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  • The Granny Chic Hair Trend

    We've been seeing the Granny Chic hair trend out and about amongst the celebs a lot recently and we've been wondering … is this the beginning of a mass take-over and a new hair trend appearing before our eyes that takes homage from our stereotypical Grannies?! Hmm ... it seems we’re kind of a fan at Dirty Looks HQ!!


    Kelly Osborne was first spotted rocking the Granny Chic hair trend back in January at the 2012 Art of Elysium Heaven Gala. Keeping her hair in a bob, she matched her new grey hair/purple rinse with pastel pink lips which proved to be the perfect contrast. We love the two colors together and adore how it’s such a gutsy shade to wear; obviously outspoken Kelly would be one of the first seen sporting the Granny Chic hair trend!! We take our hats off to you Kelly O!!

    Another celeb we have spotted is Marina Diamandis who takes the shade a little darker than Miss O’s! Marina’s Granny Chic hair shade is the greyest we have seen … taking it a little lighter towards the ends. Marina also matched her hair with hot pink lips and a much brighter pink at that! With Marina’s individual style it’s pretty hard to miss her anyway, but with her new Granny Chic hair to go with her sense of style, she’s becoming unmissable!! She looks every inch the style icon with her fluffy pink jumper, quirky vintage sunglasses, glittered stiletto boots and of course her grey granny hair, it proves to simply top off her look and keep her image hot off the mark.


    Ellie Goulding is also another celeb who appears to be a fan of the new Granny Chic hair trend. Keeping it subtle, Ellie opts for a purple rinse effect and with her longer hair we think she looks super stunning!! It’s quite a stark change from her usual golden locks, but Ellie transitioned step by step by just having a purple dip dye kind of effect to begin with through the ends of her hair. Maybe she was trialing and testing before she went for the full purple rinse? Either way we’re glad she took the plunge and decided to rock this look too! Big clap for Ellie!!

    We think the Granny Chic hair trend is soon to catch on and is definitely one to keep an eye on....are you a brave kind of girl ready to take the plunge and opt for a purple rinse? Or would you rather keep your lovely shades of blondes, browns and coppers? Tell us who is your favourite Granny Chic girl and whether you’d take the plunge or not by leaving your thoughts in a comment below … or pop over to Facebook to share your thoughts with us :)

  • 2012 Spring Hairstyles

    With the gorgeous sunshine of late and the clocks jumping us into spring we thought it was the perfect time for some spring hairstyle inspirations! Spring hairstyles tend to be super girly and cute and accessorized perfectly for the season ... use your Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions with your 2012 Spring hairstyle for gorgeous length and super volume!!


    The biggest trend of this spring is braids/plaits! And the more complicated the better! Whether you choose a french, waterfall or just a normal braid/plait you’ll be bang on-trend, but we will be seeing more and more intricate versions of these styles through the spring and summer months! Wearing your hair up is the perfect way of incorporating a braid really easily! Before you tie your hair, take a side section and do a small french braid in the direction of your style. If you are pulling your hair into a high bun angle your braid, but if you're opting for a low slung ponytail then angle it downwards. If you are wearing your clip ins to add gorgeous thickness, then be sure to fit these before you start styling!


    Another way is to add a few natural waves to your hair and your hair extensions and then braid your hair to frame your face like a headband or braid this around the sides to create a half updo! The possibilities really are endless with braids!! Accessorise these with flowers, bows and beaded grips to make them perfectly fitting for springtime.


    Natural waves are another huge spring hairstyle trend! A great way of getting this look is to curl your hair before bed - sleeping on your fresh curls will flatten them and mess us the perfect shape ... just leaving your hair a natural wave. Adding in some curl cream prior to styling will help give the ‘messy’ look to the style. Again this style is perfect for adding in some spring inspired accessories!

    What 2012 Spring hair style will you be wearing? Let us know on the Dirty Looks Facebook page or on Twitter :)

  • Katy Perry's Hair - 'Part of Me' Music Video

    Katy Perry's hair tends to not stay the same shade or style for very long as the star is always eager to try out new shades and trends. Her blue hair has been making the headlines since Paris Fashion Week for all the right reasons. Being bang on-trend with her choice of styles (with her tightly pulled back bun in particular) proves that Katy Perry’s hair can make a style statement all by itself.


    Although the blue shade of Katy Perry's hair looks to be staying with us, her latest video has shown us a different version of the star. Her new video for ‘Part of Me’ was unveiled today showing Katy regressing to her former self. The star has used a long black wig in the video which resembles the style of her hair when she first shot to fame. In the video Katy chops all her hair off and joins the army after confronting her cheating boyfriend!!


    It was rumored that the change of Katy Perry’s hair shade was to represent her split from Russell Brand and the video and lyrics to her new song only fuel these rumors. We usually love everything Katy does with her hair but the cropped pixie cut just doesn't suit, please don’t do this for real :)

    What do you think about Katy Perry's super short hair? ... tell us on Facebook or Twitter :)

  • Weave Hair Extensions vs Clip In Hair Extensions

    Many girls select weave hair extensions to add length and thickness to their hair and there are certainly numerous ways of wearing hair extensions now ... from having them glued in or weaved to micro loops or clip ins...there isn't a shortage of ways to lengthen your locks, but what we want to know is....whats the best option for your beloved hair?!

    A lot of people have been questioning weave hair extensions and how good or bad they are for your hair, and since I've had a fair few I thought it was only right I let you all know the 411!

    A weave hair extension is pretty simple to create - a plait is created using your own hair and a strand of extension hair, it then goes across the head going from one edge to the other and meeting in the middle of the head. Starting at the bottom and finishing usually at the top of your ears so you’re left with around three to four rows in your hair. Depending how many can fit on your head and if the stylist thinks it will work.
    On each row of a plait, two or three maybe four wefts of hair are sewn into the plait using thick cotton to ensure it stays secure... and that is pretty much it! Once the hair is sewn in it’s secure and free for you to style and wear as you would any other extensions.


    All is well for a week or two, but then your natural hair growth will start to show, and the weave hair extension begins to drop. As your hair grows, the plait across your head becomes much looser, causing the plait to hang down and you will find it is no longer attached to your head. So you have to go back to have it re-tied to keep up with your own hair growth. Due to this it becomes quite expensive...up keep is usually half of what you originally paid, but nine times out of ten you will want new hair as it becomes quite matted after being constantly in your hair... so that’s another fee to think about.

    When you go for weave hair extensions they will generally tell you to treat it like your normal hair, advising that you can wash it as if it were your own...this tends not to be the case. If you were to wash your weave twice, three times a week or every other day the weave would drop at quite a quick rate ... as I have witnessed first hand!! So then you’re left washing just the top of your hair to save the plaits dropping at an extortionate rate. This is quite irritating, as you can imagine, and due to the hair constantly being attached to your head the underneath of the hair becomes tangled, matted, and dare I say it...generally feels greasy ...Ew! But as you’re always rocking around with the hair attached to your head doing daily and normal things like going to the gym...or going on a night the house...working up a bit of a sweat... the hair underneath is what suffers most and then you are forced to wash the whole of your hair to achieve clean and softer hair again.

    It doesn't end there either....taking weave hair extensions out is HELL if you don’t have the time to go to the salon. As you’re left with dangling hair that is visible for all to see it becomes embarrassing! So you take matters into your own hands and attempt to take it out yourself. Well I put the matter in to my friend’s hands and after hacking away at the thread trying not to snip any hair off in the process, my dear friend managed to free me from the weave. Yaaay!!

    When it first came out I’m not going to lie...I felt bald. As we lose hair everyday we never really notice, but when you have weave hair extensions, the hair isn't free to just fall out willy nilly so it becomes stuck in the plait that the weave is secured to so when you take it out literally chunks of hair come with it too... going from having long, thick hair extensions to your own (thinner-than-it-would-have-been) natural hair, you don’t feel too good.

    Weave hair extensions are great for not having to make time clipping in hair extensions every morning and they are constantly in your hair so it’s pretty much like having your own long hair which is good... but I think the negatives out weigh the two good points by far!

    After having weave hair extensions, I then transferred over to clip in hair extensions as they are the least damaging for your more damaging than tying your hair back into a tight ponytail...which is just what i needed as I wanted to carry on wearing hair extensions, but needed a safer and kinder solution … so clip-ins it was! I can take them out after a night out or if I'm going to the gym...or if I’m just lounging around the house and they’re not needed. They are not constantly attached to my head so the life span of hair extensions when used as clip ins increases as you are able to take care of them a lot more. Clip in hair extensions also allow me to achieve much more volume and thickness compared to my weave hair extensions, they are so much easier to style and you can switch it up a bit by clipping them in different ways. I couldn't think of anything more that I would want!

    Clip-ins are so easy to use and style - thickness, length and texture can easily be achieved and most importantly.... it is the kindest option for your hair!!! Do it girls, get a full head of clip-ins for lovely thick and healthy hair!!

    Tell us your weave hair extension experience on Facebook or Twitter ... we'd love to hear from you.

  • Lana Del Rey’s Hair

    Keeping up the vintage vibe after our Great Gatsby Finger Wave Hair Tutorial, we’ve turned our attentions to Lana Del Rey’s hair; she is another celeb who is a fan of the finger wave and she is taking the world by storm with her individual style and personality!!

    First off, we must admit, we’ve got a little bit of a girl crush on Lana! Not only does her hair always look super sleek and stylish....her make-up and fashion style is super trendy too and we can’t take our eyes off her in anticipation of what she’s going to come up with next!
    The waves in Lana Del Rey’s hair are created a little thicker which makes her hair look lovely and glossy and even thicker than it probably is (we’re only a little envious, honest!.) We’re not sure if she uses hair extensions, but we would opt for some clip-ins to re-create this look as thickness is key!


    When she first came onto the scene with ‘Video Games’ Lana was a blonde bombshell, now she has gone for a more vintagey/retro feel and opted to add gorgeous warmth with copper tones to her hair which we definitely approve of! The shade compliments her complexion beautifully and is right on-trend with auburn/copper toned hair taking the celeb world by storm!! Lana Del Rey’s hair always looks in wonderful condition considering she’s always adding heat to create those girly vintage waves!
    Looking back Lana reminds us of a modern day Nancy Sinatra with waves in her hair and floral accessories with a hint of early Joanna Lumley, which can never be a bad combination! She has the best of both worlds!

    Lana loves to add floral accessories to her hair and we love the look too...She almost wears them as a little hat which brings her quirky style to her hair ... we adore this!! We’re thinking of placing bets on whether this is going to be a hot trend for the summer or not?!
    We think Lana Del Rey’s hair and her unique style is worth watching out for in 2012...She has already been featured in top end magazines and advertisements such as Vogue, Q, Complex and Prada, and we’re almost sure she’s going to continue taking the world by storm and we can’t wait to see how her style and hair changes throughout her journey.

    Are you a Lana Lover? Do you guys think she looks a little like Nancy Sinatra and Joanna Lumley too?! We’re hoping we’re not the only ones seeing it! Post your thoughts in the comments below, tell us on Facebook or give us aTweet!!

  • Colored hair extensions

    Colored hair extensions are bang on-trend at the moment with so many celebs experimenting with a rainbow of vibrant and pastel shades. Colored hair even graced the catwalk at the 2012 Fashion Weeks so using colored hair extensions will keep your locks looking fashion forward and fresh!!

    You can go as wild and vibrant or as soft and subtle as you like with your colored hair extensions and you can choose from an all over shade or just dip-dyed ends to change your current look.
    Katy Perry's hair is renowned for being a variety of different shades! She has opted for a full head of bright blue, a gorgeous milkshake pink and she has also dabbled with vibrant streaks and subtle pastel hues. Katy Perry's hair always looks fabulous whatever the shade, but we love her more subtle, pastel looks in particular and you can re-create her style using your own colored hair extensions.


    Jessie J is also no stranger to colored hair as she swapped her statement black locks for bright purple and has since been seen sporting dip-dyed ends in red and purple. You can use your colored hair extensions to easily create the dip-dye look without having to dye the ends of your own hair. If you are going for a super vibrant look like Jessica J's hair then using a light blonde shade of Dirty Looks hair extensions can be perfect as a base to dye to achieve the vibrancy.


    Other celebs who have indulged their locks in the colored hair trend include Kelly Osbourne (whose hair always look just fabulous), Hayley Williams (her hair is perfect for an alternative style that oozes brightness!) and even Kate Bosworth and Lauren Conrad have experimented with pastel dip-dyed ends! We weren't big fans of Kate's blue dip-dyed hues, but Lauren Conrad's hair look absolutely gorgeous with the subtle peach tints! We loved it!!


    If you are feeling super adventurous with your colored hair extensions then you can easily turn to Nicki Minaj for inspiration who has great fun with her hair ... her style is never dull!! You can pop along to Dirty Looks to pick up your light blonde clip ins to create your own colored hair extensions style!!

  • Great Gatsby Finger Wave Hair Tutorial

    The 1920’s is proving to be a huge trend this season with the Great Gatsby look being the style to follow  … Flapper dresses, long pearls and finger waves are perfect for re-creating this classic look and we absolutely LOVE the Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair style! This era is famous for its sleek bobs and cropped cuts but our tutorial shows how to get the look even with longer cuts. If you wouldn't dare leave the house without your Dirty Looks hair extensions then don’t worry you can still create the Great Gatsby finger wave hair style with your extra length using a medium barrelled tong :)

    Step 1

    First start by fitting your Dirty Looks hair extensions as you would normally.
    Section your hair and pin the top sections of hair up leaving you with an underneath section about 2” wide. Apply a little heat protection product before styling. Section your hair into 3, 1 each side and 1 at the back.

    Step 2

    Holding the tong horizontally with the grip facing away from you, place the tong underneath the first section of hair using the tong grip, which should be on top of your hair to hold in place. After a few seconds remove the tong from your hair and turn the tong around, the grip should now be facing you! Place the tong underneath the bump you have created in your hair but place the tong on top of your hair with the grip underneath. When you remove the tong you should have a U shape. Continue this alternate method for the whole strand of hair and for the other 2 sections. It’s usually best to follow the same pattern for each section so that all your waves flow the same way to create the Great Gatsby Finger Wave.

    Step 3

    Pull down the next layer of hair and continue step 3 until complete. It’s usually best to separate your hair into about 3 or 4 layers, with between 3 and 4 sections on each, depending on how thick your hair is.

    Step 4

    When you have completed the tonging process use a little serum on your finger tips to smooth and even out the hair.


    This Great Gatsby Finger Wave hair style is perfect with hair accessories!! Whether you choose a wrap around hairband, a feather or a jewelled clip you will fit the style perfectly! Another 20’s tip is to create a curl near your temple. To do this use a shorter section of your own hair and wet this down with a spray gel or similar product. Then simply wrap this around your finger and pin in place!

  • The Hair Bun Trend

    Hair buns are already emerging as a sizzling hot 2012 hair trend making numerous appearances on the catwalks during the Fashion Weeks and amongst celebs on the red carpet at the Oscars! We love the bun especially when hair extensions are used to make it super thick and full and we can see them becoming huuuuge in the celeb and fashion world this year so we thought we could give our lovely followers a heads up of what’s to come!

    At the Fashion Weeks we saw a mixture of neatly created tight hair buns as well as messy ‘bed-head’ buns. Rick Owens created an amazing neatly twisted hair bun which sits low at the back of the head. The twisted bun takes a different approach from the usual ballerina bun we are so fond of! Once in a ponytail the hair is separated into numerous different sections, twisted tightly and looped over or under the next strand of hair next to it and simply kept in place with some hair pins! SO easy to re-create yet such a dramatic effect! Thanks for the idea Rick!


    Dolce and Gabana also made use of hair buns in their catwalk show! Their buns portray a softer cutesy appeal as it is not as neat and tight as Ricks style... but the D&G bun looks fabulous none the less being twisted and taken right to the bottom of the neck. It’s so simple to re-create too; tie the hair into a ponytail, separate into two sections... the main piece should be from the middle of the ponytail and a little bigger than the second piece of hair which you should take from the side of the ponytail. Twist the main section first, creating a bun shape and securing with hair pins, then it’s time to twist the second piece which then goes around the main bun - again secure with hair pins and you have your very own D & G inspired hair bun! Beautiful!

    Moving on to the Oscars... where we saw an array of different hair buns worn by many a celeb - The two that stood out to us the most on the red carpet were the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez’s glam bun and Berenice Bejo who took a different approach and added a plait to the bun phenomenon! We LOVE!

    J.Lo went for a high updo hair bun...following the trends from the catwalks and adding subtle twists to the hair before securing to create a thick and full bun. Showing us all that hair buns don’t have to be associated with laziness or just worn when we hit the gym....they can be created to suit almost any occasion. And if they’re good enough for J.Lo then they’re good enough for us!


    Berenice Bejo took two inspirations from the catwalk and combined both into one spectacular looking style! With both plaits and hair buns being bang on-trend at the moment we can do nothing but give props to the brilliant Berenice! The hair plait is created from the front of the hair reaching from the opposite side (which will be neatly pulled back into the bun) on one single side and taken round to the back middle area of the head where it transforms and is kept into a hair bun... Wowsa! Nothing but admiration for this hair style!


    It doesn't end there can jazz up your own hair bun with numerous different hair accessories; from feathers to hair scarfs to flowers, almost anything can be included in your bun....your hair is what you make it!

    Which hair bun do you guys think is the best?! It’s a toughie, we can’t make our minds up so let us know what you all think on Twitter or on the Dirty Looks Facebook page.

  • The Reverse Ombre Hair Trend

    New hair extension shade trends are always tried and tested amongst celebs and on the catwalk before rapidly gaining popularity and this has definitely been the case with the reverse ombre hair trend which was showcased during Fashion Week!

    The ombre trend has been a huge hit over the last year or so with many famous faces lightening the ends of their hair to achieve this simple yet very effect style. With its growing popularity, the style has evolved within itself with many celebs trying out vibrant shades or a variety of candy colours to accessorise with their latest looks and outfits! The latest reinvention of the trend that has everyone talking is reverse ombre.


    The reverse ombre trend has only been seen on a few stars at the moment, but made a huge impact on the runways at NY fashion week by playing a large part in the styling of the Jen Kao show. She used very dark dye on the very tips of the hair to create the reverse ombre with naturally dark blonde hair, but many celebs wear this style to make their hair look a bit more natural. Choosing a shade a couple darker then the tops of the hair will give the illusion of sun kissed locks and if you choose a highlighted shade you can subtly blend in both the lighter and darker sections creating a shadowed look.

    We are a little unsure about this look, just as we were with the original ombre trend and we think it looks much better when reverse ombre is worn subtle rather than too contrasting, but we are sure that the trend will become super popular over the coming months!!

    If you want to experiment with the reverse ombre look without dying your own hair then take a look at Dirty Looks hair extensions that are just a shade or two darker than your own base shade!

  • Katy Perry’s Hair at Paris Fashion Week

    Kathy Perry's hair remained a shocking shade of electric blue for her recent appearances in the front row at Paris Fashion Week 2012; The star has certainly been quick to make headlines with her daring outfit choices and her vibrant blue locks at Chanel, YSL and Viktor & Rolf!!


    During Paris Fashion Week, Katy Perry’s blue hair was styled gorgeously and always remained bang-on trend! For her first appearance in Paris, Katy stepped out in a sheer (and somewhat revealing!) mint green ensemble straight from Vera Wang's SS12 collection and later she was spotted in a plunging V-neck gold geometric mini-dress which certainly showed off her curves! Katy Perry’s hair was styled into vintage inspired curls with a deep side-parting to compliment both outfits! Her blue locks looked amazing … and we even over-looked the root regrowth!!


    Our favourite of Katy Perry's hair style choices from Paris Fashion Week were the high bun and the beehive! Katy wore her beehive with plenty of eyeliner and a vibrant blue peekaboo V&R dress … she could have easily stepped straight out of the 60’s!! Her outfit worn with the high bun was toned down by Katy’s standards; she wore a short green dress, a biker jacket and thigh-high black leather boots … combined with her super sleek high bun, the outfit created a moody and sophisticated look and the only vibrancy in sight came from Katy Perry’s blue hair.
    We loved how fashion forward Katy looked at YSL!


    If you fancy trying out Katy Perry’s blue hair and have light blonde locks yourself then a shade like LA Blonde can be used as a base to dye a vibrant blue! Take a look at Dirty Looks Hair extensions for our full range of light blonde shades!!

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