lauren Conrad’s pink hair? We kinda wish it was here to stay, but we can’t wait to see what she has lined up next!! What shade do you think Lauren should go? Tell us in the comment box below or post a comment on the Dirty Looks Facebook page. :)

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