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  • Bridal Hair Extensions

    Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her special day. They have to have it all! Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Here at Dirty Looks we believe that there’s something missing. No bride should be without beautiful Dirty Looks hair extensions. Who needs a veil or a train when you can be draped in long luscious hair? It’s the perfect way to achieve an elegant, feminine look that will make your groom giddy. Dirty Looks extensions can be used in so many ways to create some of the most modern and the traditional bridal looks. Most brides opt for demure up do’s and although one might think that hair extensions won’t help with this, they do! One thing that makes an up do easier is having plenty of hair to work with and Dirty Looks can provide you with that hair! The clips on Dirty Looks extensions flip over making it easier to tie up. A look that’s also very popular with brides is the classic some up, some down look much like Cheryl Coles wedding hair and Dirty Looks hair extensions can help you to get this look for yourself! It’s funny how over the years it’s become a tradition for brides to wear their hair up or at least slightly up. I say out with the old and in with the new, it’s big hair all the way! I want glamour and style. I’d like to see more brides wearing their hair down, with beautiful loose curls and sweeps, and with perhaps a little ornament or dare I say it a subtle tiara....Note, keep the tiaras subtle you don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a contestant for Miss World! With a little help from Dirty Looks anyone can get married in style!

    cheryl cole

  • Janet Jackson VMA Hair

    Janet Jackson made here presence well and truly known as she paid tribute to her Brother the King of Pop at the 2009 VMA’s! This year’s VMA opening focused on the incredible life of Michael Jackson. The ever demure Madonna  began the night by showcasing her public speaking skills giving a speech that made us all want to celebrate and cheer for Michael Jackson , bravo Madonna! This led to an awe inspiring performance of Michaels hits, the stage was filled with dancers head to toe in MJ attire, then in one incredible swoop Janet appeared and stormed the stage performing hers and Michaels number 1 hit “Scream”. Fans were thrilled to see Janet looking amazing, she danced alongside the back dropped image of her brother and made everybody’s night! Let’s not forget in all this excitement to discuss Janet’s Hair. The edgy, new and urban up do was worn with such style and attitude. Janet had to make a statement and her whole look including her hair conveyed strength and power and Dirty Looks loved it! We’re all devastated to have lost our King but all hail Janet Jackson!


  • Sex and the City 2!

    Carrie-picsPictures have been released this week of our beloved Carrie Bradshaw back in action in New York City! Sex and the City fans are delighted to see that the filming has begun for the anticipated sequel to the Sex and the City movie! Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) who plays Carrie is looking splendid in the recent pictures.  The fashion, the hair, she really can’t put a scantily clad foot wrong! I must say I was a little concerned when I saw pictures of her rocking a crazy 80’s perm but I soon became aware that this was all part of a flash back sequence in which we get to see the young Carrie move to New York looking for love!  Other pictures showed the Carrie of today, filming with on screen husband Mr Big and they are looking lovely. Carrie seen in a stunning white dress and the usual designer heels and the whole ensemble is completed with an alluring full head of silky, long hair! Carrie is known for her wild mane, but time after time we see it tamed, usually in a loose curl, we just can’t get enough of her hair! I for one can’t wait to see this film, it’s so exciting to have the fabulous ladies back showing the rest of us how it’s done. Watch this space!

  • X Factor Hair 2009


    The X factor is back and with that comes more X factor hair for us to look at and judge!  Dannii has returned sporting a chic and sexy bob, no doubt this will launch another bob trend similar to that we saw when Mrs Beckham had the chop!  Here at Dirty Looks we’re fans of the long luscious look but we say if you’re thinking of imitating Dannii’s fantastic, sophisticated look, go for it! Years ago when hair extensions were hard to come by and difficult to use then having such a drastic hair cut would be out of the question for the risk of not liking it and struggling to grow it out! Fear not, with the help of Dirty Looks clip in extensions anyone can try out new looks and shorter haircuts because you can get it back in no time just by clipping in your extensions! Dannii’s been known to wear extensions, no doubt as soon as she grows bored of the bob we’ll see her gorgeous long hair again as if it never went away!

    Across the panel fellow judge Cheryl Cole has made Dirty Looks headlines this week when she appeared with red locks. The girls aloud beauty popped out showing off a new full head of Red hair. Reports say that Cheryl and pretty much everyone else hated this new look and so she spent 3 days getting her stunning, melted chocolate mane back to true form. Here at Dirty Looks we won’t criticise Cheryl’s attempt to change her look, at least she had the guts to try something new and she did it with confidence. We love Cheryl and her hair always looks fantastic, although it must be pretty easy for someone so beautiful to always look great, it looks like she’s not even trying!

    Well I’ll be tuning in every Saturday not only to watch the very entertaining auditions, keeping my eye open for our next star but also to get a good look at Cheryl and Dannii’s gorgeous hair!  Stay tuned! J

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