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  • Try Some Highlighted Hair Extensions

    Teen Sensation Miley Cyrus has caught my hair extension radar.  The cutesy all American lil darling has just released what could be one of the catchiest songs of the year "Party in the USA”.  Miley is one of few people who can successfully pull of super long hair extensions.  She appears in her new video sporting beautifully long, Hot Toffee hair extensions. It’s important when wearing your hair so long that the styling is just right. Miley of course has hair dressers and stylists at her beck and call so she needn’t worry but for the rest of us there is a fine line.

    Dirty Looks 24-26 inch hair extensions extensions are best worn on already long hair, with perhaps some long layers in it to break it up a little. It’s always better when wearing your hair so long to have some kind of curl and shape in there to help it appear natural. Miley has youth in her favour, there’s probably not much that she couldn’t get away with. She’s beautiful, sexy, and talented so pretty much everything looks good on her.

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