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  • Taylor Swift's Hair - Cute yet Sophisticated

    Ever since the beautiful Taylor Swift had her moment taken away from her by the Rude Kanye West and given back to her by the Classy Beyonce at the VMA’s followed by the amazing night at the Grammy’s everyone has been talking about her.

    The bright and fresh faced country singer has brought with her a new take on country music. Gone are the days of the fabulously over the top Dolly Parton, say hello to the cute and pretty country generation headed by Taylor Swift. Dirty Looks have noticed Taylors soft, feminine tresses. The clean cut, demure styling is something girls everywhere would like to imitate.

    This is easily done with some Dirty Looks hair extensions in shade California Highlights, add some delicate, girly curls and sweep the fringe. Taylor will continue to lead by example for that ultra cute but sophisticated look.

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