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  • New Highlighted Extensions

    Dirty Looks are thrilled to announce the addition of two stunning shades to their highlighted Range!  Parisian Highlights and Manhattan Highlights are the latest installments! The alluring Parisian Highlights posses a certain charm that we style hungry ladies will give anything for! The light blonde highlights that run delicately through the beautiful, champagne base are just perfect for that fabulously chic long haired look. The trendy Manhattan Highlights convey an attitude like no other, like the high flying women of Manhattan this shade does nothing but impress. Seen on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker herself, these extensions are a must have. The sparkle of the blonde highlight against the deep caramel tone is just divine. These new shades are a great addition and we can’t wait for our Dirty Looks clients to start enjoying them!

    Manhattan-Highlights                                                      Manhattan Highlights

    Parisian                                                      Parisian Highlights

  • Tribal Hair Trends

    Current trends are strong and definitive for 2009, and here at Dirty Looks we’re in on the hottest looks out there. The big look of the moment it seems is sexy tribal chic. Up and down the most notorious high streets fabulous ladies are strutting about like they’re on a glamorous safari! For clothes we’re seeing strong, graphic prints that surprisingly work on everyone. We’re seeing beautiful, earthy tones, the warm red’s, burnt oranges, organic browns and deep greens. Why not follow the same idea with your hair colour, red’s and earthy browns and oranges can look just stunning with a full set of perfectly matched extensions. Dirty Looks have recently added the sassy shade “Spiced Auburn” to the shade chart! Check it out! The last few summers have seen the bohemian look hold a strong position in the world of style, this season it’s still around but with that wild, tribal edge, try a loose, messy curl and accessorize with an earthy colored head band and throw in some wooden jewellery. Fashion and style are only what you make it and these trends won’t be around forever so make the most of it and have some fun with it!

  • Ashlee Simpsons Auburn Hair Extensions!

    First it was blondes, and then it was brunettes, now it’s Auburn! All I’m getting right now are requests from girls wanting the latest look! This season it’s all about that Ashlee Simpson Auburn!  The spicy, sophisticated shade is all the rage and is set to last all through the Autumn!  Ashlee has played with different shades in the past, from sassy, bunny, white blonde to dark, petrol black to fiery, feisty red. These days Little Miss Simpson has toned down her statement looks and gone for something a little more understated than the usual, and at Dirty Looks,  we’re  loving it! This shade brings out Ashlee’s natural beauty and helps to give her a look of youthful sophistication. Dirty Looks have just added the “Spiced Auburn” to the shade chart and if you’re going for that autumnal style then you’re going to need Dirty Looks Spiced Auburn extensions!


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