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  • The Only Way Is Essex Hairstyles

    The Only Way Is Essex Hairstyles are always super glamorous and preened to perfection and now the guys and girls are back on our screens with a new series of TOWIE … we couldn’t resist taking a look at the top hairstyles from series past and present!!

    Amy Childs Hair

    Amy may not be back in the new series, but we couldn’t do a TOWIE blog without mentioning Amy Childs hair!!


    Amy’s hair is a gorgeous, autumnal red shade. It always looks super glossy and glam!! We love Amy Childs hair when it’s worn loose with some natural curls at the ends of the hair for extra body or when worn straight with a natural wave … this look is great with her side fringe!!

    Lauren Goodger’s Hair

    Lauren Goodger’s hair is a gorgeous BRonde shade!! Her hair looks best worn long with loose waves and curls, but we do love when she experiments with updo’s for her TOWIE hairstyles!


    We loved this updo on Lauren! To re-create Lauren Goodger’s hair style you need to first fit your hair extensions and then curl them in with your natural hair using a small barrelled tong (this will give the impression of tighter curls). Next, loosely pull back the sides and top of your hair, secure the side sections at the back of your head and style the top section (where there are no extensions fitted) into a quiff - the key is lots of backcombing at the roots of your own hair, apply a little hairspray to the roots to keep the volume! Secure the top section at the back of your head with a clip!

    Sam Faiers Hair

    Sam Faiers has experimented with different hair shades, but we’re most used to seeing her with a sandy blonde shade - we love this colour on her!!


    Sam Faiers hair is often worn long and loose with a slight side parting and natural curls through the ends of her hair. A 16-18” or a 20-22” full head set in Manhattan Highlights would be great for re-creating Sam’s style!! Fit your extensions and then add large curls using a large barrelled curling iron! Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them slightly for a softer finish!

    Chloe Sims Hair

    Chloe Sims hair is a dark brown shade similar to Dirty Looks Organic shade and her hair always looks gorgeously thick, full and healthy!! Keeping in with The Only Way Is Essex hairstyles, Chloe wears her hair long with loose waves and a slight side parting with no fringe. Her hair looks great when she pulls back small sections of her hair and pins them behind her head.


    We loved Chloe Sims hair from the TV Choice Awards. Her long locks were pulled into a high bun which looked gorgeous with her purple sequined dress!


    Lydia Rose Bright

    We love the light blonde shade of Lydia’s hair, it works so well with her skin tone and eye colour and Lydia’s hair looks gorgeous when styled into an updo!


    Lydia’s hair appeared a little darker than usual at the TV Choice Awards earlier this month. She had embraced the vintage twist trend which has been spotted on the catwalks and is expected to be big for the autumn!! Lydia’s hair had a real 40’s vibe and it was great to see her embracing this trend!!


  • Fall Hair Trends For 2011

    Fall hair trends for 2011 have been emerging since NY and London Fashion Week. These trends are always more extreme on the catwalk, but are often trends that can be made stylish and wearable for everyday life.
    Here are a few of our main contenders for the 2011 fall hair trends!

    The Ponytail

    This simple style has been growing in popularity over the last few weeks especially after the Marc Jacob’s models were all seen with super high ponytails on the NY catwalk. This fall hair trend requires you to wear your ponytail up high on the crown of your head and the longer your hair is the better!

    Ponytail-TrendDirty Looks hair extensions are perfect for giving this look added length and volume!!

    Be sure to fit your extensions close to the centre of your head and fit them so that they flow in the same way as your hair will when tied up. Another clever twist on this girly style is to wrap a section of hair around the base of your ponytail to cover up your elastic.

    The Half Up Braid/Plait

    This fall hair trend is such a super cute and girly style and it’s great to see the summer braid/plait trend being modified ready for the fall/autumn season.
    Tulisa's hair was styled in this way in the most recent bootcamp stages of X Factor UK. Her braid was a fishtail style and was wrapped from each side before overlapping and being pinned into place.


    The great thing with this Fall hair trend is the variety of the styles! You can choose from … french, waterfall, fishtail and normal plaits/braid … and besides the variety of braid you can also wear your hair down and customise it by adding braids/plaits!

    Centre Parting

    We have seen many celebrities lately changing their side sweeping fringes for full on bangs and with this has come the return of the centre parting.


    This fall hair trend is so easy to achieve and you don’t have to cut in a fringe to pull of this look. The centre parting looks amazing with or without a fringe or with super long locks and gives your hair a real 70’s vibe ... a Dirty Looks 24-26” full head set is perfect for those extra inches. Be sure to fit your extensions before styling, whether you’re adding waves or choosing a super sleek and straight ‘do this will create a more seamless finish.

    Vintage Twists

    Vintage twists are reinvented versions of the 40’s victory rolls. This fall hair trend is already popular with many celebs - think Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani and Tulisa - these ladies have all been seen wearing vintage twists!
    This fall hair trend is great as you can make your twists as subtle or as ‘statement’ as you like!

    Vintage-Twist-TrendTulisa opted for a one side roll of hair this week for the X factor UK bootcamp and the style looked effortlessly glam and showed off her highlights through the top of her hair. To make more of a statement with this style you could go more down the lines of Gwen Stefani and choose to make a roll with the front section of your hair and create a huge quiff!

    Gwen-Stefani-Hair vintage twist

  • London Fashion Week - Celebrity Style

    The celeb’s were out in force at LFW this week to watch the latest collections from the likes of Mulberry, Julien McDonald and Vivienne Westwood, but the real style wars were to be seen on the side of the runways!! The celebrity hair styles and their choice of clothes determined their fate on the best or worst dressed lists. We decided to take a look from Dirty Looks HQ at our favourites from the weeks shows and parties!


    Cheryl Cole turned up to just one event in the shoe launch party! She was wearing a gorgeous deep red draped dress, but it was her choice of hair style that got everyone talking. Cheryl Cole’s hair was styled into a large beehive and her style was finished with a nude hair band. This is such a change for Cheryl Cole’s hair as we are used to seeing her hair worn down ... but we think she rocked her beehive and it was a change from the rest of the celebs with their downdo’s!!


    Another of our fave’s from this party was fellow Girls Aloud member, Nicola Roberts. She wore a gorgeously girly sage green dress adorned with pink and lilac flowers. Her strawberry blonde ombre curls were simply stunning!! Her curls had lots of root lift for extra movement and were very defined, very large and bouncy ...  she looked gorgeous!

    Marina-Diamandis-HairAt the Nicole Fahri show we loved Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) individual style. Looking as though she had just stepped of the Grease set, her cute 50’s pink ensemble looked fabulous! We loved her new silver hair too!

    Marina Diamandis’ hair was curled using medium tongs and was then pulled into a side ponytail leaving her shorter layers loose, only adding to the cuteness of her look!!

    Cher-Lloyd-Hair-LFWCher Lloyd made an appearance at the Rimmel party wearing an awesome pair of heels and a matching brightly coloured necklace. Her ripped skinny jeans and leather jacket gave her a real rocky edge!! Cher Lloyd’s hair has been brunette for a while now but looked super glossy for LFW! Cher Lloyd’s hair was styled into tight defined curls all pulled to one side, showing off her shaved head. This look is becoming a trademark for Cher, but when it looks as good on her as it does we don’t blame her for recycling the style!

    Whitney-Port-Hair-Fearne-Cotton-HairWhitney Port was a surprise guest at Fearne Cotton’s runway show for her collection for Very. It’s been reported that Whitney Port will be having her own range in the catalogue very soon which would explain the arrival for Fearne Cotton’s show. Whitney made a huge statement wearing 70’s style extra wide leg white trousers, a multi-coloured jumper and huge wedges. Whitney Port’s hair looked stunning in boho style waves with a bang on trend centre parting. We loved the warm shade of Whitney Port’s hair, it’s a great change from the super blonde we are used to seeing her with! Fearne Cotton also looked gorgeous in a long lilac chiffon dress with leopard print shoes peeking out from underneath. Her short bob was waved creating a 30’s flapper feel which suited the style of her dress perfectly.

  • 24 Inch Hair Extensions

    Nicole-Scherzinger-Long-Hair24 inch hair extensions can be used to add uber length to your own hair! Think of the Disney Princesses and their glamorous, flowing locks … this is the look that 24 inch hair extensions create!!

    Super long hair can be great for working lots of different styles and 24 inch hair extensions will give you not only the extra length, but gorgeous thickness and volume to work your look! A Dirty Looks full head in 24-26” looks great worn in natural waves or in big, bold curls, but we also love this length worn straight for a super sleek finish! 24 inch hair extensions can also add incredible length to plaits and braids for a statement style that’s bang on trend!!

    Rihanna-long-hair-24-inch-hair-extensionsMermaid length hair isn’t for everyone though and 24 inch hair extensions can be a bit too much for some so we really recommend measuring downwards from the top of your ear to double check where these extensions would fall on you to see whether you would be comfortable with the uber length!

    Our own hair requires more care and attention the longer it gets and the same applies to 24 inch hair extensions! Follow our care guide closely for tips on caring for your extensions to help keep your mermaid lengths looking gorgeous!!

  • Ponytail Hair Extensions

    Ponytail-hair-extensions-1Ponytail hair extensions are great for adding gorgeous volume and thickness to one of this season’s hottest hair trends!

    The ponytail is a super girly style and has already been spotted on the catwalks this year - it’s going to be a huge hairstyle for the 2011 Autumn season and ponytail hair extensions will glam up your pony so that you’re bang on trend.

    Dirty Looks hair extensions can be used for extra oomph in your ponytail … fit a few of your wefts before styling your hair into a ponytail for a more voluminous finish! The bigger the ponytail the better!

    long-ponytail-hair-extensionsPonytail hair extensions can add sensual, mermaid length to your everyday style so that you stand out from the crowd. A Dirty Looks full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” would be great for uber lengths in your ponytail!

    Fit your clip in hair extensions a little lower before styling your hair to ensure they are well disguised!
    Wear your ponytail low and tousled for a more carefree, boho feel or wear it sleek and sky-scraper high for a catwalk statement finish! For high ponytails, it can be helpful to wear your clip ins flipped the opposite way so that they follow the direction of your hair when it is tied up.

    Wrap a small section of your hair around the elastic holding your ponytail for a more glamorous finish!

    The ponytail looks amazing worn high or low or worn with or without a fringe, but add your ponytail hair extensions so that you’re making a real on-trend statement with this style!!

  • Sex And The City Prequel - Carrie Bradshaw's Hair

    We’re super excited at Dirty Looks HQ as a prequel series of Sex and the City has just been announced! The Carrie Diaries by author Candace Bushnell follows the high school life of Carrie Bradshaw and this is reportedly being made into a sequel for the small screen by American teen network CW!
    This exciting news has got us reflecting back on the SATC phenomenon and the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw hairstyles throughout the six seasons!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-1Season one saw Carrie Bradshaw’s hair as a curly mane of golden locks! Her carefree curls are an iconic Sex and the City hairstyle and Carrie will always be remembered for this look! Carrie Bradshaw’s hairstyle from the first season would actually be bang on-trend at the moment as celebs are embracing bigger and more voluminous tresses!! The look is all about root lift, thickness and volume! Wear your clip in extensions big and bold!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-2Carrie Bradshaw’s hair was a little tamer in the second season of Sex and the City. Her locks were worn longer and the curls had dropped some! A large barrelled tong would be the better option for re-creating Carrie’s curls!
    Carrie also embraced the super straight Sex and the City hairstyle in this series which gave her a more sophisticated look … (although we do love the wild waves a little more!!)

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-3For Season three, Carrie Bradshaw’s hair took on a slightly darker shade which made her look a little more grown up! She also embraced updo’s by wearing her curly locks in a high bun!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-4Season four saw Carrie Bradshaw’s hair a lot shorter as she chopped her trademark long locks into a wavy bob as she began to write for Vogue. This Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle is a hot look for next season as the waved bob looks set to make a comeback for Autumn 2011! A large barrelled tong and a 12-14” full head set would be ideal for re-creating these sultry curls!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-5Carrie Bradshaw’s hairstyle was still growing out for season five and she worked her short hair into very Olivia Newton John style curls. We’re not a big fan of this look on Carrie, although it added gorgeous volume to her bob, we prefer her hair to be long and flowing!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-6For the beginning of season six we see Carrie Bradshaw’s hair a little longer, but still in a bob style. She wears her bob straight with slight movement at the ends of her hair. This was a super girly look for Carrie and it worked really well for her! A 12-14” full head set would be perfect for re-creating this iconic Sex and the City hairstyle … add a slight flick at the ends of your hair and extensions with your flat irons for a little more movement!

    Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-ParisCarrie’s hair was back to its longer lengths for the end of the final season, but with a darker twist. Carrie’s darker locks still had subtle blonde highlights and this new look gave her a gorgeously sophisticated edge for her Paris scenes! We love Carrie Bradshaw’s hair blonde, but her darker look is also a favourite of ours!!

    Carrie Bradshaw’s hair has certainly undergone some changes throughout the six seasons of Sex and the City and we can’t wait to see her high school hair for The Carrie Diaries … we imagine it will be even wilder than her untamed curls in season one!!

  • Leona Lewis' Hair

    There has been much speculation about Leona Lewis and a possible breast enlargement and nose job in the last few months. The British singing sensation went to LA after the success of her first album and many people have speculated that this is when she has had the surgeries in order to make a comeback with her much anticipated tricky second album. Whether she has or hasn’t had work done, she still looks great and at Dirty Looks HQ we can’t stop admiring Leona Lewis' hair!!

    Leona was seen promoting her latest single earlier this month and she looked simply stunning!  Leona Lewis’ hair looked gorgeous as she was first spotted at Capitol Radio - her hair was left loose with a bang on trend centre parting, her waves looked very natural and soft!

    Leona-Lewis-HairShe continued this on-trend look on the red carpet for the GQ Men of the Year awards. Leona wore an off-white, fringed dress by Lucy In Disguise … the star looked gorgeous! This time her loose waves had been pulled to the one side and tumbled over her shoulder. The dark brunette shade of Leona Lewis’ hair made her look gorgeously exotic in contrast to her bright red lipstick and pale dress!!

    Leona-Lewis-Hair-GAYLeona followed another of this seasons big trends whilst performing at G A Y in London the weekend before last.
    Leona appeared on stage in a very fitted, figure hugging pencil dress with a sequin heart motif on the front, she looked elegant and very sexy. Leona Lewis’ hair for the performance was pulled into a very high ponytail and she had a section of her hair wrapped around the base to cover up any elastic holding the ponytail … she followed in the footsteps of Marc Jacobs at NY Fashion Week who showcased many models with this hairstyle for his fall collection! Leona’s hair was left natural with no defined curls yet it wasn’t super straight either. We love this look and it’s perfect as a daytime look or for a more glam style you can add a sparkly accessory or just pull the hair in a little tighter!!

  • Holly Willoughby's Hair - Post Baby Blonde!

    This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby is back in work this week from maternity leave after the birth of baby no2. You'd never think that the beautiful Holly had recently given birth, she looks as fantastic as ever! Her flawless curvaceous figure shows no sign of ever being with child. Holly's comeback on This Morning brought with it a knockout new look consisting of an outstanding post baby figure and uber blonde hair. The yummy Mummy has gone a good few shades lighter giving her an ultra sexy, classic look. Holly pulls this off beautifully and with the platinum tones and sultry curves she looks like a modern day Marilyn. Here at DL, we're absolutely loving it!


  • Tinsel Hair Extensions

    Beyonce-Tinsel-Hair-ExtensionsTinsel hair extensions haven’t yet taken off in the way feather hair extensions did, but they are slowly emerging as yet another trend in hair modification.

    Beyonce was spotted wearing tinsel hair extensions at the Grammy’s and Jennifer Love Hewitt has also embraced the tinsel hair extensions trend by adding some sparkle to her own locks.

    Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Tinsel-Hair-ExtensionsTinsel hair extensions are sparkling strands that can be put into the hair to add shimmer and dimension to your style. As with feather hair extensions, they’re available in a variety of shades, but we tend to think that the more subtle shades are the best - Beyonce’s subtle gold tinsel hair extensions worked really well for her and blended beautifully with her blonde hair!

    Tinsel hair extensions are great fun and they do look really cute and girly, but we’re not sure they’ll be an all year round trend … definitely something to watch out for during the festive season though!!

  • Celebrity Hair Styles - 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

    Celebrity hair styles at the MTV VMA Awards really wowed us this year! We were super excited to see the celebs out in force for the VMA’s with celebrity hair styles ranging from gorgeous to downright bizarre!!

    Beyonces-HairBeyonce was the talk of the ceremony as she announced her pregnancy and showcased her baby bump during her performance of Love On Top. Beyonce’s hair looked gorgeous, making her every inch the yummy mummy!! Beyonce’s hair was left loose and in voluminous curls for her performance and for her red carpet hair style, she wore her locks in a side ponytail with extra volume in her sweeping fringe - this style worked really well with Beyonce’s one shoulder burnt orange maxi dress … she looked stunning!

    Britney’s Spears’ hair also got a thumb’s up from us for her appearance on the VMA’s - her hair was looking longer, fuller and more importantly healthier than we’ve seen it looking in the past. We’re glad to see Britney looking more like a pop Princess again with her long locks!!

    Adele embraced the celebrity big hair trend for her VMA appearance. Adele’s hair was worn big and bold with lots and lots of root lift!! You’ll need an additional quad or two at the crown of your head to achieve this lift. Try backcombing the roots of your natural hair or using a root crimper on them for an extra volume boost! The ends of Adele’s hair were styled in large curls that complimented her hair style well.

    Celebrity hair styles for the VMA’s seemed to be all about the colour … the brighter the better!!

    Katy-Perry-Pink-Hair1Katy Perry’s pink hair looked gorgeous at the 2011 Video Music Awards! She wore a beautiful Japanese-style outfit which looked super cute with her bubblegum pink hair! We’re big fans of Katy Perry’s hair and we hope the pink is here to stay for a little while!!

    Nicki-Minaj-Coloured-HairNicki Minaj pulled out all the stops for her outfit and her celebrity hair style! Nicki Minaj’s hair and style are always unique, but this time she really outdid herself as she wore possibly the most talked about outfit on the show!
    The star appeared as her Harajuku Barbie alter ego - her outfit was complete with a shiny purple bodice, a pink tutu, cartoon style long socks, leg warmers and slippers and a face mask … her accessories included a stuffed toy and an over-sized ice cream necklace!
    Nicki Minaj’s coloured hair was blonde, pink and yellow for the VMA’s; her hair was styled into a knotted beehive that was completely bizarre and over the top … but we LOVED it!! Nicki Minaj’s hair is always fun and we love her individual style!!

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