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  • Kate Middleton's Hair

    With it being almost a year since the royal wedding, we thought we would honor the royal anniversary by taking a backwards glance at some of our fave Kate Middleton hairstyles; we’ll also be telling you how to get Kate Middleton’s hairstyle at home.

    Kate Middleton's hair is all about thickness and volume; she may be lucky enough to have been blessed with uber thick hair, but it’s possible to achieve a Kate Middleton hairstyle, even if you have finer hair, by using your Dirty Looks hair extensions.
    Clip in your hair extensions to create a super thick base before you start any styling; we would recommend using the full head set for the Kate Middleton look (even if you generally don’t use the full set), and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could add an additional Quad Weft too!


    We usually see Kate Middleton’s hair worn down with movement and body through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. The Duchess is renowned for this hairstyle and it’s easy to see why: the style is effortlessly glamorous and works beautifully with fine formal attire and evening gowns.
    We recommend using a large barrelled tong or jumbo rollers to achieve this look; add root lift to the crown of your head, but focus the styling on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to achieve the fabulous movement that Kate Middleton’s hair always has.
    This HAS to be our fave Kate Middleton hairstyle; it works so well for the Duchess, and we’re so used to seeing her hair styled this way, but we love it when she does something a little different with her hair too!

    Kate Middleton’s hair is sometimes styled half-up and half-down; this was the hairstyle choice for her wedding day too. The body and movement is generally kept to the ends of the hair when styled this way and sections of Kate’s hair are pulled to the back of her head to finish the style.
    Again, you want to use your large barrelled tong to create those voluminous curls; don’t brush them through too much or you’ll lose bounce!
    This Kate Middleton hairstyle looks super glamorous when worn with hats and hair accessories!


    Kate can sometimes be spotted with her hair all up, but this is fairly rare … we don’t quite understand why as an updo looks gorgeous on Kate; it really shows off her features and works well for glamorous appearances.
    We've seen Kate Middleton’s hair styled into a super cute ponytail on occasion too; this style still keeps the natural waves of her hair through the ends of the ponytail and a small section of hair is wrapped around the ponytail to disguise the elastic. A ponytail looks oh-so-girly on Kate … we love!!

    So, Kate, we've adored following you and your glamorous hairstyles over the last year, but we want to see a few more updo’s in the coming months please!
    And ladies, if you want to create your own Kate Middleton hairstyle, don’t forget to stop by Dirty Looks first to pick up a super thick full head set of clip in hair extensions … then get styling!!

  • Red Carpet Hair Styles at the Tribeca Film Festival

    So this week has seen many A-listers donning their best gowns and their best red carpet hairstyles to make it out to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival, which is debuting lots of next year's top box office hits, has also been exploring the world of social media websites and their involvement in the way cinema is viewed, which has proved to be very popular with the stars themselves, as well as filmmakers and movie goers all over the world. The red carpets at the screenings have been crammed with celebs, and their hairstyle choices have made us eager to see who will be there the following day!


    Olivia Wilde has been seen at many of the screenings at the festival, choosing very different outfit styles and red carpet hairstyles for each, but looking just as glamorous in all of them! Seen at the opening night of the festival, Olivia Wilde’s newly dyed blonde hair was stunningly pinned back in a simple low bun with sections at the front left loose to frame the face. The style was simple and elegant and worked perfectly with her Yigal Azrouël animal print maxi dress.


    A few days later Olivia Wilde was seen wearing a beautifully detailed lemon and lace Prada dress. Again, her red carpet hairstyle was left simple, pinned back once again, but this time Olivia added root lift to the style. This gives the actress a few extra inches, but this accentuates her delicate features and perfect make-up.


    Emma Watson took a break from shooting her new film, ‘The Bling Ring’, to make an appearance at the festival. Ditching the hair extensions that she wears for her new role, Emma Watson’s growing out hair was simply pulled off her face and twisted into a small bun. This simple style worked perfectly with her head to toe printed Miu-Miu outfit.


    Emily Blunt looked stunning at the screening for ‘The Five Year Engagement’ in which she plays the leading role. Emily Blunt’s red carpet hairstyle, along with her gorgeous black and green prom-style, Jason Wu dress, looked glamorous, but made her appear older than her years. Her naturally glossy, dark locks were pinned back and secured at the nape of the neck. This very simple style looked very pretty and lady-like, but we think that the style made her look a little too old! We think that Emily should have worn her hair down with this style of dress to keep the look youthful. :)

    There appears to be a definite red carpet hairstyle trend at all the events over the course of the Tribeca Film Festival. Simple updo’s certainly seem to be the way all the celebs are going for their red carpet looks.
    Do you think this is a pleasant change to seeing celebs with their hair just left loose? Let us know your thoughts on your favourite red carpet hairstyles here or on our Facebook or Twitter :)

  • Chloe Green's Hair and Her CJG Shoe Collection

    Chloe Green’s hair always looks super shiny and healthy … we’re a little jel! Since seeing her on Made In Chelsea last season we've kind of been stalking her, and since she’s the daughter of Topshop boss Sir Philip Green, we thought she would be one to watch. And what do you know, a couple of months later, she’s about to launch her own shoe collection named after herself; the CJG label is to be sold as a concession in Topshop and also on her very own website!


    Chloe is famed for her rapunzel-like hair, which falls just below the middle of her back, she keeps it in tip-top condition and it always looks so healthy!! We want!
    If you’re looking to re-create Chloe Green’s hair, and your hair is a bit on the short side, then the solution is simple ... add some clip in hair extensions so you can add and take away length whenever you desire! Woo!
    Chloe tends to wear her hair straight most of the time, but does opt to add some curls and texture through her hair from time to time! We LOVE Chloe Green’s hair with some boho waves and curls in it, and with her hair being so long it works to thicken up, and add more texture which complements her overall look.
    Why not try a small barrelled tong  or a conical wand on your own luscious locks to achieve Chloe Green’s hair style? :)

    With that being said, we’re loving Chloes look in her campaign shot for her new shoe launch, which is making its debut on May 17th! Chloe Green’s hair looks lovely, as always, with a few waves throughout the ends which is topped off by her dark and sultry makeup.


    The shoes are also something to have a peek at; with eight designs coming out we’re hoping there is a little something for all.
    We already have our eyes on a few pairs and we’re such a fan of the green sole on every pair ...  inspiration from Christian Louboutin's red soles shoes was obviously taken! However Chloe is keeping the price more high street than designer with the starting price of the shoes at around £80, which isn't so bad!
    The shoes are not for the faint-hearted though, they appear to be extremely high (yay!) so if you’re a little fearful of walking in skyscrapers, maybe a little practice wouldn't go amiss before stepping into these green soles!


    Our favorite shoes from the collection have got to be the Mischa wedge Chloe is sporting in her campaign ad, The Louisa, some sparkly numbers and some white shiny chained shoes! Ooh-la-la!

    We hope you are all just as excited as we are about this fab new shoe collection!! What do you ladies think about Chloe Green’s hair in the promotional shot? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below or head over to Facebook and Twitter to voice your opinions there!! :)

  • Boho Waves - Summer Hairstyle Tutorial

    We’re already looking forward to Summer here at Dirty Looks, so we thought we’d share our boho waves tutorial with you … it’s the perfect on-trend hairstyle for the Summer months!
    Whilst many Summer hairstyles involve pinning your hair up to keep you cool, we wanted to choose a look that can carry you from day to night, and even through to the following day too! Katy Perry's hair has been seen with boho waves to complement her gorgeous new purple hair extensions, and this style can be regularly seen as a festival hairstyle too! We think it’s such a Summer staple look with its super easy styling and staying power!


    Boho waves look fantastic with the hair all worn down or with the front section of hair pinned away from your face, but the advantage of this style is the shape holds really well for scraping into a messy bun for the next day! If you want to glam this look up even more, you can wear your Dirty Looks hair extensions; you’ll have super thick boho waves ready to hit the red carpet!


    To create your summery boho waves, we think that a conical wand works best, but you can also use a large or medium barrelled tong if you prefer.

    Step One

    Start by fitting your extensions if you are going to be using these for added length or volume. Once your hair extensions have been fitted, section your hair around the top of your head. Use a grip to hold the top section out of your way.

    Step Two

    Start styling, with your tongs or wand, on the small underneath section you have left loose. The most important thing with this boho wave style is to not make your curls too uniform in size or curl direction.

    Step Three

    Pull down the next section of hair and repeat step two. Try to make your hair into about five sections in total as this will make your curls more defined. If your hair is finer then reduce this, and if you're lucky enough to have naturally thick hair, you may have to add another section.

    Step Four

    All your hair should now be curled and hanging down loose. The non-uniform way of adding the curls should give this a care-free look! Add a little serum to your fingers (we find that Tigi After Party is awesome for this!) and run this through the lengths of the hair; you don’t want to pull the curls out too much, just make them a little more defined with the serum.

    Step Five

    Take a small section from your temple, on each side, and direct these towards the back of your head. Twist these sections of hair; before they start wrapping around themselves pull these to the back of your head and pin these together.


    Adding flowers or a pretty hair band will give your style a super hippy feel and this looks so summery! You can also braid the sections, instead of twisting, to bring the look bang on-trend for this season!

    Pop over to Dirty Looks to grab your conical wand to make this Summer boho wave hairstyle oh-so-easy!!

  • Prom Hairstyles

    Prom season is nearly upon us, so we thought it would be a grand ole idea to give you lovely ladies some ideas and inspiration to achieve your perfect prom hairstyles. If your hair is a bit on the short side, add some Dirty Looks hair extensions to give you that extra oomph and superstar vibe; who doesn't want to feel like a superstar on their prom eh?!

    Half-up Half-down.

    One of the hottest prom hair styles, inspired by New York Fashion Week, has got to be the half-up half-down style, worn with a little bouffant to add a touch of glamour ‒– you simply cannot go wrong with this prom hairstyle, which can be worn with medium to long hair.


    For statement volume and a show-stopping finish, some hair extensions would be a great option to thicken up the hair before it is split into two sections. It is also wise to style your hair before you section it too as once your hair is pinned up, and you begin styling, you’re bound to pull hair out of place which will leave it looking a little untidy!
    Opt for styling the bouffant first; backcomb from the top of your roots at the back of your head going down as far as where you ‘up’ section is going to finish, then hold in place with some bobby pins. For a gorgeously girly prom hairstyle, add some loose, bouncy curls, not forgetting to pull hair down either side to frame your face.

    If you’re not really a curly haired kind of girl then straight hair will look equally gorgeous, it may be a little quicker for you to style too ;). Once your extensions are fitted and styled you can begin to section off your hair; starting from the top of your ears taking the parting around the middle of your head, and meeting at the back.
    Why not finish your half-up half-down prom hairstyle with some beautiful prom-style clips? We LOVE Carrie Underwood’s take on this style; she looks super angelic with hair that just screams look at me!!

    High Ponytails

    Another prom hairstyle, which has taken inspiration from this year’s Fashion Weeks, is the high ponytail; it’s a hot trend for the coming Summer months, so why not introduce the look at your prom?

    You can dress up, or dress down high ponytails, it all depends on how you style and create them! We LOVED Nicole Richie's retro high ponytail, which she was seen wearing at the Golden Globes, it reminded us of the hairstyles which were created backstage at the Badgely Mischka Fall 2010 show. We’re enjoying the fact she has brought the look back this year and it looks so elegant and eye-catching, it HAS to be someone's prom ‘do!!
    This prom hair style, again, will work better on medium to longer hair; hair extensions would be ideal as you will have much more hair to work with and when the hair falls at the back it will look incredible with longer hair!! Creating this look is so simple; firstly pull up and section off hair around the crown, tease and backcomb to create volume then set aside whilst you attend to the rest of your hair. You then need to brush out and smooth the back and sides of your hair, securing the back section into a ponytail just below the crown of your head. You then need to pull each side section back and wrap it around your ponytail, securing in place with some bobby pins. Then all you need to do is return to the top section (the bit you did first) and then lightly brush and smooth back over your ponytail and voila, your superstar prom hairstyle is born!


    If you’re not so confident in trying this style then we have another you could try!!
    We are also loving Reese Witherspoon's high ponytail which looks so so elegant and is even easier to create!!
    Firstly, you need to section your hair into two, so a bottom section and a top section. Simply tease and back comb the top section of your hair to create a little bouffant/quiff, secure in place with some bobby pins and a clear elastic band. Then take the bottom section of your hair and secure back into a ponytail with a clear elastic band, making sure that it is placed directly under the top ponytail. If the top section is a little too tight for you that way then there is an alternative look to allow your hair to appear looser; pull all of your hair back into one ponytail and secure with a hair band, you will then need to take some bobby pins and flip your ponytail over the rest of your hair (basically tip your head upside down), pop the bobby pins along the very top of the underneath of your ponytail, so just above your hair band, so the hair falls back over the bobby pins to create a waterfall kind of effect! And there you have it! HOW easy does that sound?!

    For a more dramatic and statement look be sure to fit some hair extensions before you start to style and pull the hair back, the hair extensions will help you look like you have just stepped off the red carpet!


    Braids are another hot prom hairstyle taken straight from the Fashion Weeks; they are such a hot trend right now! Braids will tend to work better on medium to longer hair as the more hair you have to braid, the more significant the braid will look; if you’re a little short on length then be sure to fit some hair extensions before you begin to braid to give you a show-stopping look!


    We LOVE braids here at Dirty Looks and we have a sneaky feeling they will be a popular look for proms of 2012! Our favorite prom style braids have got to be the fishtail baird, the four strand braid, and the french braid round to a side ponytail. These tend to be a little tricky if you’re new to braiding, but after some practice, you can create these in no time at all :) Or you can just ask a friend or family member if they’re a dab hand at braiding!

    So ladies, to create the perfect hair style, first pop over to Dirty Looks to get your full head of hair extensions for a super glamorous and oh-so-thick look!

  • Katy Perry's Purple Hair

    Katy Perry's hair is now a sumptuous shade of purple after she decided to ditch her bright blue locks; the star showcased her gorgeous new shade at the Coachella festival over the weekend … we’re pretty excited about the new shade and the fact that her hair is now long again (we think it’s safe to assume she’s had some hair extensions fitted for this awesome new length!!)


    It’s pretty fair to say that Katy Perry is a complete style chameleon when it comes to her hair! Katy Perry's hair has been changed more times than we can count over the past year, and now it seems that she’s bored with blue and has embraced purple locks for the Spring instead. The deep purple shade of her new hairstyle looks pretty striking and we’re already loving the change!

    We’re also loving the new longer locks, which were styled into natural-looking curls for the Coachella festival. We were big fans of Katy Perry’s hair when it was bobbed, but it’s so great to see her sporting some new hair extensions!

    What do you guys think of Katy Perry’s purple hair? Do you prefer her with blue or purple locks? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter … or just leave us a quick comment below :)

  • Wedding Hairstyles

    With the summer months hot on our heels, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all a heads up on the latest on-trend wedding hairstyles. These chic wedding hairstyles are perfect whether you have short or long hair, and look gorgeous worn with Dirty Looks hair extensions.

    Traditionally, wedding hair always tends to be worn up and styled into beautiful updo’s with lots of twists and curls. These styles look super feminine and are great for those all important wedding pics, but we’re a little bored of the same old wedding hair styles so, we have compiled some of our fab new faves to give all you some fresh ideas.


    We are loving Grecian inspired wedding hairstyle this season; we think they look just glorious! Long hair works beautifully with these styles and allows you to work and style your Grecian wedding hair style in different ways too, but fear not if your hair isn’t quite making the grade in the length department, Dirty Looks hair extensions will be here to help and we also stock 24-26” so, if you really want a Goddess feel, opt for this length to create show-stopping wedding hair!
    We love this look when the hair is neatly taken in from the sides, braided at the back of the head to the nape of the neck, and then flowing locks are left to drape down your back or when sections are pinned up and the rest if left as cascading curls. Updo’s as well as down do’s look great with a Grecian feel too! Add some twists and plaits before styling your updo or add some bold curls and plaits to your down do for a Goddess-esque finish!
    A Grecian wedding hairstyle will make any bride feel like the belle of the ball and if you’re a bit of a trend-setter then this may be the option for you!


    For our shorter haired friends, we really love this curled 'do and how it’s kept quite flat on one side and then quiffs up into volume on the other side! SO sexy! This hairstyle has more of a 50’s vintage vibe so if you’re a vintage hair stylelover and want to add some vintage into your wedding then this HAS to be the style for you! If not and you’re just loving the subtle yet sexy curls then this could be the one for you too! We love love love!


    Another updo we’re loving for wedding season is this Great Gatsby inspired wave style. Again, it screams vintage, but we love the lure of the style and it’s such a hot look at the moment - it would be a shame not to be intertwined with wedding hairstyles. This will work great for medium-length and longer hair - for added thickness and texture, clip in a quad weft or if you’re looking to add length overall, then opt for a full head of hair extensions to achieve this look! Have a look at our other blog to achieve Gatsby waves if you’re a little unsure :)

    So lovely ladies, let us know all about your favorite wedding hair styles for this season by heading over to our Facebook page. If you have your own big day coming up, we would love to see photos of your wedding hair :)

  • Rihanna's New Hair

    Rihanna's hair  has changed once again!! The star has said goodbye to the blonde wavy shoulder length hair and opted for some hair extensions (that’s our guess at least), shaven one side of her hair and returned to her dark natural shade of black! Ohhh la la!


    Although we do love Ri Ri’s new look, we were quite partial to her blonde locks … but it’s on to the next new look and hello to back-to-black for Rihanna’s hair; Her new look reminds us of when she first appeared on the music scene … only with a little more edge this time!!
    Ri Ri has shaved a small section of her hair just above her ear which isn't too full on yet it still manages to make a bold statement!

    Rihanna’s new hair appears much longer and thicker compared to her previous blonde shoulder length hair so we’re thinking that she has probably had a little help from hair extensions?! The hair extensions aren't made too obvious as they are kept just below her shoulders which make them appear more natural. The new dark shade of Rihanna’s hair makes her hair appear much more healthy and glossy; we have to admit ... we LOVE Rihanna’s new hair!


    Rihanna keeps it simple by pushing all of her hair towards one side, showing off her newly shaven side and making the most out of her new bouncy hair extensions!

    We think Rihanna’s new hair is a hit....what do you guys think? Let us know in the comment box below or whip over to the Dirty Looks Facebook page and post your thoughts there :)

  • Breaking News - Cheryl Cole's New Hair

    It has just been revealed that Cheryl Cole's hair has changed again and is back to a gorgeous chocolate brown shade with added length and volume … it’s no secret that we are huge Cheryl fans at Dirty Looks and we are super excited about the ‘hot off the press’ pics showcasing her lovely new style!!


    Last year, Cheryl Cole's hair was transformed into a long, blonde bob and while we loved this look on the star and thought it looked oh-so-sophisticated, we much prefer her as a brunette beauty and we think she looks simply stunning now that she has long, full locks again!

    Dirty Looks hair extensions in Melted Chocolate would be a good match for Cheryl Cole’s hair shade for her new music video, but in some shots her hair appears to have subtle highlights so Iced Coffee would be just perfect if you wanted some subtle highlights for your own chocolate brown hair.


    Cheryl Cole’s hair is bang on-trend with styling for her new music video too; her hair is styled into voluminous, loose waves in some shots and into a super thick ponytail in others... we love both of these looks on Cheryl.
    Cheryl Cole’s hair looks super glam, gorgeously healthy and sensuously dense in these pics … the key to her fabulous look is lots of root lift … and perhaps an extra Quad Weft at the crown of your head for more of a boost!

    So we’re completely sold on Cheryl Cole’s new hair, but what do you guys think? Leave us a comment below or head over to Facebook or Twitter to voice your thoughts :)

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