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  • Kate Middleton Hair

    kate-middleton-hairKate Middleton's hair is the epitome of glamour and the Duchess of Cambridge herself is the pinnacle of class and elegance … so naturally many women are keen to emulate Kate’s natural look.

    Kate Middleton’s hair is effortlessly beautiful and yet it always appears so perfect!
    The key to achieving this look is to allow movement … don’t be too specific on the parting or the structure of the hair. The beautiful finish of Kate Middleton’s hair is down to a good haircut of delicate layers and a good blow dry, finished with a touch of serum.

    When clipping in Dirty Looks hair extensions for this specific look, be sure not to clip them too high as you can’t be sure to conceal the wefts if the look is to have the movement required.

    Now you’re free to flirtatiously run your fingers through the hair, flicking it from side to side, letting the parting fall naturally. Deceptively effortless, this is truly the perfect look for a real lady.

  • Katy Perry's Blonde Hair

    Katy-Perry-Blonde-Hair-1Katy Perry’s blonde hair has had everyone talking after its debut on MTV over the weekend!!
    This isn’t a completely new look for the star as old videos have shown Katy to be a natural blonde, but Katy Perry’s blonde hair has really set the rumour mill turning … some have suggested the change and return to her natural shade is to start a family, but judging by her vast wig collection and numerous shade changes previously, we think Katy Perry is just like every other girl and she just fancied a change!!

    Katy Perry’s hair is enough to make every girl out there jealous as it seems to look amazing even when it’s gone wrong! While out promoting her perfume at the beginning of the month, Katy Perry’s hair was very copper toned and her Tweets after these shots made the press suggested that this wasn’t her goal shade! Breaking from her usual long black tresses, the star still looked stunning with this auburn shade … even if she called it an ‘epic fail!’

    Katy-Perry-HairMere weeks after these photos, Katy Perry’s hair has changed again! She showed off her strawberry blonde locks in a sparkling Smurfette dress at the Smurfs 3D premiere in New York – she looked gorgeous (and we LOVED the dress!!).

    Katy-Perry-Blonde-HairKaty Perry’s Tweets have suggested she is aiming for a secret hair shade, but many people have been debating whether this strawberry blonde look is in fact her secret shade!
    We’re not sure if she has finished her dying process yet though as the ends of her hair are still looking a shade or two darker than her roots. What we do know is that whichever shade Katy Perry chooses she will look gorgeous … we just can’t wait to see the end result for Katy Perry’s hair!!!

  • Thick Hair Extensions

    Cheryl-Cole-HairThick hair extensions are the ultimate way to achieve glamorous body and volume; thick hair extensions allow you to add the thickness that God didn’t give you without looking fake!

    Big hair exudes youth and glamour and it’s a style that is huge this season! To achieve this look it’s essential to have a higher density and thickness of hair and Dirty Looks gorgeously thick hair extensions can give you ultra thick and healthy looking hair that will allow you to work your style and embrace the big hair trend!

    Elle-Macpherson-Hair-Thick-HairElle Macpherson’s hair always looks gorgeously thick and glamorous and we just love the super voluminous look that Cheryl Cole’s hair always has! These ladies have embraced the big hair trend; they wear their voluptuous locks big and bold!! Fit your thick hair extensions and curl the whole of your full head set in with your natural hair … brush the curls out for a full bodied finish!

    If you’re not a fan of the big hair trend, but you want to hide your short layers then thick hair extensions can be the perfect solution. Dirty Looks hair extensions are renowned for being thick from top to bottom so you won’t be left with thin ends that look ratty and cheap! A full head of thick hair extensions can add longer, denser layers to transform your style!!

  • Vintage Hairstyles - Victory Rolls Tutorial

    Betty-Grable-HairVintage hairstyles are growing in popularity! With the continued success of TV shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, vintage hair styles from all era’s are having a revival and new variations on the popular styles are emerging.

    Dita Von Teese is a veteran in these vintage hairstyles, but more and more celebs are giving this look a try. A vintage hair style that has been seen on many celebs is the 40’s classic victory rolls. We love this style at Dirty Looks as we think it’s a great alternative to simply wearing your hair down … and with very little effort you can look like a vintage icon!!
    Nicole Scherzinger was seen sporting top reverse rolls for her appearance on X Factor UK late last year and more recently Rihanna has been seen performing with side reverse rolls. This vintage hair style is so iconic to the 40’s that it’s great to see a new take on the style.

    Nicole-Scherzinger-Hair-Rihanna-HairVictory rolls are possibly one of the most recognised looks of the 40's with woman usually opting for one roll to the side (side reverse roll) or two rolls with one on each side (top reverse rolls) with a pompadour fringe/bang. Both of these styles are easy to re-create and look fab when worn with both hair down and updo’s.

    Step One

    Decide which style of victory roll you want to do - both suit all face shapes and can really transform a look! Once you have decided on the position of your rolls, part your hair … central is usually best for top reverse rolls and to the side is best for side reverse rolls!


    Step Two

    Section your hair and tie back all of your hair that you will not be rolling. Remember that the length of your hair can change the size of the roll so bear this in mind when you section it.

    Step Three – Side Roll

    Hold the hair at full length away from the head. Start rolling the hair around 2 fingers towards the back of your head.

    Step Three – Top Roll

    Hold the hair at full length away from the head. Start rolling the hair around 2 fingers towards the ceiling.

    Step Four

    Once you have completely rolled the hair, pin in place and gently remove your fingers. Be sure not to pull the hair from the centre of the roll.

    Step Five

    Complete all the above actions for the other side if you wish. Style your hair to match the era with large rollers or tongs or go for a large bun or high pony tail.

    A great way at cheating for this look is to use a single weft of your clip in hair extensions! Don’t fit the extensions to your hair but roll them in your hand. These can then simply be pinned into the correct position in your hair, just remember to put the clip against your head to hide your secret!!

  • Elle Macpherson’s Hair - Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model


    Elle Macpherson’s hair continues to be super voluminous as she embraces the big hair trend that started to appear earlier this season!!
    With the start of cycle 7 of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, Elle Macpherson is looking stunning; the promo’s for the show have Elle Macpherson alongside fellow judges Charley Speed, Grace Woodward and Julian McDonald, she is really dressed to impress in a gold dress and a huge statement necklace…  she looks amazing!

    Being a model for over 30 years herself, Elle Macpherson’s hair is crucial to her image. Her look is always on trend and her long sun kissed locks are one of her best known trademarks!

    Back in May, Elle was spotted out and about with big bouncy curls, adopting the celebrity big hair trend for her own style and this season Elle Macpherson’s hair has continued to grow!!

    Elle-Macphersons-Hair-1In this shoot Elle Macpherson’s hair is the most voluminous we have seen it look! Her hair appears to be styled using large barrelled tongs or velcro rollers to create the waves and to also add a little volume.

    To get this much volume in your own hair you can add a couple of quad wefts to your current length or if your hair is shorter, then a full head in 20-22” would give you around the same length that Elle Macpherson’s hair has.
    It can be helpful to style your hair after fitting your extensions for a seamless finish … using a good quality (alcohol free) serum to run through the waves will give the tousled, but smooth look of Elle’s hair.

    We LOVE Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model here at Dirty Looks! We can’t wait to know who will be in the final 12 and to see their make-over transformations! We’ll be on the look out to see if Elle Macpherson’s hair gets any bigger throughout the series!!

  • Cher Lloyd's Hair Transformation

    Cher-Lloyds-HairCher Lloyds hair was certainly different for her appearance on T4 On The Beach on the weekend; she unveiled her hair transformation and performed with a new half-shaven look with a dip-dye twist!

    Cher Lloyd embraced a rock chick style as she took to the stage in Weston-Super-Mare; she wore black, frayed denim shorts with a short-sleeved black skull T-shirt with Mickey Mouse ears. Cher Lloyds hair had been shaved off on one side of her head and the rest of her hair was pulled over her shoulder and worn in natural boho waves.

    Cher Lloyd’s ombre hair had also been dip-dyed pink to match her pink accessories and boots!

    We’re really not sure on Cher Lloyd’s hair style or the dip-dye look for T4! The ombre style works really well for Cher, but we think the pink dip-dye was just a tad too much!

    We love Cher Lloyd’s hair when it’s beautifully voluminous ... and although we love that she’s embraced a completely new look, we’re really not fans of the half-shaved style!!

  • Celebrity Wedding Hair - Kate Moss and Abbey Clancy

    Celebrity wedding hair always gets us going here at Dirty Looks and now that we’re in full swing with the wedding season we’ve got loads of great wedding hair styles to look out for!

    Celebrity-Wedding-HairKate Moss and Abbey Clancy have both tied the knot to their other halves this last week and we have been super excited to see the dress choices for both weddings! Of course we couldn’t wait to see the celebrity wedding hair either!!

    Kate-Moss-Wedding-HairKate Moss, who got hitched to rock star Jamie Hince in the Cotswolds, looked gorgeous in her Galliano ivory vintage-inspired sequined wedding dress … we just weren’t so sure on the veil!
    Kate Moss’ wedding hair was simple yet effective; she wore her blonde locks in loose and natural waves, creating quite a bohemian feel that suited her perfectly!Abbey-Clancy-Wedding-HairWAG Abbey Clancy, who got married to Peter Crouch in Leicestershire wearing a white strapless Giles Deacon wedding dress, similarly opted for natural waves for her wedding hair style! You can easily re-create Abbey Clancy’s wedding hair with a large barrelled tong; carefully brush through the curls after styling to loosen them slightly and create a more natural finish.

    Both blushing brides looked stunning on their big day, but Kate Moss was our favourite! We loved her vintage-inspired dress and her wedding hair style just worked so well for her!

  • News Flash: Cheryl Cole’s Blonde Hair

    Cheryl-Cole-Blonde-HairCheryl Cole’s hair has had a dramatic make-over! Cheryl Cole’s blonde hair and her new bob cut were revealed just in time for her birthday bash on the weekend.

    Her trademark brunette locks have been dyed blonde by L’Oreal colourist Amie Wilson and Cheryl Cole’s hair has been cut and restyled into a long choppy bob by stylist Lisa Laudat.

    Cheryl Cole’s hair was showcased at her celeb studded 28th birthday party on Sunday night in front of her VIP guest list which included Girls Aloud band mates Kimberly Walsh and Nicola Roberts as well as Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, Ashley Cole’s brother Matthew and new X Factor judge Tulisa.
    Cheryl Cole appeared for the celebrations in a gorgeous circular disc mini-dress by Stella McCartney – she looked stunning!

    We think Cheryl Cole’s blonde hair looks gorgeous and it’s great to see her new long bob, but we definitely prefer her as a brunette and we hope to see her back to her trademark look soon.

  • Tulisa's Hair - X Factor Auditions

    Tulisa’s hair has been looking amazing as she’s made her debut as an X Factor judge!

    With X Factor auditions taking place all over the country we have been eagerly waiting to see N-Dubz’s Tulisa’s style choices. The auditions are well and truly under way now and we haven’t been disappointed by the outfits and more importantly the hair do’s on show!

    Tulisa has stepped into Cheryl Cole’s shoes very well; she’s combined some very on trend outfits with some classy and interesting hair styles – Tulisa’s hair has continued to look stunning so far and we can’t wait to see more!!

    Tulisa-1-HairTulisa’s debut appearance in Birmingham saw her wearing a DKNY black jumpsuit covered in kiss print! This very unusual outfit was combined with a very interesting updo. Tulisa’s hair for the Birmingham auditions looked very impressive, but it’s a style that’s easy to achieve yourself!

    Create a small section at the front of your hair and pin away from the rest of your hair. Scrape all your hair back and secure in a high ponytail. Take a small section of the hair from your pony and roll this around your fingers then secure with a pin. You can plait/braid some of these sections to create different textures of hair … this is a good time to add in some clip in hair extensions for extra volume, just be sure to hide the clips with the roll of hair. Once you have completed this section of your hair you can move on to the front section. Again start by rolling the end of the hair, but pull this across and pin above the ear to give this style a vintage feel!


    We loved Tulisa’s hair for the Manchester auditions! Tulisa’s classy half-up half-down hair complemented her girly fitted pencil skirt and frilled top beautifully!
    A full head of extensions is perfect for adding the length and volume that Tulisa’s hair had here. Separate the top section of your hair from your ears up using your fingers. Once you have hold of this section take a brush and smooth from the face. If you twist this section and push the hair up you can raise the hair and give a little extra lift to the crown before pinning to hold the hair securely. Tulisa has added a large wave to the ends of her hair, but this style looks great with your hair worn straight or wavy!!

    Tulisa-3-HairThe following day at Manchester saw a change in Tulisa’s hair with a new take on the classic vintage victory roll style!
    Choosing just one roll makes this look more subtle than some of the celebs who have tried this look lately.
    This hair style is a nod back to the 40’s and 50’s and to Hollywood greats like Marilyn Monroe. It looks great on Tulisa with her dark waves and is a really easy way of going from day to night with a few pins.
    Simply section your hair from the ear up and roll this around your hand, position the hair against your head and pin in place.

    We can’t wait for the live shows of X Factor to start as we have a feeling Tulisa’s hair is going to get better and better!!

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