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  • Long Hair Extensions for A Long Winter

    The seasons are a changing and often that means we’re all looking to change our looks. As we wrap up in this seasons warm, cosy fashion it’s time to fix up and freshen up our hair do’s. One of the great things about having long hair or hair extensions in the winter is it can act almost like a scarf and keep us lovely and warm. In the winter we all tend to wear our hair down to give us that snug look.

    Whether it’s long hair or a trendy short bob this winter it’s all about volume. The Blow-dry is back and it’s about time! A good blow-dry is an excellent way to get a glamorous, bouncy look and there’s always room for more! Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions are the perfect way to get the extra thickness and volume needed for all those Christmas parties! Long hair is always on trend, it’s so sexy and never dates. For winter we’re seeing sleek and wavy, nothing too over the top, as long as you’ve got the volume you’ve got it all. Even with a sexy bob you can add some Dirty Looks single strips and cut them to the length of your bob.

    We’re seeing more and more up do’s from the Catwalks for the winter of 09, these are great for those bad hair days that the winter can bring, just throw in a few of your hair extensions and tie it into a big messy heap, call it 80’s chic and you’ll get away with it. Don’t forget these looks can even work for evening just throw in some of the gorgeous little hair accessories that are everywhere right now.

    For colours, the popular autumnal shades are lasting through the winter, Spiced Auburn, Deep Ruby, Espresso and Melted Chocolate. Highlights and lowlights are always stylish; you can use different colours and textures to change your look for the winter. If you’re not sure what kind of changes you want to make then just check out the hottest celebs and attempt your own version of their look. Popular looks right now are Lauren Conrad, Dannii Minogue, Miley Cyrus and of course Cheryl Cole. You pretty much can’t go wrong if you follow in the footsteps of one of these style savvy ladies!

  • Lauren Conrads Hair extensions - Just can't keep our eyes off them!

    Don’t you just love Lauren Conrads hair?! It’s great to see a beautiful blonde star that doesn’t feel the need to slap on the peroxide to get attention. The Hills star beautifully models a tanned blonde shade that could pass for naturally sun tinted. Laurens hair colour perfectly complements her clear, bronze skin.  Laurens style can be personalised to suit everyone as not everyone is blessed with her stunning skin tone and features. Dirty Looks stock a wide range of interesting blonde shades that resemble Laurens and there’s a shade for everyone. To get Laurens subtle, soft  results try Dirty Looks shades Tanned Blonde, St Tropez, Toasted Highlights and Manhattan Highlights. Adding just a few darker tones to your blonde hair might be just what you need for the festive season!

  • Can You Dye Hair Extensions? Yes! - How To Dye Hair Extensions...

    A lot of people, those who are new to hair extensions and even those who have experience in hair extensions are unaware that you can dye hair extensions yourself! Dirty Looks stock clip in extensions in shade "Dye it Yourself” these are perfect for people who can’t find their match on the website and would prefer to dye the extensions in the same colour they dye their own hair.  It doesn’t just have to be the "Dye it Yourself” extensions, you can dye any of the human hair extensions to match your own hair provided it’s just by a few shades. The extensions can only be dyed darker, or you can add a toner. They cannot be lightened or bleached as they have already been through a chemical process and additional coloring or bleaching is likely to affect the condition of the hair.

    Before dyeing the extensions ALWAYS DO A STRAND TEST, this means dyeing just a few strands of the hair first to give you an idea of how the colour is going to come out. Once you have done a strand test and you are happy with the results you can go ahead and dye the rest of the hair extensions. You will need to use much more of the dye than you might usually use as you will have to completely saturate the extensions in the dye to guarantee a true, even colour.

    The freedom to dye hair extensions is also handy for those who want to change the colour of their own hair, simply dye your extensions at the same time with the same shade.

    If you have dyed your hair extensions you will then need to wash them. You can wash and condition them following our guide on  Please keep a few things in mind... don’t rub the hair vigorously when you shampoo and condition, it’s best to smooth the product into the hair extensions by running your hands down the hair to prevent tangling them.

    We highly recommend that you then allow the hair extensions to dry naturally and then straighten them out once dry.

    You don’t necessarily need to wash the hair extensions, certainly not often as they don’t get the same supply of natural oils as your own hair therefore they tend to stay fairly clean.

    Clip in hair extensions are so versatile, not only can you achieve various styles but you can change the colour to suit you!

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