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  • Wedding Hair with HeadKandy Hair Extensions

    When it comes to wedding hair, we’ve noticed that it’s not just celebs who are turning to clip in hair extensions for their wedding hair styles, but that lovely ladies everywhere are looking to glam it up with gorgeous volumous locks!!

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and your time to be in the limelight as everyone ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aaah’s’ at how beautiful you look, so why not make a statement with wedding hair to wow your loved ones even more? ... We’ve handpicked a few gorgeous styles that are easy to achieve with Dirty Looks hair extensions and are guaranteed to look stunning for your big day...  the hubby won’t know what’s hit him!!

    Half up, Half down hair style with gorgeous curls and a glam clip

    half up half downWe think this half up half down wedding hair style is perfect for a blushing bride and if you want to do it yourself then it’s not too tricky either. A full head set in 20-22” is perfect for making a statement with this look.

    Once you have fitted all of your hair extensions, apply a good quality heat protection treatment and use jumbo curling irons to create gorgeous curls. Once you’ve finished, gently brush the curls through to loosen them slightly. Take a small section of hair from each side and bring them to the back of your head, securing them with a glamorous clip. Don’t forget to use a good quality hairspray (we think the Tigi Bed Head - Massive Masterpiece Hairspray is great and it smells lush too!!) to keep your curls in place all day!

    You could always add an additional Quad Weft to the crown of your head and backcomb your hair for more volume with this look.

    Chignon Hair Style

    chignonThe Chignon  hair style is a very chic and stylish ‘updo’ and it’s perfect for a wedding! A full head set in length 16-18” or longer would be great for this look or you may be able to get away with using just a quad weft in 16-18” or 20-22”.

    Follow the Dirty Looks care guide to fit your extensions and then gather your hair and extensions into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck (but don’t make it too tight) and split your ponytail into two parts. Twist both parts tightly into a spiral and gently curl the twisted ponytail into a bun (starting at the base of the ponytail.) Secure your Chignon with hairpins and apply a good quality hair spray or smoothing cream.

    To spice this style up, you could also try wearing it on the side!!

    Luxuriously long curls

    For a more simplistic look, you could go for long and glamorous curls with your extensions, this should be really easy to achieve by yourself. A full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” would be great for this style ... the longer the hair, the more your curls will flow!!

    When your extensions are in place, apply a good quality heat protection treatment and then use either 24mm curling irons or jumbo 38mm curling irons (depending on how big you want your curls to be). A great tip is to curl your own hair and the extensions together so that they blend better.

    Make sure you curl the sections of hair by your face away from you to give it a gorgeous and natural finish. Lightly spray your hair and extensions with hairspray to ensure your curls hold!!

    This look would also look great with an additional quad weft and some backcombing on the crown of your head!!

  • Trend Alert: The Fishtail Braid/Plait

    fishtail braid plait

    Trend Alert: The Fishtail Braid/Plait

    I’m sure you’ve all seen the fab new Fishtail Braid / Plait trend popping up in magazines and on celebs everywhere by now and we think this style looks great with uber long hair extensions. A Dirty Looks full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” would be perfect for making a statement with this look!

    Step One

    Once you’ve fitted your extensions it's time to make your fishtail braid / plait, pull all your hair (including your extensions) around to the side opposite to your parting and loosely divide it into two parts.

    Step Two

    Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one section and bring it into the middle to join the other section of hair. Continue this on the other side, but remember to pull the hair quite tight!! Continue this braiding method until you reach the end of your hair and extensions and then secure it with a clear elastic.

    Step Three

    Now grip the end of your braid firmly so the hair doesn’t come loose and gently pull out sections on both sides. Rub the strands between your fingers to loosen them. Do this for all of your braid or until you’re happy that you’ve created the ‘mussed-up’ Fishtail Braid /Plait look that’s bang on trend at the moment!!

  • Red Carpet Watch ‘Best Hair Award’ for August 2010

    drew-barrymore-hair-extensionsWe had a fair few big film premieres on the red carpet last month and we’ve certainly found ourselves some strong contenders for the ‘Best Hair Award’... let’s take a look:

    ‘Salt’ Movie Premiere

    Angelina Jolie, the star of the new spy thriller ‘Salt’, has been looking glam and gorgeous at the premieres of her new film this month. She wore contrasting hair do’s at the London and Paris premieres, but both were equally gorgeous and deserve nominations for the Dirty Looks Best Hair Award.

    At the London premiere, Angelina went for a natural look as she wore her hair in very loose waves. You can achieve this look by creating quick curls in your hair and your hair extensions using straightening irons. Run your fingers through the curls afterwards to loosen them. This is quick and easy and guaranteed to look great!

    For the Paris premiere, Angelina glammed up with a very sophisticated and chic up do. You can re-create this style by loosely curling your hair with curling tongs and then carefully pinning all your hair up. This style may take a bit of time but, the end result is definitely worth it!!

    ‘Machete’ Movie Premiere

    Jessica Alba stole the show at the ‘Machete’ premiere in LA this month as her co-star Lindsay Lohan was a no-show.

    Jessica was chauffeured to the red carpet event in a customised low-rider and wore a striking metallic gold and black dress, meaning all eyes were on her!!

    Her locks were more low key, but no less gorgeous as she went for natural waves for the big night. You can re-create Jessica’s look by lightly curling your hair and extensions using your straightening irons and then smothing the iron back over the curl to create a mor relaxed look.

    ‘Going The Distance’ Movie Premiere

    Drew Barrymore, star of hit new romcom ‘Going the Distance’ stepped out onto the red carpet for the LA premiere looking gorgeous in gold and with her now trademark ‘Ombre’ hair!

    She definitely looked the part as her brown and blonde hair (which complimented her dress beautifully) fell in natural waves, which you can easily do at home yourself by using your straightening irons!

    And the Winner is....

    Angelina, Jessica and Drew were all looking beautiful for their red carpet limelight, but we have a clear winner this month for the Dirty Looks ‘Best Hair Award’ ... drum roll please... it has to be... Drew Barrymore!

    Drew is bang on trend at the moment with her ‘Ombre’ hair and she set a great example at the ‘Going the Distance’ LA Premiere of just how gorgeous ‘Ombre’ hair can look. Well done Drew, we love the two-tone trend you’re setting!

    Take a look at our ‘Ombre’ hair blog post to see how you can get this funky do yourself and see if you can work it like Drew does!!

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