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  • The Britney Concert

    The circus was well and truly in town last night where ring master or in this case ring mistress Britney Spears took to the stage in style! Yes, the day had finally arrived, Dirty Looks’s  chance to see Britney perform in her Sexy Circus tour and what a night it was! I have heard all the criticism about her not singing live but after seeing the show last night I have to say who cares! I went  to see a show and a show I saw! What a spectacle! The stage, the lights, the costumes, it was absolutely stunning!  Britney herself was looking better than ever, she is in shape and oozing sex appeal! Always one to make an entrance Britney didn’t disappoint. The crowd were warmed up with some jaw dropping circus acts including some of the best stunts and acrobats I have ever seen, then as the lights went out and the crowd screamed, Britney appeared dressed in a ring masters coat and hat and fishnets, down she came from the rafters in a gold hoop suspended from the ceiling and she commanded the stadium with her supreme star power! Her classic, platinum locks long and flowing looked fantastic as she flicked her hair around in Britney fashion during raunchy dance routines, her extensions thick and full of shape and style, Britney did herself proud! Here at Dirty Looks we’re big Britney fans and are so happy to announce that Britney Spears is officially, well and truly BACK!!!

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  • Summer Hair Extension Trends

    cheryl cole bouffant_1244558842

    Big hair is back! This is a fabulous look that suits all hair types including finer hair. It’s about a clean bouffant this season rather than The Amy Winehouse bird’s nest hair do.  Dirty Looks sell fantastic Tigi smoothing products that help to perfectly smooth out that top layer of the bouffant so you can hide all the backcombed volume underneath. Clip in hair extensions are a great tool for achieving this look, they’re great for getting the extra volume and then you can hide the clips and wefts under the mighty bouffant!

    Spring/Summer will see the curls back in full bloom! From surf girl, beach chic, to glamour puss bouncy curls, ringlets, waves, casual, sexy, anything that remotely resembles a curl is acceptable. This is great news for all us Clip in hair extension wearers as we all know it’s easier to blend and hide the wefts when we wear curls!

    Side partings are going strong right now, whether you’re wearing your hair up or down. It’s smart and sexy and when done right can either give you a sassy femme fatale look or a soft feminine drape over your eyes.

    This season is seeing lots of people playing with colour. Cheryl Cole’s popularity during the X factor and the arrival of new global superstar Miley Cyrus has launched a tidal wave of girls and women opting for chocolate browns with soft caramel highlights. Even the feisty blondes are warming up their frosty looks with darker, copper blonde tones. Although the blondes that just can’t give it up are playing with different shades, from ash to peach, Dirty Looks are now stocking a range of interesting new blonde hair extensions, from Malibu to St Tropez, check them out!!

  • Lazy Glam - Clip In Extensions when you're short on time!

    Clip in hair extensions are so easy to use but lately I find that when it’s very early and I’ve woken up late and I’m in a terrible rush there just isn’t time! Luckily I’ve recently discovered that I don’t necessarily need to put them all in. I mean of course if I’m going somewhere special then I absolutely have to wear a full head but when it’s just an everyday casual look I’ve realized that by just putting 4 wefts in, my hair still looks lovely and long and natural, I’ve even gone as far as just putting the two top, front pieces in, giving me my usual length (which isn’t very long) but it makes it appear fuller, with a bit of hairspray and a quick ruffle I have a chic, trendy short do, that looks far more styled than it is, this is what we call lazy glam! ;) Try it!Taylor Momsen 2

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