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  • The Essential Christmas Hair Extensions Guide

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    It’s the festive season and that means there are countless social events coming up. Usually this means that you’re spending the days with the same group of people so not only do you need to look gorgeous at all times but you need a different look for each day! Fear not as this is easily done. With clip in hair extensions you can change your hair like you change your clothes. You don’t wear the same outfit to more than one social gathering in the space of a week so why wear the same hair?!

    Dirty Looks to the rescue, we’ll give you a look that is suited to each day of Christmas....

    Christmas Eve – On this day of excitement and anticipation you may head to the pub for a few festive drinks with friends before you settle down in bed subconsciously listening out for those sleigh bells. This requires a little glamour, try a pair of jeans with heels and a smart casual top with a few evening sequins. For your hair go for your freshly tonged hair extensions, maybe pin back some of it to ease up on the glamour, you’re only at the pub after all.

    Christmas Day – It’s here, the big day, the day we’ve been building up to for the last few weeks. Today you need to make an impact but still you’ve got to be practical. You’ll probably be making your rounds visiting the family and maybe even cooking a mighty feast. A nice winter dress with tights and heels will look just great and some sparkling accessories. Your extensions from last night will have dropped just enough for you to wear a loose, natural looking curl, wear it all down and forward showing it off, it’s Christmas you want to look your best!

    Boxing Day – Ah the calm after the storm. Boxing day is a nice quiet day so sit, lounge and enjoy leftover Turkey sandwiches and pickled onions. Today’s a day when you can get away with wearing your comfy sweats, just keep it stylish with a trendy logo t-shirt with soft joggers and a long, slouch cardi. Now for the hair: Just because it’s a lazy day, it’s no time to slack on the hair extensions front, it’s still Christmas time which means that people may call over unannounced. Pop your shorter hair extensions in, wear them naturally straight not poker straight. This will look effortless and easy but you’ll still feel confident enough to entertain.

    New Years Eve – This is your chance to go all out! It’s the biggest party of the year. You’ve got your little dress, killer heels, bag, bangles, earrings and everything a party girl might need (chicken fillets, false lashes, fake tan etc) now for  the all important party girl hair extensions! Don’t do anything by half’s. Start with a blow dry using volumising mousse and a round brush; get as much volume as humanly possible! Use Jumbo curling tongs to style your longest set of Dirty Looks full head hair extensions. Curl each weft on a straight angle from the bottom up, leave for a minute or so then gently remove the hair from the tong without unraveling it right away. Once you’ve don’t this to all of the hair brush it out with a hair extension loop brush leaving a bouncy shape. Back comb your hair at the roots and pop your hair extensions in. Fuss and tease it until it’s as BIG as it can be. Volume and big hair extensions have been one of the most popular trends for this year so see the year out in style and start as you mean to go on!

    New Years Day – The morning after the night before. Who cares what you’re wearing today, you just concentrate on getting over last night’s antics, whatever they were! You’re hair is probably resembling a birds nest now from all last night’s back combing and then hitting your pillow in the early hours of the morning. Use the back combed monstrosity to your advantage and give yourself a big, stylish up do. Even a simple pony tail with back combed hair can look amazing! Now for your New Year’s Resolution. "I will continue to look after my hair extensions, I will make the effort to ensure that they always look natural and I will make the most of my hair everyday!” J

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dirty Looks! x

  • Taylor Swift - Get her look with Hair Extensions

    Ever since the beautiful Taylor Swift had her moment taken away from her by the Rude Kanye West and given back to her by the Classy Beyonce at the VMA’s everyone has been talking about her. The bright and fresh faced country singer has brought with her a new take on country music. Gone are the days of the fabulously over the top Dolly Parton, say hello to the cute and pretty country generation headed by Taylor Swift. Dirty Looks have noticed Taylors soft, feminine tresses. The clean cut, demure styling is something girls everywhere would like to imitate. This is easily done with some Dirty Looks extensions in shade California Highlights, add some delicate, girly curls and sweep the fringe. Taylor will continue to lead by example for that ultra cute but sophisticated look.

  • Cheryl Cole Hair Cut, or did she just remove her hair extensions?

    Cheryl Cole haircut?  Well.. many sources confirm she simply removed her hair extensions! Although Cheryl may have had a new hair cut it would be safe to say the shorter style is thickened out with hair extensions.  Looking back at older press of a Cheryl Cole short haircut you can clearly see the difference between her hair back then and her hair now.

    Cheryls hair looks great with both long and short hair extensions.  Many people have shorter length hair but don't necesarily want to add length with hair extensions.  The beauty of extensions is the flexibility of styling.  A few single strips can be used on shorter hair cuts like Cheryl Coles, we advice that you add the extensions on an angle from behind the ears to just below the front temple.  Then cut the hair extensions down to match your own hair and style them 'til your hearts content. You will acheive thicker hair but most importantly you will add hair to the troublesome area around the face which often gets overly layered or is difficult to grow and remains finer than the hair at the back of your head.

    Be sure to check out our Cheryl Cole Hair page for a guide on the two Cheryl Cole Haircut and shade styles available from Dirty Looks hair extensions!

    Cheryl Cole hair cut

  • Miley Cyrus hair Extensions

    Teen Sensation Miley Cyrus has caught my hair extension radar.  The cutesy all American lil darling has just released what could be one of the catchiest songs of the year "Party in the USA”.  Miley is one of few people who can successfully pull of super long extensions.  She appears in her new video sporting beautifully long, Hot Toffee extensions. It’s important when wearing your hair so long that the styling is just right. Miley of course has hair dressers and stylists at her beck and call so she needn’t worry but for the rest of us there is a fine line. Dirty Looks 24-26 inch extensions are best worn on already long hair, with perhaps some long layers in it to break it up a little. It’s always better when wearing your hair so long to have some kind of curl and shape in there to help it appear natural. Miley has youth in her favour, there’s probably not much that she couldn’t get away with. She’s beautiful, sexy, and talented so pretty much everything looks good on her. I’m going to see Miley in concert this month so I shall report back on the show and the hair but in the meantime ladies do remember the tips on getting your hair like gorgeous Mileys’.

  • Hayden Panettiere Hair extensions - We love them

    I’ve been on the lookout as always for stars with the most beautiful hair and hair extensions in the world of celebs and whilst watching chic and sexy Science fiction series Heroes I couldn’t help but notice the stunning Hayden Panettiere! The star plays an indestructible cheerleader and though this may be impressive I was more impressed by her flawless beauty and perfectly coloured and styled hair extensions. The LA Blonde shade perfectly suits her olive skin and she wears it very well. Unfortunately we can’t all make ourselves immortal like Hayden but we can get her hair!

  • Cheryl Cole Hair - New Shade

    Great News! This Christmas sees the launch of Dirty Looks sparkling new shade. We’ve finally found the answer to achieving the Cheryl Cole look you’ve all been demanding. The beautiful, classic brown base with delicate micro highlights and lowlights will add that something extra special to your usual brown hair. We’re thrilled with our latest addition and we can’t wait for our Dirty Looks customers to get their hands on them. This shade has been created due to popular demand and we’ve got a feeling they are going to be very popular so make sure you get yours!

    cheryl cole new shade

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