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  • Clip Hair Extensions For Christmas

    Clip hair extensions are a great Christmas gift idea for ladies as we just LOVE to look our best for the festive season!!

    This time of year gives us the perfect excuse to get glammed up; we dedicate hours to thinking about the perfect outfits and accessories for Christmas and New Year’s parties as well as for the big day itself … (with so many people to meet and greet this time of year, we want to look amazing) … and clip hair extensions are an essential accessory for any Christmas outfit!!

    Clip hair extensions add beautiful length and volume to our own hair to help create celeb styling for the party season.
    For updo’s, clip hair extensions can add extra oomph and thickness for a hair style that really makes a statement! For down styles, clip hair extensions can add gorgeous volume, texture and movement to your current hair, but they can also add glamorous length with full head sets up to 24-26” long!



    Clip hair extensions are super versatile … they’re easy to clip in and out to change your look for the party season (and into the New Year), they can be heat styled for more flawless blending and they can be dyed up to 2 shades darker if the shade match isn’t exact.

    Us ladies can be tricky to buy for at the best of times, but you won’t go far wrong if you surprise us with some gorgeous clip hair extensions on Christmas morning ... after all, clip in hair extensions are much more exciting to open than socks!!

  • Clip In Hair Extenions

    It is widely documented that clip in hair extensions are the safest kind of extensions to choose . Whilst all hair extensions can cause damage, clip in hair extensions tend to cause the least, they are no more damaging than tying your hair back in a tight ponytail!


    Clip in hair extensions rely on the clips to keep the hair extensions in place and unlike other methods of hair extensions, these are taken out at night to give the hair a rest from the pressures of wearing extensions! Having the extensions permanently in adds extra pressure to the hair and can cause it to fall out. The clips play such an important part in this and the clips we use here at Dirty Looks are very discreet, they are medium sized and have a special micro-rubber tube ... they are also pressure sensitive; all of this helps to keep the clip in hair extensions securely in place … stopping them from slipping out (and revealing your secret to gorgeous hair!) as well as stopping them pulling on your natural hair too much and causing unnecessary damage.


    Clip in hair extensions give such a gorgeously thick and natural appearance that we are baffled why anybody would choose other methods of extensions over clip ins; there are just so many advantages to using clip in hair extensions!!
    Clip ins allow you to change you style very easily without the fuss of visiting a salon. You can easily add highlights to your own shade without the commitment of bleaching or colouring your own hair! You can add many more inches of length to your current style and use them to add oodles of volume and that little bit of extra oomph to your existing length!
    Another great thing about clip in hair extensions is that you can use them to enhance and help you cheat with intricate styles and updo’s so celeb styling is much more achievable!!

  • Thanksgiving Hairstyles

    If you’re stuck for ideas for your Thanksgiving hairstyles then take a look at our top picks to ensure you look super glam for the holiday celebrations!!

    The High Ponytail

    Ponytail’s are still going strong as far as this year’s hair trends are concerned and the high ponytail is a perfect choice for your Thanksgiving hairstyle! Add gorgeous thickness and length to your ponytail by fitting a few Dirty Looks hair extension wefts first then gather your own hair and hair extensions together and secure them high up on the crown of your head for an impressive ponytail that looks great worn casual or glammed up!!


    This season’s high ponytail is worn with the hair flat to the head, but you could always add a quiff at the front of the head for a slight twist on the trend!

    The Gibson Tuck

    The Gibson Tuck is a sophisticated Thanksgiving hair style that’s super easy to achieve!! This amazing updo is ideal for any occasion where you want an impressive style with little fuss! Follow our easy step by step guide to re-create the Gibson Tuck for your own Thanksgiving hairstyle.


    You can add texture to this style by curling your hair and extensions … or by adding some braids … be sure to do this before you start your Gibson Tuck though!!

    The Fishtail Braid

    The Fishtail Braid is still a big favourite of ours at Dirty Looks HQ; it’s a good choice for a Thanksgiving hairstyle as it’s easy to do and is guaranteed to look great!!
    The longer your hair is for the Fishtail Braid, the better! A Dirty Looks full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” is bound to make a statement for this style. Fit your extensions first and then gather them in with your own hair to start your Fishtail Braid.


    The Fishtail Braid can be worn sleek and smooth or you can pull strands loose for a more carefree finish. We personally love Kim Kardashian’s hair in the below photo; her Oktoberfest inspired Fishtail pigtails look amazing!!


    Big Hair

    The celebrity big hair trend has been hugely popular this year and if you prefer to wear your hair loose then big hair is the key for your Thanksgiving hair style!!
    Think Elle Macpherson, Kate Middleton, Cheryl Cole and Sarah Jessica Parker - these ladies wear their big hair with pride!


    We love uber volume at the roots of the hair … get this on-trend root lift by backcombing the roots of your natural hair or by using a root crimper and then add an additional quad weft alongside your full head set for extra oomph!!
    For volume though the lengths of your hair use a large barrelled tong and gently brush through the curls (don’t play with them too much though, you don’t want them to loose volume!)
    Add some sparkle to this gorgeous style with a cute clip or hairband!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Dirty Looks xx

  • Red Hair Extensions


    What better excuse do you need than this time of the year to try out red hair extensions?! We love how changing your hair colour to a vibrant shade can make such a big statement. Using red hair extensions can be the perfect way to add a little bit of bold colour to your normal shade!

    Burlesque red is our most vibrant shade of red. It is a gorgeously deep and rich yet highly vibrant shade that has berry tones of red and plum. The multi tonal qualities of the Burlesque Red hair extension shade gives it gorgeous blend effect that allows it to blend with many red, burgundy or plum shades.

    Using a few single strips or a quad weft of Burlesque Red hair extensions can look truly stunning against a dark base shade for a vibrant highlighted look. Having the red hair extensions trimmed into your own hair style gives them such a natural look that everyone will think you have dyed your own hair this gorgeous shade.


    If you like your red hair extensions to be a little brighter and like the lighter section of Hayley Williams hair then choosing a light blonde shade such as Bunny Blonde or Paparazzi Highlights and dying them could be a good option for you. There are many semi permanent vibrant dye brands that work perfectly for this look. If you do use a permanent dye be sure to check that it doesn’t contain pre lighteners as many red dyes do and we don’t recommend bleaching and lightening the extensions. Always be sure to conduct a strand test first though.

    Both variations of red hair extensions work perfectly for adding highlights if you want to try out these shades without the commitment of dying your own hair. But if you like to be bold with your hair then these do look amazing as all over shades!!

  • Jessie J's Hair

    Jessie J’s hair has certainly undergone some huge changes in both style and shade in her most recent appearances and performances. Jessie J’s hair has transformed itself recently, from a black bob to long black waves to a purple bob and back to long waves with silver tips ... she always seems to pull off each look and it always looks amazing!!


    Jessie has made it very public that she plans to shave all her hair off next year to raise money for charity so we are convinced that she is using this time wisely to try out all the styles that she has ever wanted to try! She really is turning into a hair style chameleon at the moment!!


    We love her hair when it’s a little longer and we love her variations of the dip dye trend she’s experimented with. Jessie J’s hair looks stunning with her silver grey shade, this is a very unusual shade to choose, but we love how it complemented the black base at the roots of her hair! The next shade for her to try was a very bright red! This look marked the start of her UK tour, but it wasn’t long before Jessie J’s hair was transforming again!


    On a recent performance at The X Factor USA, Jessie J’s hair had gone back to her trademark bob, but this time it was a very bright blue shade! The star is known for making very British statements and we just loved this very patriotic shade on Jessie!


    The ever changing style of Jessie J’s hair just make us more intrigued to see what she will try next!

  • Best Hair extensions

    At Dirty Looks, we think the best hair extensions are always the most natural looking hair extensions! No one wants to go out with noticeable hair extensions that are thin and unnatural looking … you want people to notice how good your hair looks rather than comment that you’re wearing extensions!!


    Human hair extensions are generally the best hair extensions to choose for a natural finish; they can be heat styled just like your own hair and if the shade isn’t quite right then you can possibly dye them up to 2 shades darker for a closer match!

    To choose the best hair extensions for you, it’s important to consider what you want the end result to be … are you looking to add length or do you just want thickness and volume?
    To lengthen your hair (and for a super natural finish) it’s best to choose a full head set. The extensions are spread over 10 wefts in a full head set to give you all over length, volume and thickness. Fit your full head set and style the extensions in with your natural hair for a more flawless look!!

    If you want a volume and thickness boost to your current length then the best hair extensions for you may be quad or standard wefts. By choosing a quad weft or a standard weft in the same length as your natural hair, you can easily add that extra desired thickness and texture for a glamorous style!


    When choosing the best hair extensions you’ll also want to think about the length. By measuring downwards from the top of your ear, you can get a rough guide line of where the extensions will fall on you … this will allow you to figure out which length you would be more comfortable with. Some of us prefer luxurious mermaid lengths and others prefer just a few inches extra so it’s a great idea to check the lengths on yourself first!!

    Don’t settle for second best hair extensions ladies, choose glamorous and natural looking human hair extensions and no one needs to know that it’s not your natural hair!

  • The Gibson Tuck - Hair Style Tutorial

    The Gibson Tuck is a super easy and gorgeously glamorous updo that doesn’t require a ton of pins and it’s really hassle free!!


    The Gibson Tuck is a classic Victorian hair style with a modern twist; it’s a great everyday ‘do, but it’s the perfect style for an evening out.

    Longer and thicker hair is usually best with the Gibson Tuck, so using a Dirty Looks full head set in at least 16-18” is generally the best option for this style.

    Step One

    First fit your hair extensions … you may find it helpful to fit them a little lower down than you would normally do so that the clips are well hidden. You may find that you won’t need to wear all of the wefts for this style.

    Step Two

    Pull your natural hair and your hair extensions into a ponytail together and secure with an elastic. Sit your ponytail in line with the top of your ears so you have plenty of hair to tuck for the style.

    Step Three

    Pull the elastic about half way down your ponytail and then in the loose section of hair above the ponytail, use your fingers to separate the hair to give you an empty pocket.

    Step Four

    Hold the pocket of hair open with one hand and tuck the ends of your ponytail into the pocket with the other hand. Once the ends are tucked away, fold the rest of the ponytail and the elastic into the pocket of hair.

    Step Five

    Once you have finished tucking the hair away, use a few hair pins to secure your style. It can be helpful to use at least one pin through the elastic to hold the style in place securely. Use a small amount of product to set your Gibson Tuck if necessary.

    If you want a curly style for the Gibson Tuck then be sure to add curls to the hair first and then follow the above steps as normal. This style also looks great with a few plaits or braids added … again, be sure to do this before you start your Gibson Tuck.

    Adding a clip or flower to your hair can make the Gibson Tuck super girly. Or add a jewel for a more glamorous finish to this easy updo!!

  • Red Carpet Hair Styles at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards

    We had our eyes peeled for red carpet hair styles at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards in Belfast Sunday night; the awards show seemed to be all about Lady Gaga as the singing sensation walked aways from the awards show with a whopping 4 awards! We love knowing who scoops each award, but we are more concerned with the top looks from the red carpet!!
    The red carpet hairstyles at these awards tend to be a little more inventive than they are at many other events, but this years award show saw many celebs choosing youthful yet very glamorous styles!


    Not wanting to blend into the background, Lady Gaga looked like one of the awards she was carrying on the red carpet. She opted for a figure hugging silver dress by Paco Rabanne, made entirely from paper, so she was certainly going to make headlines. She stayed on trend with her red carpet hairstyle, but her side ponytail wasn’t going to be simple!! Lady Gaga’s hair was styled into a high side ponytail with a bun around the base … the lengths of the ponytail almost looked like a tiered, fringed dress! Her ponytail had 3 different stepped sections of hair and certainly looked very interesting!


    Selena Gomez, who was hosting the nights events, arrived in a stunning cream lace Marchesa dress. Her hair had been waved and tousled, using large barrelled tongs, and pulled into a side ponytail. A small section of hair had been used to wrap around the elastic at the base of her pony ... this is the perfect way to make a simple ponytail a little more like an evening do and less everyday. She also left a few shorter sections of her hair loose and curled these sections a little tighter than the rest of her hair to frame her face. We think her red carpet hairstyle looked very elegant.


    Jessie J’s hair looked gorgeous on the night. Her red carpet style was very elegant which is a change to her usual rock chick style. Her floor length leopard print gown looked gorgeous and we loved her red carpet hairstyle too. Taking away her red dip dyed look, Jessie’s red carpet hairstyle was back to her trademark bob. Her blunt fringe had been pulled into a side sweeping fringe and her bob had been curled. Her curls had a very vintage feel to them and worked perfectly with her bright red lips!!


    Katy Perry’s red carpet hairstyle was also vintage inspired. We love Katy Perry’s style and thought her very girly outfit was just fab! We just loved her vintage hairstyle; her pink hair has been styled into large waves and her fringe was curled into a tight curl creating a vintage pompadour fringe. Her hair had then been pulled and pinned behind her ear on the one side exposing her statement 50’s style earrings. We think the 50’s inspired look works amazingly with Katy’s curvaceous figure

  • Scene Hair Extensions

    Scene hair styles are ever growing in popularity and with the growing trend, scene hair extensions are getting even more inventive. Scene hair is a style more common and familiar with teenagers who love experimenting with new shades and styles; Using scene hair extensions, the styles have become even more exaggerated and creative recently.
    Scene hair is known for having short choppy layers at the back and top layers and longer sections, often using clip in hair extensions, lower down and pulled to the front. It’s usually these longer sections that use scene hair extensions to enhance the shades and designs! After looking at many images of this style here at Dirty Looks, we have noticed that there are three main designs …  the colourful, the light and the dark!

    The Colourful Scene Hair Extensions

    For this scene hair extension style we have seen many variations. Some girls really go for it and choose to dye the base shade of their hair using really bright shade too! The longer sections then vary between complementing shades, designed wefts and contrasting bright shades! An alternative to this scene hair extension style is one that’s a little more toned down by choosing a dark base shade, but using the bright sections around the face.


    The Dark

    This is a more subtle scene hair extension style. Most girls choose a dark base shade and choose just a few brighter streaks around the face. The contrasting shade isn’t always a vibrant shade, but can be a more subtly light brown or blonde shade. This is a much more natural scene hair style.


    The Light

    This scene hair style usually has a very white ash blonde as a base shade. The colours used alongside this base are usually pastel, milkshake shades. Think candy pink, mint green and lavender lilac for your scene hair extensions! These tones look amazing against the pale base shade and make the scene hair extensions look super girly!!


    Many girls also add some scene hair extensions to the shorter section of the hair to add in some more textures or tones. Many with this style have a heavy fringe/bang and use this to blend in the colours used in their longer sections. Whilst the majority of scene hair styles are worn down we have found that the style still works worn up! We love how scene hair extensions work with both a ponytail and pigtails!


  • Kate Middleton’s Hair - Britain's Best Dressed

    Kate Middleton has certainly developed her own individual style helped by her outfit choices since she wed Prince William in April this year and Kate Middleton’s hair has always played an important role in complimenting her outfit choices for an elegant style.

    Kate-Middleton-Best Dressed -Hair-1

    Kate Middleton, who is famous for wearing Issa, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Temperley has now been put on the top of the Britain’s Best Dressed list by Harper’s Bazaar!
    She has become the new British style icon overtaking many previous No.1’s including Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Emma Watson in this poll!

    We love Kate Middleton’s elegant and typically British style; her dresses are always classy, but very on-trend in the design, cut and colour. Kate Middleton’s hair is gorgeously thick, healthy looking and glossy and it seems to look great however she wears it and it works effortlessly well with all her style choices!

    Kate-Middleton-Best Dressed -Hair

    Kate Middleton’s hair is left loose, more often than not, with a few curls through the ends to add stunning movement! Kate is lucky enough to have luxuriously thick hair so this style looks perfect on her, but if you're not blessed with the same locks as Kate you can add a quad weft to your existing length, or a full head set if you have a shorter style, to get the same volume and movement that Kate Middleton’s hair has. Be sure to add root lift to your hair and use a large barrelled tong on the ends for Princess-like volume in your locks!!

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