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  • New Year's Eve Hair Extensions - Laid Back Glam

    To achieve Lauren's laid back glam look, first apply a heat protection product to your hair and extensions. Loose curl your hair and extensions by using either Velcro rollers or large barrelled tongs to create large loose waves. If you find your hair is curlier than you want simply put a very small amount of serum on the tips of your fingers and pull through the curls - this will loosen the curl but the serum will stop them going fluffy :D

    Working from your natural parting, section your hair above your ears. Angle upwards so the section is almost triangular and pointing towards the crown, leave all the back section of your hair loose.

    Using grips, pin the top triangle section on both sides. This is a low maintenance look that's girly glam and the added volume from your extensions will leave others envious :)

    For an extra glamorous look, try adding a bling clip or jewel to the pinned section.  To make it a more daytime look braid the section before pinning :)

    lauren conrad hair extensions

  • New Year's Eve Hair Extensions- The Chignon

    The chignon is a timeless classic updo! It can be made uber glamorous being pulled back and sleek or can be left a little more ‘messy glam’ by creating tousled hair with some loose curls!

    To achieve this look I would recommend using 16-18" or 20-22" length extensions to keep the bun a manageable size! First decide if you’re going straight or curly, after using a heat protection product and following the Dirty Looks care guide, curl or straighten your own hair and extensions. After fitting your extensions pull all your hair into a loose pony, either at the nape of your neck or to the side - about 2 inches behind your ear! I find using a thin hair elastic helps secure the whole chignon when you have finished and it is very easy to hide.

    Start by splitting your pony into 2 sections and simply wrap them around each other! Twist one to the right and the other the left, secure each twist with hair grips and hairspray or smoothing serum! To achieve the tousled look simply leave your hair loose framing your face, then when you have wrapped your hair pull out a few ends to leave some flowing curls! Or cheat by using your single wefts and have some longer flowing curls :)


  • Hair Extensions at Christmas

    Dirty Looks Hair Extensions will add the perfect touch of style to your look this festive season as you meet and great with all your friends and family and we’ve got some hot looks you can play around with!

    Christmas Day

    With all the excitement of opening your presents on Christmas morning there may not be much time to get ready before the family arrive so you want a hair style that’s simple, but gorgeous.

    We love the way Kelly Osbourne has been wearing her hair in a retro ponytail lately and this would be a perfect look for Christmas day!!

    Fit your full head of extensions and then take random large sections of your hair and extensions in together and curl them from the middle to end using a jumbo curling iron. Gather your hair and extensions into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Next you need to create you pompadour. To do this create a quiff that is detached from your hair rather than blended , twist it and pin it at the back.

    This hairstyle looks great with a pretty bow to hide the elastic and give it that 50’s chic!

    If you prefer to wear your hair down then fit your extensions and then add some loose, natural looking curls with your tongs and gently run your fingers through them. Use a good quality hair spray safe for use with extensions to keep your curls in place well into the night as the mulled wine flows!

    Kelly-OsbourneBoxing Day

    Whether you’re partying hard or doing the rounds visiting family on Boxing Day, you can create the perfect look with your Dirty Looks extensions.

    For an easy day look, why not fit your extensions and pull all your hair around into a side ponytail. Wrap a small section of your hair around the elastic for a more stylish do! This style looks fab with ‘uber’ long extensions... 20-22” or 24-26” will really make a statement!

    If you’ve got a party or you’re hitting the town in the evening then why not wow everyone with Old Hollywood hair?

    Fit your extensions, but leave out the top few wefts. Create a low side parting and set your hair and your extensions in rollers (Velcro or hot should work best ... don’t forget to curl the wefts you haven’t fitted yet).

    Fit the rest of your extensions and then brush all the hair back away from your face. Use a soft brush to brush out the curls slightly. Tuck the smaller side of the parting behind your ear slightly so it sits flatter to the head.

    This look would look gorgeous with a fitted dress and some stylish jewellery and it will definitely turn some heads however you decide to celebrate on Boxing day!!

    So there you have it, some gorgeous looks for the party season that are guaranteed to make you shine!

    Have a very merry Christmas from everyone at Dirty Looks and show off your extensions in style!!


  • New Red Hair Extension Shade Alert!

    NEW-SHADE-BANNER-2Breaking news... Gorgeous Red Hair Extensions!

    We have two new shades of Dirty Looks hair extensions! We are proud to announce that our first brand new shade is ... *drum roll* ... Burlesque Red!

    Burlesque Red, is a gorgeous seductive red with rich, deep, mahogany, berry red tones. This hair colour is huge at the moment thanks to Cheryl Cole and we think it’ll be a huge hit for the winter season!  If you’re considering this shade, you need to get your order in fast – it is already out of stock in some lengths!

    We also have the beautiful shade Butterscotch Blonde thanks to our lucky Facebook winner!

    We absolutely love this shade, it has luxurious sandy tones mixed with various bronzed blondes and toffee’s – perfect for enhancing golden tans and a great compliment to most skin tones!

  • Winter Hair Care - For Your Hair & Hair Extensions

    frizzyhairWe all know that the wind, rain and winter elements damage our hair - but what are the best ways to take care of it during one of the coldest winters on record? Take a look below at Dirty Looks top tips :)

    Firstly, and most importantly, make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Choose products rich in moisture, this will replenish some of the moisture which the cold air steals.

    A leave in conditioner used once a week can be a great remedy for your own hair. Focusing on the ends of your hair, you can keep split ends at bay and improve the overall condition of your hair. An overnight mask can also make a substantial difference to the condition of your own hair, but remember not to condition your hair extensions as often as you would your own hair and always refer to the care guide.

    If you get dry skin in the winter don't forget about your scalp!! For dry scalps, a scalp exfoliator can work wonders.  Alternatively, use an anti-dandruff shampoo, this should stop your scalp drying out and becoming itchy.

    During the winter, heat protection from styling tools is, as always, very important.  Try the product Some Like It Hot, not only does it protect your hair from the damage caused by heat tools, it will reduce frizz.

    healthy hair extensions
    All styling tools damage the hair, try to use these as little as possible! If you can't go without tongs or straighteners, try styling just the top layer of hair or use a low heat setting. The cooler heat setting on your hair dryer, will close the hair cuticles and help keep those split ends away! You can also apply some hairspray to your brush whilst styling to eliminate excess static.

    If your hair is long, make sure you have it trimmed every 6 weeks to avoid split ends traveling further up your hair. Leaving it will only mean you end up having to get your long locks chopped shorter!!

    When you have to venture out into the cold, remember your hat!! Or if you’re not the hat type, invest in a snood - anything that keeps your hair covered up will help keep moisture in your hair, which will prevent it drying out. Also, this will prevent it blowing around and becoming tangled - tangled split ends make for painful brushing out!

    As well as the cold outside, the heating indoors, will reduce the moisture in your hair! Try to sleep with the heating turned down low. A great tip is to put a mug of water on the top of your radiator, this releases extra moisture into the air, it can also make your room smell amazing - you can add scented oils to the water, my personal favourite is cinnamon it makes the whole house smell like Christmas :)

  • Trend Alert: Winter Warmer Hair Extensions

    winter hair extensionsThe snow has been falling thick and fast this week and it’s got all of us here at Dirty Looks talking about this year’s winter hair using clip in hair extensions. Adding tone to existing shades is the key to this look. Hair toners inject life back into your hair during the cold winter months and are easy to maintain.

    If your hair is a platinum blonde shade like Bunny Blonde and you’re looking for a change this season then why not ask your stylist to put an amaretto toner on your hair to create more of an ashen tone like our LA Blonde extensions, this shade is much more seasonal!

    For darker shades  it’s all about the warm chocolaty browns, so if you hair is a medium brown shade then Iced Coffee extensions will give you some gorgeous subtle velvet blonde highlights for this winter.

    Spiced Auburn with its luxurious copper undertones and Deep Ruby with its winter warmer glossy red tones are also excellent choices for adding a touch of warmth this season and these shades look really glamorous in the longer length full head sets!

    If you are thinking of a change and a fresh new hair colour this winter then be sure to visit your stylist first to see which shade would be best for your skin tone!

  • Curly Faux Bob

    faux bobThe ‘Faux Bob’ using hair extensions is a great way of toying with shorter hair without getting it cut and this style looks great with curls! You can add gorgeous volume to your ‘Faux Bob’ with Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions.

    Step One

    A full head set of clip in hair extensions in 12-14” would be perfect for this look! Part your hair slightly to one side and fit your extensions, adding lots of volume at the roots by teasing your hair! When your extensions are in place, apply a good quality heat protection treatment and add some gorgeous curls using a 38mm jumbo curling iron.

    Step Two

    Gather your hair and extensions and tie them loosely at the back of your hair in a very low ponytail. The elastic/bobble should be about 4 inches from the end of your hair. Gently twist the hair upwards until you reach the length you want for your ‘Faux Bob’. Tuck the hair underneath and secure it with some bobby pins.

    Step Three

    Gently pull some loose curls around to your face to frame it and apply a hair spray safe for use with hair extensions to keep your style in place!

    And there you have it ... a gorgeous, short style with no scissors involved!! You could always glam this style up even further with an additional quad weft at the crown of your head for an extra volumous look!!

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