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  • New Year Hair Styles

    Us Dirty Looks girls are super excited for New Year’s Eve tonight so we though we would share our favourite New Years hair styles with you!! Whether you’re out on the town or spending time with family and friends, these gorgeous hair styles will look great so you can celebrate New Year with added glamour!

    The High Ponytail

    This is super quick to create as your New Year hair style, but it is no less gorgeous! Think Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger because these ladies certainly know how to work their high ponytails!! If you wearing hair extensions for this hairstyle then we would recommend flipping them around so they flow in the same direction as your hair does when it’s tied up … you may find you don’t need to wear the full head set for your high ponytail.


    You need to decide whether you want to wear this New Year hair style super sleek or with some lift at the front of the head … if you want to add a quiff then be sure to do this before tying your hair up!

    The Kate Middleton

    We are huuuge fans of Kate Middleton’s hair here at DL Headquarters (as you may have noticed) and we think her hair is the perfect inspiration for a super glamorous New Years hair style.


    This hair style works great with a centre or a slightly off-centre parting and a sweeping side fringe ... and a good blow dry really helps with the overall look! A Dirty Looks full head set can add extra thickness and length to re-create the gorgeous volume that Kate Middleton’s hair has. Once your extensions are in place and you have applied a heat protection treatment, use a large barrelled tong to add curls mainly to the ends of the hair. Gently run a soft brush through your curls to loosen them slightly for that effortless Kate Middleton look!

    Brigitte Bardot Inspired Half-up Half-down

    Brigitte Bardot’s hair is truly iconic and we just love the volume her hair always carried. The Brigitte Bardot inspired half-up half-down New Years hairstyle is easy to do at home and definitely doesn’t disappoint!


    An additional quad weft on the crown of the head will help give you a volume boost for this gorgeous style! Backcombing the roots of your hair at the crown of the head or using a root crimper will also add extra volume for your Bardot inspired ‘do. If you are adding curls to this style then be sure to do so after fitting your extensions as this will create a more flawless look.
    When you have fitted your extensions, you can part your hair around ear level or higher and create your Bardot bouffant … secure the hair at the back of your head with a clip for added glamour.

    Happy New Year from everyone at Dirty Looks xx

  • Cheryl Cole’s Hair and New Shoe Collection

    Cheryl Cole’s hair and figure look amazing at the moment ...we’re not sure if this is from her love of living in the US or her new venture into being a shoe designer, but her new look has us all envious. Not only is her hair looking full and voluminous, but she seems to be much happier and has regained her curves back after a tricky few months.


    Like the majority of girls, Cheryl has confessed to all about her love for shoes claiming to own nearly 2000 pairs! We love how dreamy the TV advert for her new shoe range is; it’s filmed with a glowing 60’s haze … very fitting for the style of Cheryl Cole’s hair, outfit and huge sunglasses. Cheryl Cole’s hair is styled super thick and tousled into a long bob shape that fits perfectly with this 60’s dream like theme. Cheryl’s hair appears to be a little darker than we have seen of late. The darker warm tones of her hair look stunning against her glowing skin tone and her style and shade appear a good match for a 12-14” set of Butterscotch Highlights.


    The print adverts for the shoes take a different style and Cheryl Cole’s hair looks very glamorous whilst promoting her shoe collection. We love how the different styles have been used to showcase the shoes and their inspiration. The LBD and root pumped loose hairstyle look gorgeous teamed with ‘Royal Hotness’ and we adore her cutesy pigtailed hairstyle with a girly jumper for our favourite of Cheryl’s collection the ‘RiRi’ boots :) Her hair appears a little darker in these pics and nearly back to the Iced Coffee brunette shade she has become famous for. Using an extra quad weft alongside your full head can give you the extra root lift that Cheryl Cole’s hair has for all the styles in these photos.

  • Kate Middleton's Hair at The Sun's Military Awards


    Kate Middleton's hair and dress choice at The Sun's Military Awards Monday night made her front page news. Kate stood out from the crowd in a stunning black velvet, floor length fishtail Alexander McQueen gown by one of her favourite designers Sarah Burton. Many people have been comparing the unusual dress for Kate to a dress Diana wore over 20 years ago. Kate, who was at the awards with husband Prince William and his brother Prince Harry, showed the impact and the importance of the young Royals amongst the celebrity guests such as David Beckham, Myleene Klass and Amy Childs.


    Kate Middleton's hair didn't disappoint us here at Dirty Looks - we are always in admiration of how glossy and healthy Kate Middleton’s hair always looks and on the red carpet her hair glistened. Styled in a deep side parting, her long locks had been curled with a large barrelled tong. The curls framing Kate's face had been shaped to curl inwards and these appeared to be brushed and smoothed out a little to add a real vintage feel.

    It's been a while since Kate has been seen dressed up for an event such as this; her style choices are always a huge talking point and we love this more mature, sophisticated look on Kate! She added a little sparkle to her outfit with a statement necklace and bracelet to keep the look very girly!

  • Little Mix Hair Styles

    We’ve just loved watching the Little Mix hair styles during this year’s X Factor and the girls, who were announced as winners on Sunday night, certainly didn’t disappoint with their chosen hair styles for the final shows of X Factor 2011!!


    The Little Mix hair styles have been big and bold throughout the series; the girls have certainly embraced their voluminous hair and the result has been bang on-trend styles for each show!!

    We love the varied shades of Little Mix’s hair too!! Jesy Nelson’s hair is a warm, BRonde shade that suits her skin tone perfectly!! We think Jade Thirlwall’s plum hair is just gorgeous and we prefer this to the light brown shade she started with on X Factor. Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s hair is on-trend and very Rihanna-esque; her bold, vibrant red tones look great and the shaved sections give her a real edge!! Perrie Edwards light blonde tones suit her SO well!! Her hair would be a fab match for our Paparazzi Highlights hair extensions!!

    The Little Mix hairstyles were gorgeous for the final live shows last weekend! All the girls left their hair down with on-trend volume and curls which gave their hair styles fab movement!! A large barrelled tong would be perfect for re-creating the voluminous curls that Little Mix had! Don’t play with your curls too much as you want them to remain big with lots of texture and bounce!


    And we can’t possibly blog about Little Mix without mentioning Tulisa, the Little Mix mentor, who had equally gorgeous hair for last weekends X Factor finale! Tulisa’s hair has never failed to look fabulous throughout X Factor 2011 and we loved her hair style choices for the final shows. Tulisa’s hair was styled into a side ponytail that was full of volume on Saturday night … Tulisa is definitely on-trend with this chosen style … the ponytail has been HUGE this year!! Our favourite Tulisa hair style from last weekend though was her super, long locks from Sunday’s show... a 24-26” Dirty Looks full head set would be ideal for re-creating Tulisa’s mermaid lengths!!

  • Nicole Scherzinger’s Hair from the X Factor USA Live Shows

    Nicole Scherzinger’s hair has been played a little safe throughout this series of X Factor USA, but it’s consistently looked gorgeous nonetheless!! Nicole has certainly made a big impression on America in her debut year at X Factor... she may have been at the centre of many controversial moments over the series, but she never fails to look amazing when she steps out onto the famous stage - her style choices have been more than we had expected as she has made some daring choices with her outfits … and Nicole Scherzinger’s hair always looks fabulous to complement each outfit choice!!


    We loved Nicole Scherzinger’s hair style last week - her high ponytail was styled with an elevated french plait at the centre of her head. Her hair was pulled super tight against her head to further enhance the root lift of her braid. He ponytail was left straight, but a little bit tousled giving the rock chick style that accompanied her dress so well! Choosing a floor length silver gown with stud detail to the neck design, she looked glamorous with an edgy twist.


    Nicole Scherzinger’s hair has been styled in a high ponytail many times throughout the season … this style is fast becoming one that Nicole is recognised for! Keeping her style bang on trend for this year, Nicole’s ponytails have varied between super high and pulled tight and left a little looser with the styling concentrated on her fringe.
    This season’s high ponytail is worn with the hair flat to the head, but as Nicole has shown, adding a huge quiff at the front of the head is perfect for making a big statement. Always wrap a small section of hair around the base of your ponytail for the celeb look.

    Nicole-Scherzinger-Long hairstyle

    We love Nicole Scherzinger’s hair best when it’s left loose and naturally curled. Her gorgeous waves always look stunning and effortless. A 24-26” full head of Dirty Looks hair extensions in Soho are perfect for creating the length and volume of Nicole’s hair. Nicole Scherzinger’s hair looked simple but stunning worn with her beige, floor length, chiffon draped gown at the beginning of the live shows.

  • Hair Extensions For Christmas Hair Styles

    Hair extensions are the perfect secret weapon for all your Christmas hairstyles. If you are using your hair extensions to enhance your length or volume or if you’re using them by following these simple Christmas hairstyle tips, you really can change your look in a just few minutes! Using hair extensions can create the perfect styles for those after work parties, family gatherings and for all the events you will be attending over the festive season!


    Half updo’s

    This Christmas hair style is great for adding extra volume at the crown of your head and for looking super glamorous for the festive season!
    First fit your extensions and straighten or curl your hair with these for a seamless look. Start the style by sectioning the upper section of hair away from the bottom. In the upper section of hair take a smaller section of your own hair at the crown of your head and backcomb this, be sure to leave enough hair to smooth over the backcombed section. Pull the upper section of hair, all together as if you are tying into a ponytail, but instead twist this ... push the hair up and pin in place. This will give added ooomph to the crown. Use a jewelled clip to secure the hair in place for the perfect Christmas hair style.



    This style has been growing in popularity all year and continues to look gorgeous for the festive season. Whether it’s in an updo or worn down, plaits/braids are a must have Christmas hair style. If you prefer to wear your hair down, a super easy trick is to take a single weft of your hair extensions and fold the clips in on themselves so they are about 1” wide. Ask a friend to hold this for you or use a hair clamp to attach to something solid so that you can split the hair and plait/braid as you would with your own hair. Use a small snag/elastic to secure the ends. Once you have styled your hair as normal you can use this weft of hair extension as a headband, securing the clip section with pins at the nape of the neck so no one will ever know your secret. This is the perfect trick for adding plaits/braids to a chignon too as you can simply hide the clips with the wrapped around hair!



    This season has seen the return of the large bun, whether worn up high or to the side this looks super glamorous if you have super thick hair, but for those who aren’t blessed with super dense hair, hair extensions can come to your rescue! Flip your head upside down and tie your own hair into a high ponytail for the high option or pull your hair to the side and tie behind the ear.  In a circular position, fit a few wefts of your hair extensions around the base of your ponytail. Try and position these as close to your bobble as possible and then closer to the hair extension wefts as you add more. Then when you have added as many wefts of your hair extensions as you like, simply twist the hair around itself and pin into place. The extra hair should be thick enough to hide where you have clipped in the hair extensions!


    Victory Rolls

    These is the ultimate 40’s hair style; they are the epitome of the era and look very glamorous. This style looks great when worn with loose hair or as an accompaniment to an updo. A great way at cheating with this look is to use a single weft of your hair extensions! Don’t fit the hair extensions to your hair, but roll them in your hand and use a pin to hold the shape. Position at the top or on the side of your hair depending on the style you are recreating. We love the vintage inspired looks appearing everywhere at the moment and this would be just perfect as your Christmas hairstyle of choice!!

  • Marilyn Monroe’s Hair - Vintage Hair Tutorial


    We love Marilyn Monroe’s hair and the vintage inspired hairstyle that the star became famous for ... and with the release of the film My Week With Marilyn we thought this was the perfect opportunity to recreate the Hollywood Classic hair style! Using your Dirty Looks extensions will add extra volume and bounce to this vintage hair style; you don’t have to stick to the shorter lengths for this style, as Lauren Conrad, Megan Fox and many other celebs show this style looks amazing with a little extra length too! Following our super easy tutorial will make this red carpet classic a doddle!

    Step One

    Start by fitting your extensions with your hair unstyled. Apply a little heat protection to both your hair and extensions.

    Step Two

    Section off your hair ready to curl. It’s most important to section the front, face framing panels!

    Step Three

    Start curling your hair using the tongs. Be sure to hold your tongs horizontally and curl the hair under. Once you have held the tong in place for a few seconds, use one hand to hold your hair (we would advise using a protective glove to avoid burning your fingers!) and slowly pull the tong out of the middle. Once you have the curl in your hand use a pin/grip to hold the curl in place to cool. Continue this step for the back sections of hair.

    Step Four

    The shape of this vintage hair style comes mainly from the hair framing your face. Be sure to hold the tongs vertical for these sections and curl the hair into your face. Again pin the curls and leave to cool.

    Step Five

    It’s usually best to leave the curls pinned until the last minute to ensure they are completely cooled. Once you have unpinned you hair, use a large soft brush to gently tease out the curls. A great tip is to use a little hairspray on your brush as this will stop your hair becoming flyaway whilst being brushed (if using extensions then be very careful using hairspray … use it sparingly and use a type that is easy to brush out). You can also use a little serum on your fingers and smooth this through your hair … you can use this to emphasise the shape of the curls around your face.


    This Marilyn Monroe hair style looks elegant and classy and really is super easy to do and really is the perfect look for the party season. To jazz up this vintage inspired hairstyle and make it red carpet ready you can pin one section of hair behind your ear and add a jewelled accessory.

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