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  • Hair Predictions For 2011

    It's the start of a brand new year and that means we have loads of gorgeous hair styles and trends to look forward to! Here are our Dirty Looks hair predictions for 2011:

    The Ponytail

    A ponytail is a flexible style that works all year round, but is the ultimate summer staple! It’s going to be a popular choice for Spring/Summer of 2011 where it has been seen on multiple runways. Whether left straight or wavy, tied high, low, to the side or centred, this simple style exudes youth and fun - but the addition of some pins can turn a ponytail into a sleek, glamorous updo!
    This completely fuss-free look is chic and feminine and by pinning in some flowers or using cute bobbles the look can be changed again!
    Dirty Looks extensions are perfect for this look; adding volume, but most importantly length - another must have for this year’s hair!!

    ponytail21Long Hair

    Long hair is definitely the look for 2011! For all girls with shorter hair, extensions are going to be your best friend this year - the longer the better!
    All the designer shows for the Spring/Summer '11 were showcasing models with flowing locks. The styles have been mainly wavy and naturally kinky, making this the ideal summer style! Avoid spending hours managing your hair - simply towel dry, add a little product and enjoy the sun.
    Long hair is great for the hotter months as there are so many styles and ways of wearing it, whether it’s the classic ponytail, a plait/braid (these will also be huge this year!) or bun - these always look effortlessly feminine and summery.  A full head set of extensions will add glamorous length, volume and thickness to your summer hair and will give you plenty to play around with and style!!

    blake long hair

    Mid Length

    Waves look great on any hair length; they are going to be the style to be seen wearing for 2011. This year’s waves are big and brushed out. Almost vintage in their styling, they can look very soft and romantic or they can be made to look very glamorous. This look works perfectly with shoulder length hair as the curls sit on your shoulders and create loads of volume; using a quad weft or a full head set for extra thickness and oomph will give you a fabulous 50’s do! Teaming this look with a vibrant colour such as Rihanna’s creates a modern twist on this classic style!


    Heavy Fringe

    The heavy fringe/bang is the perfect accompaniment to all the above styles!
    Choose between a heavy, blunt, in your eyes look or opt for a deep cut, side sweeping fringe/bang - whichever best suits your face shape.
    A fringe is a bold statement and adds structure to your hairstyle! It looks great with shorter or longer hair and can really freshen up your look.

    heavy blunt fringe

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