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  • Cher Lloyd’s Hair - X Factor 2011


    Cher Lloyd’s hair looked gorgeous for her X Factor appearance yesterday! She appeared with shoulder length hair styled into natural waves … the look was very different to how we’ve seen her hair recently, but it suited her very well!!

    The shaved style and dip-dye effect were both long gone for Cher Lloyd’s hair as she returned to the X Factor stage on Sunday to perform her new single ‘With Your Love’. She had an on-trend side parting in her chocolate brown locks and her hair style worked perfectly with her brightly coloured, harlequin print clown style outfit!

    We just loved Cher Lloyd’s hair style and the slight vintage feel created by the shape of the hair at the front; You can easily re-create the look that Cher Lloyd’s hair carried for her X Factor performance with a 12-14” full head set in Espresso and a large barrelled tong. Fit your extensions and then style them in with your natural hair using the tongs … gently brush through the curls after styling to loosen them slightly, but not too much … you still want them to be full of gorgeous volume!!

  • Brown Hair Extensions

    Brown hair extensions can be used in many more ways than you would think. Most people would associate brown hair extensions with adding volume and length to your current brunette shade, but there are many more options!! You can use brown hair extensions to add lowlights to your existing shade. If you’re a blonde, you can choose a brown hair extensions shade and position these to give the look of lowlights! If you are a very dark brown shade you can choose a lighter brown shade to add subtle depth to your base shade. If you prefer to have a more contrasted look then choose a brown hair extension shade much lighter or darker to make them really stand out!!


    You can also use brown hair extensions to try out the dip dyed look. Instead of choosing wefts in a similar length to your own as you would to create a highlighted look you can opt for one that is a little longer. The best way to get the dip dyed look is to fit the brown hair extension wefts a little lower down on your head, but not to cover the very bottom layer of your own hair. This will allow the extra length to sit underneath your own and give you the look without having to dye your own hair!

    They can also be used to help with updo’s! If your bun doesn’t look as full as you would like it to or your plait/braid isn’t as long as you would like, choosing brown hair extensions (or any other suitable shade) can help give your updo’s extra oomph! It’s always best to fit the brown hair extensions where your updo will be positioned as the extra hair can help hide where they have been clipped in :)

  • Halloween Hair - Alternative Styles

    Everyone wants to stand out when it comes to Halloween hair and outfit choices - in a sea of vampires, ghouls and witches this is a little tricky. We love how the costumes have become less scary and more inventive over recent years so we have decided to look at a few of our favourite fun and ‘good’ rather than evil Halloween outfits and the best Halloween hairstyles to accompany the look.

    Harry Potter

    Whether you choose to dress up as Hermoine Granger or Luna Lovegood for your Harry Potter themed Halloween outfit your hair must be long and wavy. For Luna Lovegood’s hair you will need to choose a very light blonde shade such as Bunny Blonde or Paparazzi Highlights and Hermoine Granger’s hair is perfect for Butterscotch Highlights!


    Hermoine’s hair is a little shorter than Luna’s and her waves appear more natural and unstyled, a great way of achieving this look is to plait/braid a few of your wefts together and simply take these out a few days later! Hermoine’s hair is a little unruly so backcombing the roots of your own hair before fitting your extensions will give the same look :)
    Luna’s long locks are generally more defined than Hermoine’s. To re-create Luna’s hair you can use a curling wand. This will give the definition to the curl and allow you to start a little closer to the root than a tong.


    Dolls have often carried evil connotations and the ragdoll is no exception; known for being made out of all the odd left over bits, there has always been something a little eerie about the ragdoll so this outfit is perfect for Halloween as it’s so easy to re-create both the outfit and Halloween hair.



    The majority of the ragdolls wear their hair in high up pigtails with tons of volume. Whether you choose a braid/plait or just normal pigtails, the more hair the better! Adding a few quad wefts to your hair is perfect for adding more volume to this Halloween hair style. It is also a great way of adding a few highlights in a crazy shade! Bunny Blonde is perfect for dying bright shades or if you wanted to stick to the more traditional ragdoll red then Burlesque Red is a gorgeous shade.

    Enchanting Fairy

    The enchanting fairy is the perfect Halloween outfit for those who still like to look girly! To change this look from the evil version you can keep your make up and outfit to soft colours and glitter and even wear some flowers or glitter in your hair! The best Halloween hair to accompany this outfit is the waterfall braid/plait. This is super cute and girly and can be worn with curly, wavy or straight hair. Fit your extensions first and then follow our guide to creating this look. The addition of glittery accessories or flowers can really make your Halloween hair part of your outfit!!


    Old Hollywood Hair

    There are 2 main Halloween hairstyles for this look. The first is the beehive! Think Tippi Hedron in The Birds and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A high chignon or french pleat is the best way to style your hair for this Halloween style.


    You want to add volume at the crown by backcombing at the roots. Fit your extensions a little lower down so that your pleat or chignon hides them. The other way of recreating Old Hollywood hair is to try the soft waved bob. A 12-14” set is perfect for this look. Use large barrelled tongs and pin the curls whilst they cool down. Once you have curled all your hair and they have all cooled, unpin the curls and using a soft brush gently brush through the curls, this should leave you with large soft waves. You can use a little serum to smooth these. Use a pin to pull back some hair over your ear and add a jewelled pin for classic Hollywood glamour.

  • Halloween Hair Extensions

    Halloween is fast approaching so the planning for the perfect costume, accessories and hair have begun … well we’ve got the hair covered for you at least with our Halloween hair extensions.

    Halloween hair extensions can be used to enhance any Halloween hair style, but here are our Dirty Looks top picks for ‘dark styles’ for this year!

    The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy or Gothic fairy is a super cute costume, but with a ‘dark’ twist. Style your Halloween hair extensions into voluminous pigtails to compliment this costume.
    Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions first, angling them away from where the parting will sit on the back of the head (this keeps them discreet) and then part your hair and extensions into two bunches/pigtails just above your ears. Secure your bunches with elastics or bows and then fit your halo!!

    The Witch

    There are two options for your Witch hair style can go for the Wicked Witch of the West style where you fit your hair extensions first and then pull your hair and extensions to the back of your head, twisting them into a bun or chignon. (Follow our step by step guide for the perfect Chignon!)


    Alternatively, wearing your Halloween hair extensions long and loose looks great with a Witch costume. Wear your extensions super sleek and straight or add some loose curls with a large barrelled tong, gently brush through the curls to loosen them slightly.

    The Devil

    Halloween hair extensions are great if you’re opting to dress as a Devil. Soho Black and Burlesque Red are gorgeous shades for this style; wear your hair extensions long and loose with a super sleek finish.
    To add a unique twist to your Devil Halloween hair extensions, why not add victory rolls instead of horns for Old Hollywood hair and a glamorous finish!!


    The Vamp

    The Vamp is a popular choice every Halloween, but even more so now that we’re all hooked on Twilight!


    Think sex appeal for The Vamp and wear your Halloween hair extensions lusciously long! Whether you’re blonde or dark, you can pull this look off gorgeously! A 20-22” full head set is a great length for The Vamp; add some flirtatious curls or wear your hair super straight and sleek!

    The Zombie Bride

    The options are really open with The Zombie Bride, but here at DL we just love two Zombie looks in particular!
    The Boho Zombie Bride look is super easy to achieve; add lots of volume at your roots by backcombing the hair and then fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions. Style your natural hair and extensions together using a small barrelled tong. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them and ruffle your hair a little for a ‘boho’ effect.


    If you prefer an updo then a bouffant looks great with a Zombie Bride costume!! Using hair extensions will give you uber thickness and volume so your spooky style still has a touch of glamour!! Leave a few strands of hair loose for a more ruffled style!!


  • Pink Hair Extensions

    Pink hair is becoming the must have shade at the moment and by using pink hair extensions you can embrace this hot new trend! Pink hair extensions can be used in many ways, whether you want to add highlights, try out the dip dye look or if you’re brave enough to go for the full head!!

    Finding the correct shade of pink hair extensions can be a little tricky as many of these tend to be either very bright or very pale and this can leave you with no inbetween options. To make the look more versatile it’s best to choose a pale blonde shade such as Bunny Blonde or Paparazzi Highlights as these can be dyed to create your very own shade of pink hair extensions. Be sure to conduct a strand test before dying all of your extensions, this will let you gauge how long the dye will need to be left on for your desired pink shade. Always follow the dye manufacturers instructions and the DL Care Guide closely!


    Many celebs have tried out the pink look, Katy Perry most recently went from her trademark dark locks to a gorgeous dusky pink shade. Nicki Minaj had a bright shade of pink for her album cover ‘Pink Friday’ and Cher Lloyd tried out the dip dyed look over the summer and added pink to the very tips to change her ombre look. There is certainly versatility and popularity with pink hair extensions and the pink hair trend … and with many new celebs emerging with pink locks we don’t think the trend will be disappearing anytime soon!


  • Affordable Hair Extensions

    When looking for affordable hair extensions, it’s really important not to scrimp on quality!!  If you want longer, thicker and fuller hair you don’t necessarily have to opt for permanent hair extensions … clip ins are a great solution.

    Clip ins can allow you to have affordable hair extensions and still achieve a natural look! Clip ins are generally far more affordable than glue ins, sewn in extensions and micro loops … and they’re less damaging too so it’s a double win!!

    Remy human hair is the best quality option for your clip ins and although human hair will be more expensive than synthetic, with the right care you’ll get more from your human hair extensions!!  Looking at the cost per gram for hair extensions is a great way to check the value of what you’re getting … and you’ll soon see that human hair clip ins can still be affordable hair extensions!

    When searching for your affordable hair extensions don’t be duped by advertising! Look more into the details of the product so you know exactly what you’re getting … a 10 piece head set could contain 10 thick wefts or it could be made up of 10 thin, one clip individual wefts... and although the thinner set will undoubtedly be cheaper it may be worse value for money and you may well end up with a ‘ratty’ look!!

  • X Factor Hair Styles - The Live Shows Begin

    The X Factor hair styles were turned up a notch for the start of the live shows last weekend. Not only are the judges feeling the pressure in the style stakes, but the contestants are all keen to show off their individual style and stand out from the crowd. The X Factor hair styles were fab for the first live shows and we loved some of the shocking changes that some of the contestants had undergone during this experience.


    We loved Tulisa’s hair with her mermaid style waves and her uber long locks falling to her waist. Tulisa’s hair looked gorgeous for her 2011 UK X Factor Live Show debut. It appears that the star has had a few more blonde highlights added throughout her hair to blend in with the blonder section at the roots.
    Shade Iced Coffee is the perfect match for Tulisa’s hair and a 24-26” full head set will help to achieve the length that she had for the live shows.


    We loved the transformation of Sophie Habibis’ hair. Before the live shows her look was very natural, she wore her hair tied up and it didn’t look as though her hair had been dyed! Sophie Habibis’ hair has now been dyed a gorgeous deep brown shade and she has had a heavy fringe/bang cut in to enhance and really bring out her eyes. We were shocked to see a dramatic change to Sophie’s hair, but we think the cut and colour look amazing on her.


    Another of our favourites is Janet Devlin - we loved her bedhead style at the earlier auditions, but can’t believe the difference her new shade makes to the style. Janet’s hair has been dyed a vibrant Spiced Auburn shade. This perfect autumnal tone has added depth ... and a little more styling has added definition to her curls.
    A full head set in 20-22” would give around the same length as Janet Devlin’s hair, but she has loads of volume so you may find that an extra quad weft added to the set will help re-create her big hairstyle further.


    Not wanting to be left out of the headlines, Kitty decided to change her hair dramatically between Saturday and Sunday’s shows! At the X Factor house preparing for the Sunday result’s show, Kitty was seen with much longer hair and the different shade certainly made an impact. We love the turquoise shade, but we’re not sure if it suits Kitty all over. We weren’t shocked to discover that Kitty had been wearing a wig as her hair returned to her Paparazzi Blonde shade just a few hours later!
    We know that Kitty will want to stay in the public eye so we are intrigued to see what she will do next!!

  • Tyra Bank’s Hair - America’s Next Top Model


    Tyra Bank’s hair is known for its constant changes …  from short to long and from dark to blonde … with a few crazier styles thrown into the mix!!
    We love that Tyra isn’t scared to try things out and she always seems to carry off each style looking fiercely beautiful!

    America’s Next Top Model has made a welcome return the the UK screens just a week after Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model announced Jade as the winner.
    The US show always seems to have tons more attitude and personality compared to the UK version and here at Dirty Looks we think Tyra is the reason behind this!

    Tyra Bank’s hair always tends to adopt a different style for each new cycle and she hasn’t disappointed us with her new ‘do.

    Tyra Bank’s hair has been chopped into a shoulder length long bob with lots of layers! To finish the look and frame her face, Tyra now has a straight cut, full fringe/bang.


    We have seen Tyra Bank’s hair blow dried with lots of volume with the ends of her hair styled to compliment the shape of her face. She has also been wearing her hair naturally wavy which looked gorgeous with the added layers in her hair.

    This style is the perfect length for a Dirty Looks 12-14” full head set! To achieve the layered look that Tyra Bank’s hair has you can ask your stylist to trim and layer your extensions for you.

  • One Piece Hair Extensions

    One piece hair extensions may be quick and easy to fit, but we just don’t understand why girls choose them over a full head set of clip in hair extensions!!

    Dirty Looks full head sets are designed so that the hair is spread over 10 wefts that sit in different places on the head to create all over natural and glamorous length, volume and thickness, but with one piece hair extensions all the hair is placed on just one weft meaning that you don’t get even coverage for the most natural look possible!

    It can be difficult to hide the disconnection between your short layers and the extensions with one piece hair extensions … and very often the one piece hair extension doesn't reach right around to the front of the head so they don’t blend well with your front layers.
    Blending is key for a natural looking finish … unless of course you want the ‘fake’ look... personally we’re not fans!

    Having all the hair positioned on the one piece hair extensions can also be a little uncomfortable! They can be heavy and this can put pressure on the clips making them more difficult to keep in place. Spreading the hair over 10 wefts makes hair extensions far easier and more comfortable to wear … and there’s not so much weight on the individual clips either!!

    So ladies, although one piece hair extensions may seem like a faster method of clip ins we would really urge you to go for a more natural look with a full head set!!

  • The Hairstyles of the Made In Chelsea Girls

    The hairstyles of the Made In Chelsea girls are always amazingly well groomed. Even when the girls are relaxing their hairstyles are perfect with not a single hair out of place!
    The new series of Made In Chelsea began a few weeks ago and already we are all engrossed in the gossip and goings on in the lives of these high society 20 somethings!! The hairstyles of the Made in Chelsea girls are surely going to keep us intrigued as this series is just starting to hot up.

    Caggie Dunlop’s Hair

    Whether worn waved or straight Caggie Dunlop’s hair always has tons of movement and volume.


    Her blonde locks are perfectly on trend with all the extra volume. Her hair is amazingly thick and always looks really glossy and healthy, enough to make every girl envious!. A quad weft is perfect for adding extra volume to your own hair to re create Caggie’s look.


    Mille Mackintosh’s Hair

    Millie Mackintosh’s hair is a gorgeous warm caramel shade at the moment … loosing the blonde highlights she had for last season. This new shade really suits her skin tone and is perfect for autumn!


    Millie’s hair is a little shorter than the rest of the girls and sits just below her shoulders. Millie’s hairstyles vary from very classy updo’s and glamorous down hairstyles. She tends to keep her hair a little more straight towards the roots and keeps her waves to the very ends of her hair. A 12-14” full head set will create a similar length to Millie’s hair and medium barrelled tongs will help create the look she has in this photo :)

    Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead Hair

    Binky loves to experiment with different styles for her Made In Chelsea hair. We generally see Binky’s hair looking very different to the other girls … instead of choosing lots of downdo’s with lots of styling, Binky will generally pull her hair back into a ponytail or loose bun. Her long dark locks, similar to Dirty Looks shade Organic, are gorgeously thick and she takes advantage of this to create some interesting styles!!


    Francesca Hull Hair

    Cheska’s Made In Chelsea hair is always a little more ‘bedhead’. She tends to go for the more natural/ boho inspired look!
    Cheska’s long blonde hair always appears to be less groomed and she uses accessories to enhance her look.
    She can be seen below at a film premiere with a pretty ring of rose buds to her natural (not straight, not curled hair) -  this only enhances the natural feel of her hairstyle!!


    Gabriella Ellis’ Hair

    Gabriella Ellis’ hair is gorgeous. For the return of the second series she has enhanced her gorgeously long dark hair by dip dying the ends to create an Ombre look. This style is very popular at the moment and we have seen many celebs choosing this bang on trend look!

    Gabriella-Ellis-HairWe think Gabriella’s hair looks gorgeous in this style; she has chosen the perfect gradient of shades. The top section of Gabriella’s hair would be close to shade Organic and the ends of her hair are more like shade Espresso. Choosing a shade or 2 lighter than the shade of your roots gives a great subtle Ombre look like Gabriella’s hair.

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