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  • Festival Hairstyles

    Festival hairstyles are on the agenda at Dirty Looks this week after an epic Glastonbury on the weekend.


    Beyonce was the headline act at Glastonbury on Sunday night and she really wowed the crowd with not only her performance, but with her outfit and her fabulous festival hairstyle; her festival look was very reminiscent of the 80’s with her gold sequined jacket and her super voluminous curls – she looked amazing!!

    Beyonce’s Glastonbury performance proved that it’s still important to look good despite all the muddy mayhem at a festival so here’s our top picks for this year’s festival hairstyles.


    Braids and plaits are a favourite for festival hairstyles and you’ll be bang on trend with this look as braids and plaits are huge this summer!

    Fearne-Cotton-HairThe fishtail braid/plait would be a great festival hairstyle choice as it allows you to keep your hair out of the way while still looking gorgeous!! You can wear your fishtail braid neat or tousle it slightly for a more boho feel to emulate the festival atmosphere!


    If you’re planning on wearing your hair down then a plait can really set your look off! Pixie Lott’s hair looked amazing at the Isle of Wight festival earlier this month; her hair was styled in lose waves with a 70’s inspired plait decorated with flowers across her forehead. You could plait a Dirty Looks standard weft to re-create this super cute hippy style and add a few small floral clips to really finish it off!

    The waterfall plait/ braid would be a gorgeous choice for your festival hairstyle. It’s a glam and girly style that’s just perfect for summer!! Follow our easy step by step guide to create your own waterfall plait/braid.

    Boho Waves

    Think Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott – these ladies know how to work their boho waves and this is an excellent option for your festival hairstyle.


    You can add some waves to your own hair and your Dirty Looks extensions with a large barrelled tong. Gently brush through your curls or run your fingers through them after styling to create a boho, carefree look! A cute headband or a boho clip would be the perfect addition to this style.


    A ponytail can look gorgeously girly and it’s great for the festival season because it’s a no fuss style! The ponytail is super adaptive too; you can wear it low or high, in the middle or to the side!

    Wrapping a small section of hair around your elastic will add a touch of glamour to this style and you can always add some cute clips or flowers for an extra feminine touch!!
    Dirty Looks hair extensions are perfect for achieving super volume and length with your ponytail!

  • Coloured Hair Extensions

    Lady-Gaga-Coloured-HairColoured hair extensions allow you to make a statement and customise your style whilst being bang on trend! Dirty Looks hair extensions can be coloured, they're great for achieving flashes of colour or vibrant streaks!!

    Celebs like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are renowned for their coloured hair - coloured hair extensions allow you to easily re-create their statement styles.

    Nicki-Minaj-Coloured-Hair-ExtensionsNicki Minaj is forever changing and updating her look! She’s experimented with everything from candyfloss pink and turquoise to vibrant stripes and camouflage! We love her sense of fun and individuality … she really knows how to work brightly coloured hair extensions!!

    Katy-Perry-Coloured-HairKaty Perry looked amazing with her blueberry locks last year, but her pink and blue highlights for the release of Firework are a particular favourite of ours – these are super easy to re-create with a few Dirty Looks standard wefts!!

    Shades Bunny Blonde and Paparazzi Highlights are amazing for creating crazy coloured hair extensions. You can easily change your look and add Katy Perry style coloured highlight extensions to your style or get Rihanna’s red hair by applying a dye to your blonde hair extensions.

    If you’re looking for a more subtle style with your coloured hair extensions then Ellie Goulding’s lilac hues look fab!!

    Ellie-Goulding-Coloured-HairIf you have light coloured hair extensions then you can create this ashen, purple look by using a silver toning shampoo. Leave the shampoo on for the maximum time recommended and use every day to gradually build up the desired shade!!

    Nicki-Minaj-Dip-Dye-HairColoured hair extensions are also great for creating the dip-dyed look that’s so popular at the moment. If you’re looking for vibrancy with your dip-dye style then blonde hair extensions are usually best … then it’s just a matter of selecting your fave dip-dye shade. We just love turquoise and bright pink for dip-dye styles, they look amazing!!

    Coloured hair extensions are great for girls who like to update their look on a regular basis … just get creative with your colours and your options are endless!!!

  • Nicole Scherzinger's Hair - US X Factor Debut

    Nicole Scherzinger’s hair looked fabulous as she made her US X Factor debut earlier this week

    Nicole-Scherzinger-HairNicole, who was called in to replace Cheryl Cole as the new US X Factor judge, made her debut appearance in a peach coloured top and purple skirt ... she looked stunning! Her outfit choice has caused much speculation though as she stepped out in similar colours to Cheryl Cole for her own US X Factor debut just a few weeks ago!

    Nicole Scherzinger’s hair always looks amazing and we loved the effortless glamour for her X Factor appearance in Miami! Her hair was worn long and in natural waves; this style is super easy to re-create with a 20-22” Dirty Looks full head set and a 38mm curling tong. Gently brush your curls through after you’ve styled your hair to re-create the natural look that Nicole Scherzinger’s hair had!!

    Although we’re sad that Cheryl Cole won’t be a judge for the US X Factor, we are really pleased to see Nicole Scherzinger as her replacement! We can’t wait to see Nicole Scherzinger’s hair styles as the US X Factor gets going!!

  • The Katy Perry GHD Campaign

    The Katy Perry GHD campaign has just been launched. We were a little shocked to see GHD with a celeb endorsing their brand as it’s not something that they have ever done before … but we love that they’ve selected Katy Perry to front the campaign!!

    We’re super excited by the images used in the new Katy Perry GHD campaign; they have very strong and individual looks!! GHD is a brand that is great at creating their own identity and showing consumers how they can fit into the GHD world and this is strongly reinforced by their choice of photographer for this campaign! Photographer David LaChapelle is a favourite of Dirty Looks so it’s great to see him on board for the GHD campaign. We just love his vision … his images are always iconic and these GHD images of Katy Perry certainly don’t disappoint!

    Katy-Perry-GHD-1The 1st advert shows Katy Perry in a 1950’s style bedroom, dressed up and looking every inch a star with her hair styled to suit this era perfectly.  Her hair has a deep side parting and has been smoothed down. She has very large curls that have more than likely been created with GHD’s, but this style can also be created with heated rollers or large barrelled tongs. Her hair is tucked behind her ear on the lesser side and the curls sit just below her ear. As there is more hair on the other side, the curls start a little higher up and have loads of volume. Adding a few single strips onto this side of the head would give you the extra volume needed to help re-create this look.
    This glamorous 50’s style was a favourite of Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Katy Perry pulls this look off effortlessly. You can make this style extra special by adding a cute clip or a vintage style jewel to secure the hair by your ear.

    Katy-Perry-GHD-2The 2nd advert is such a contrast to the first, showing Katy Perry at a pool party in a tight fitting neon outfit. Her surroundings and make up are used to further enhance the neon colours!! Her hair looks amazingly thick and full in this photo and although we’re not too sure on the style for everyday wear we think this hairstyle would be amazing for making an impact on a night out! To get the extra oomph for this look, try using an extra quad weft or two alongside your full head. Once you’ve fitted your Dirty Looks hair extensions you can create the curls using straighteners … don’t play with the curls too much as this will keep them gorgeously defined. We think this is a great new take on the 80’s look!!

    Katy-Perry-GHD-3The final advert shows Katy Perry looking like a boho version of the classic Grecian goddess as she is laid out on a chaise lounge surrounded by motorbikes covered in plastic. Her hair is much longer and super smooth in this photo. Using the straighteners, GHD have created a subtle wave and enhanced this to frame her face. A full head of extensions would be perfect for adding the extra length and fullness for this style. Be sure to fit your extensions before you style to help create a seamless finish!!
    The 2 small plaits/braids around Katy’s forehead emphasize the goddess/boho theme of the photo, but this style is also one that’s huge for this summer!! If you don’t have the length to re-create these plaits then you can plait/braid a couple of single strip extensions and pin them underneath the top layers of your hair to create this look.

    We just love the David LaChapelle images used in the Katy Perry GHD campaign; his traits can be seen subtly throughout all of the adverts! We love that the roses appears in all three images and it’s really clever how they are used as the thread for the campaign.
    Of course Katy Perry looks amazing in all 3 of the themes used in the GHD campaign, but we are huge fans of the vintage inspired advert … we think this definitely suits her best!!

  • Hair Extensions For Short Hair


    Hair extensions for short hair are the perfect way of adding the length and volume you’ve always wanted. We love to see how shorter styles can be transformed with Dirty Looks hair extensions either with extra oomph and body or with gorgeous (but discreet) length.

    Having short hair definitely doesn’t stop you being able to use clip in extensions successfully … we would normally recommend that your hair be at least jaw length with your shortest back layers being at least 4”, but it is possible to wear hair extensions for short hair that isn’t quite this long.
    Whether you want to add some extra length or just volume to your current length, the 12-14” or 16-18” full heads are usually perfect for changing and creating a natural look for short hair styles.

    Many celeb’s have recently been going for the chop and have opted for elfin crops and bobs. We love Emma Watson’s cropped hairdo and Alexa Chung’s dip dyed bob is just fab! Following in their footsteps, Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton has also changed her hair to a super short style!

    Fearne-Cotton-Short-HairFearne Cotton’s hair has been getting progressively shorter and this week, for the Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year Award show, she showed off a new platinum blonde wavy bob. It looks fabulous!! Fearne Cotton’s hair always looks great and she can really experiment and embrace different styles, but we think her new look really suits her!!

    Fearne Cotton’s hair style is perfect for those with similar length or shorter hair. The addition of a 12-14” full head set will give you added volume and will be perfect for adding curls or waves.
    You can create Fearne’s waves by using a large barrelled tong and backcombing the roots of your own hair to give you the boost of volume she has.

    This length hair looks amazing and is a great way of changing a shorter style without making it obvious that you’re wearing extensions.
    If you did want to add a little more length than this then the 16-18” full head set should still look natural and will give you gorgeously thick and full locks.

    Top tips for hair extensions for short hair:

    -If your hair is shorter than jaw length and the layers on the back of your head are less that 4” long then it’s still possible to wear extensions. We would recommend trying a full head in your chosen length and if they don’t work for you when you first receive them then don’t fret, just give your clip in hair extensions another go in a few weeks when your hair is a little longer! A few cleverly placed bobby pins can be great for blending your extensions in with your natural hair!

    -Hair extensions for short hair that is less than jaw length can still work really well if the layers on the top of your head are longer. Long layers on top are perfecting for disguising your Dirty Looks hair extensions!

    -We recommend fitting your hair extensions into your short hair first and then styling them in with your natural hair for a more flawless finish.

    -You can always have your stylist trim your extensions to blend better with your style if necessary.

  • Kate Middleton's Hair

    Kate-Middleton-HairKate Middleton’s hair looked impeccable as always as she attended the 10th anniversary Ark Gala Dinner at Kensington Palace at the end of last week.

    All eyes were on Kate as she stepped out in a shimmering sequined Jenny Packham dress for the charity event. She was accompanied by husband William for their debut appearance at a public engagement as a married couple.

    Kate Middleton’s hair was left loose with natural waves at the ends and subtle root lift; it looked gorgeously thick and full!! She looked stunning and every inch a royal!!

    You can re-create Kate Middleton’s effortless glamour by backcombing the roots of your own hair for extra lift. Then fit your Dirty Looks full head set (a 16-18” or 20-22” full head would be gorgeous!) and use a large barrelled tong to add curls at the ends of your hair. Brush the waves through gently to loosen the curls for a softer finish that matches Kate Middleton’s hair.

    We LOVE Kate Middleton’s hair here at Dirty Looks; she has been blessed with naturally gorgeous locks and she always looks simply fabulous!!

  • The Braid/Plait Trend - The Rapunzel Braid and Waterfall Braid

    The plait/braid trend is still huge at the moment and looks set to stay for the next few months at least. Here at Dirty Looks we’re massive fans of the trend! We really LOVE the waterfall braid/plait and the Rapunzel braid/plait at the moment… they’re creative and girly and are perfect looks for this summer!!

    The Rapunzel braid is ideal for longer hair and we think it may be bigger than the fishtail braid this year! A Dirty Looks full head in 24-26” would be perfect for creating the uber length for this look!


    Singer Rihanna was spotted at the 2011 Met Gala with her long, red locks styled in a gorgeous Rapunzel plait/braid. The braid started at the front of her head on both sides and was styled so that it met on the one side of her head to form a long Rapunzel braid that sat over her shoulder. Rihanna’s hair was bang on trend and looked super elegant… we loved it!!!

    The Rapunzel plait/braid is quick and easy to do yourself! Fit your Dirty Looks extensions first and then start your braids either side of your parting on the front of your head and braid backwards, bringing one braid around the back of your head near the nape of your neck and continue to braid as if you were going to form a side ponytail. When the braids meet at the side of your head, combine them and continue to braid over your shoulder. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic. Tigi Bed Head After Party would be perfect for keeping this style looking smooth and sleek!

    Waterfall-Braid-Waterfall-PlaitOur other favourite braid, the waterfall braid, is super cute and can work really well with any length hair. This style is really girly and looks gorgeous with some cute accessories! Follow our easy step by step guide to create your own waterfall braid/plait!


  • Red Carpet Hair Styles at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

    Red Carpet hair styles are our current obsession here at Dirty Looks! We had our eyes peeled for the best of the best hair styles at the annual MTV Movie Awards last weekend!

    It was a star studded night at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal Studios California and the red carpet saw many of Hollywood’s finest actors, singers and models making an appearance for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

    Two of our faves on the night were teen singer and Disney star Selena Gomez and British actress turned model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley. These stars chose the same red carpet hair style with a few minor styling differences which complemented their outfits perfectly!

    Selena-Gomez-Hair-Rosie--Huntingdon-Whitley-HairBoth girls chose to wear their hair half-up half-down, leaving some hair loose to frame their faces. The style is very simple, but can look gorgeously glam!

    Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley pumped up the volume at the crown of her head… almost creating a bouffant and she left her hair straight while Selena Gomez’s hair had a more natural look, it was slightly wavy and the pinned back section was a little more messy and tousled.
    A quad weft is perfect for giving you the extra volume to glam up this look!

    We think the half-up half-down hair style is great for summer. .. it’s fab for wearing from beach to bar or to a special occasion!!

    We also loved Reese Witherspoon’s hair; her bedhead blonde waves were teamed with an ultra glam Zac Posen leopard print jacquard bustier dress – she looked stunning!!

    Actress Emma Stone, who presented the award for Best Villian and picked up her own for Best Comedic Performance, has just returned to her auburn locks and she looked fabulous with her hair styled in natural waves … a large barrelled tong would be perfect for re-creating this red carpet hair style with your own hair and your Dirty looks hair extensions!!

    Emma-Stone-HairAnd how could we forget Nicki Minaj, Lil Mama and The Electric Barabellas – who perhaps stood out for all the wrong reasons! We really weren’t sure on their red carpet hair styles or their choice of outfits … better luck next time ladies.

  • Clip In Hair Extensions VS Glue In Hair Extensions

    Britney-Spears-Glue-In-Hair-ExtensionsGlue-in hair extensions have been in the news this week as the Trichology Society is calling for a ban on them because of the damage they do to women’s hair.

    According to BBC Newsbeat, Steve O’Brien, a trichologist at the London Centre of Trichology, says there has been a 15% increase in women seeking help with their damaged hair after using glue in extensions over the last two years.

    Here at Dirty Looks we just don’t understand why women are still using glue-in extensions when clip-ins give just as good results … if not better … without ruining your hair!!

    Clip-in hair extensions are more flexible than glue-ins as they allow you to simply change your style by clipping the wefts in and out of your hair. You can easily change your style from day to night or update your look from day to day!

    Clip-ins are also the least damaging form of hair extensions, they are no more damaging than tying your hair back in a tight ponytail.

    Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for adding natural and glamorous thickness, volume and length to your own hair and they look gorgeous worn down or for added oomph for a chic updo!

    Love your hair ladies and swap your glue-ins for clip-ins!!

  • Red Carpet Hair - May 2011

    May was a busy month on the red carpet; the stars were out in their numbers and we were in our element with all the red carpet hair to watch out for! Here are our favourite celebrity hair styles from last month’s events.

    Cannes Film Festival 2011

    The celebs were out in force for the Cannes Film Festival this year and there were so many gorgeous styles to choose from over the 12 days and nights that the festival ran, but we think these ladies really shone with their red carpet hair.

    Salma Hayek looked stunning in her floor-length gown with silver sequins and her hairdo was the perfect choice for a glamorous event. Salma Hayek’s hair was swept to one side with large, natural-looking curls and waves. You can style your own hair and then gently loosen the curls with your fingers to re-create this effortless glamour!

    Salma-Hayek-HairFan Bing Bing wowed onlookers time and time again with her stunning dresses and her red carpet hair was equally as glamorous on each occasion.  Her hair always looked flawless, either worn in an elegant updo or worn down and naturally straight.

    Fan-Bing-Bing-HairGwen Stefani’s hair was fabulous for each of her appearances on the red carpet during Cannes! She teamed her white and black Armani Privé dress with a rock-chick updo for a perfectly chic look! Gwen was also spotted in a stunning floor-length black sequined dress teamed with gold accessories; her hair was left down, but slicked back with extra volume at the roots for an edgy twist on the glamorous style … she looked every inch a superstar!
    Gwen Stefani also wore her platinum blonde locks in voluminous curls with a vintage twist on the opposite side to her parting for another red carpet appearance. She was bang on trend with her big hair … We LOVED it!

    Gwen-Stefani-HairRachel McAdams also embraced the big hair trend for some of her red carpet hairstyles… though her hair wasn’t nearly as big as Gwen’s!!
    She was spotted with her hair worn some up and some down for one event and with her hair worn naturally straight on another occasion … both hairstyles had a little more volume and lift and looked gorgeous!
    Rachel McAdams also made an appearance in a stunning red and see-through dress with elegant rose patterns; her hair was styled in big and bouncy curls with a vintage flick to her side-fringe … she looked truly amazing!!

    Rachel-McAdams-Hair2011 Billboard Music Awards

    There were some lovely hair styles for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, but we think Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift really stood out from the crowd!

    Selena Gomez looked gorgeous on the red carpet for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. She wore a sassy black dress with cut away sections at the waist and a thigh-high split. Selena Gomez’s hair was equally stunning; she wore her slightly ombre locks simple and poker straight … leaving her hair looking luxuriously thick and healthy!

    Taylor-Swift-hairTaylor Swift stepped out onto the red carpet wearing a glamorous floor length gold, sequined gown. Taylor Swift’s hair was elegantly swept to one side in an Old Hollywood style hairdo that suited her dress perfectly. Create a low side-parting and add vintage curls to your hair and your Dirty Looks hair extensions with velcro or hot rollers to recreate Taylor Swift’s red carpet hair.

    Beyonce put on a show-stopping performance at the Billboard Music Awards and showed-off her super toned body in a revealing silver mesh dress. She wore a stunning figure-hugging black dress for the red carpet and wore her voluminous locks in natural, looking waves… gorgeous!!


    The TV BAFTA's

    There were some gorgeous styles on the red carpet for the 2011 TV BAFTA’s last month, but the girls from The Only Way Is Essex really stood out with their glamorous frocks and hairdos!!

    The-Only-Way-Is-Essex-Red-Carpet-HairAmy Childs stepped onto the red carpet in a very Princess-like gold sequined dress with a HUGE skirt!! Her fiery red hair was styled in large curls and suited the overall look well. Her style for the BAFTA’s was a tad OTT, but she certainly made a statement!

    Sam Faiers opted for a far more low-key look! She wore a simple shimmery low-cut white dress with black accessories and her hair was left naturally wavy. She looked super glam for the red carpet!

    Lydia Bright and Lauren Goodger both appeared in silver floor-length frocks. Lydia teamed her dress with a gorgeous updo and Lauren wore her hair with extra volume on top and with the lengths of her hair pulled over one shoulder and styled in large curls.

    However, Kara Tointen was our favourite pick from the 2011 TV BAFTA’s; she wore a dusky pink evening dress with elegant embellishment around the neck and shoulder area. Kara Tointen’s hair was equally as elegant; it was styled in a beautiful curly updo. She looked stunning!!

    Kara-Tointon-HairMay really was full of gorgeous dresses and red carpet glamour, but we think Gwen Stefani rocked her look more than everyone else! Her unique style really shone at Cannes; she appeared in stunning dresses and Gwen Stefani’s hair was bang on trend with each of her appearances on the red carpet!!

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