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  • X Factor Hair


    The X factor live shows kicked off last week with audiences seeing what is probably the most talent packed line up there has ever been on the musical reality show. Cheryl Cole’s category is arguably the strongest; Cheryl bagged the under 25 girl’s category and has three potential winners amongst them. So apart from the amazing talent and great entertainment, this year’s show is also bringing some great looks and some immaculate hair!

    Cheryl Cole being the most obvious of the fabulous ladies, her hair looking as gorgeous as ever, she always looks fantastic, Cheryl seems to possess the latest and most popular look for Hair Extensions right now and luckily it’s a look that isn’t so difficult to achieve.  Here at Dirty Looks we stock 18 inch Cappuccino Highlights extensions that are not unlike Cheryl’s. Another dazzling beauty catching our attention is Cheryl’s fellow glamorous judge Dannii Minogue; she also wears a beautiful rich shade of hair extension that you can also find by browsing through the Dirty Looks shade chart.

    As well as the style savvy panel of judges, we’re seeing some great make over’s and some really pretty hair on the stage with the humble contestants. Girl band ‘Bad Lashes’ who upon their first audition Louis likened to four hairdressers trying to be a girl band, which wasn’t too insulting or far from true because they do in fact have great hair. Unfortunately ‘Bad Lashes’ were first to be eliminated.

    We can still see some impressive hair extensions on other acts like the Girl Band named ‘Girl Band’, and Fabulous Divas Alexandra and Laura. Week 3 should prove to be full of fantastic acts as we watch our favourite contestants return to the stage to fight for their place in the competition as well as a performance from Girls Aloud themselves! I can’t wait to see their hair, how will it compare to the looks we’ve already seen?

  • Britney Spears and her Hair Extensions are BACK!! Are they Dirty Looks Extensions?

    britney spears hair extensions 1Britney Spears is back with her new single ‘Womanizer’ and finally she has a great set of hair extensions! The first release from her up and coming album ‘Circus’ is a sassy new song with an equally sassy and sexy video! Ms Spears is back to looking her gorgeous self again in this raunchy and provocative video. Dirty Looks recently sent a goody bag full of fabulous hair extensions to Britney Camp.  The hair extension shades included Paparazzi Highlights, LA Blonde, Bunny Blonde & Ruby Red.

    We have noticed Britney slowly ascending back to her role as Pop Princess over the last few months, her image has improved remarkably and her hair in particular has been on quite a journey. We first noticed Britney looking well again during her appearance at the MTV VMA’s just a few weeks ago, with her fantastic clip in hair extensions styled beautifully with a defined S curl, and now we can enjoy the many looks that Britney has toyed with in her Womanizer Video. Although we haven’t had confirmation from Britney Camp it does look as though she is definitely sporting the same shade and realistic looking style of hair extensions which were sent to her by Dirty Looks.

    Britney can be seen in the video with a short black wig and geek chic glasses working the sexetary look and also in other scenes with a long choppy red wig, giving her a great contempory edge, but I have to say the big look of the video is Britney’s trademark blonde hair extensions (Dirty Looks shade: Paparazzi Blonde), whether it’s during the shirt and underwear scenes or the steamy, naked sauna scenes! Britney looks fantastic as she bares all; she looks flawless once again from her fantastic, sexy figure to her incredible full, luscious hair extensions! We’re so pleased to be writing positive press for Britney, we knew she’d be back and she’s done it with style! We’ve also seen some of the promo pictures for the album and Brit looks just as hot in those as she does in the video! We can’t wait for ‘Circus’! Welcome back Britney, keep shocking us!


    britney-spears-hair-extensions-3britney spears hair extensions 4

  • Dirty Looks New Hair Extensions Swatches

    Dirty Looks Hair Extensions have updated the hair extension swatches and names and introduced some gorgeous new shades.  Here is a run down of the updated swatches:
    Soho Black - This shade remains the same, this is the blackest black hair extension which is great for anyone who dyes their hair black/jet black.
    Organic Black - A new addition to the Dirty Looks family, this shade is great for anyone with naturally black hair or for those who dye their hair black.
    Espresso - This shade remains the same, a Dirty Looks hair extensions classic.  Suitable for darkest brown hair.
    Melted Chocolate - This shade was once known as Hot Toffee, if you previously ordered Hot Toffee you now need to order Melted Chocolate.
    Hot Toffee - A new addition to the Dirty Looks family, this hair extension shade replaces the old Deep Honey and has slightly richer tones.
    Tanned Blonde - Another classic shade in the hair extension range, this is a dark blonde/very light brown.  Also known as a 'mousy' shade.
    St Tropez - A very popular shade, this multi tone hair extension has golden wheat and neutral blonde shimmers, a popular hair extensions to have your own hair matched to.  Looks fabulous with a tan.
    LA Blonde - Think of that classic blonde you see on the Hollywood Red Carpet, this is a very expensive looking sandy blonde.
    Bunny Blonde - The lightest creamy blonde available, this hair extensions shade will work well on most Playboy Bunnies Hair Extensions!
    Capuccino Highlights - A very versatile highlight, the swatch doesn't do this shade justice!  This hair extension is a chocolate brown base with a few blonde highlights, works well if your hair is chocolate brown, you can use Cappuccino Lowlights even if you don't already have highlights.
    Toasted Highlights - A trio of highlights, a chocolate, toffee and creamy hi lift blonde all on one hair extension.  (Formerly known as Highlighted Medium).
    California Highlights - The most popular highlighted hair extension!  Works well on 90% of hair which has standard bleach highlights with a tint.
    Paparazzi Highlights - Another popular highlighted hair extension, for milky blonde highlighted hair which almost looks like an 'all over' dye.
    Neutral Home Dye/Dye It Yourself - Not sure which shade to get, or have perhaps you have a tricky shade to match.  You can dye the hair extensions with the same dye you have on your own hair.  (only suitable for dye, you can't bleach hair extensions)
    Deep Ruby - Glossy, autumnal, red brown hair, a very bendable red for those with a more juicy hair shade.
  • Gorgeous Hair Extension Alert - Danielle Bux wears shade 'Melted Chocolate'

    danielle buxI’ve been on the lookout again for the best hair and hair extensions about and I’ve spotted Gary Lineker’s fiancée Danielle Bux, she has the most beautiful hair.  She obviously has some hair extensions and has styled them really well with that lovely wave trickling down from a subtle bouffant.  If you like Danielle’s luscious locks you could extend your hair with some 18inch extensions and go for Dirty Looks hair extension shade ‘Melted Chocolate.’

    I’ve only recently been made aware of whom she is and since then I can’t get enough of her look. The 29 year old soon to be footballers wife has recently accepted football legend Gary Linekers marriage proposal and is said to be the happiest she’s ever been. Well of course she’s happy, she’s marrying the man she loves and on top of that she has amazing hair, does it get any better?! Let’s just wait and see how incredible her wedding hair will be.

  • Newsflash - Jennifer Lopes/J-Lo Has Changed Her Hair Colour - Oh No!!

    jloJennifer Lopez is someone who usually has immaculate styling, she always dazzles on the red carpets, in music videos and movies. Jennifer knows exactly how to make the most of her Puerto Rican looks and curvy assets; she oozes sex appeal and style.

    However, having looked at recent pics of J-Lo I’ve found that although she’s still gorgeous, she is looking less than her best which is unusual. Mrs Mark Anthony has been seen with a new hair colour and one that unfortunately doesn’t rate very highly especially in comparison to her usual colours.  It just has no depth, no shine, of course this could be down to the fact that Jennifer has recently given birth to beautiful baby twins Max and Emme, it is quite common for women’s hair to lose its sleek shine and bounce after pregnancy.  Either way we’re just not loving Jennifer Lopez’s choice of colour at the minute. It doesn’t help that she’s also looking a little pale, we’re so used to seeing J-Lo looking beautifully bronzed and glowing but this just isn’t the case in these pictures, Jennifer looks washed out and her dark lipstick works in an unflattering contrast. This is I’m sure just a side step for J-Lo, she still looks pretty much gorgeous despite the iffy colourings. She rarely has a hair out of place and will no doubt be on top form and looking stunning in no time.

  • Dirty Looks Hair Extensions - Autumn Trend Fix

    Cheryl cole and Nicola Roberts hair extensionsWhat’s hot this season in the world of Hair and Hair Extensions?!  It’s autumn and all the latest trends are coming through strong.   There’s plenty of choice out there if you fancy a change and want to stay on trend. Fringes are still going strong, the chunky/blocky fringe is a great statement look and can be versatile, and it can be worn soft, swept to the side or heavy, all forward. We’ve already seen Samantha in Sex and the City pull off this look perfectly in the movie, and stars like Fearne Cotton & Cheryl Cole truly wear it with that fashion edge.

    Red hair is another big look this season, a colour that blends well with the autumnal time of year, we can see this look on celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Lily Cole and Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. The reds are being worn not so much as the vibrant reds but as more of a natural and organic tone, there are some beautiful shades out there so crack on and maybe browse through the Dirty Looks shade chart, and don’t forget if the colour you’re wearing doesn’t match any of our extensions then you can buy our dye your own sets to ensure that perfect match.

    Layers it seems have always been a frequented style but this season we’re seeing layers adding texture and giving shape to any style, the great thing about this look is that you can achieve so many variations of it with your clip in extensions, your own hair can act as a layer and the extensions can be cut to different lengths to give that choppy, shapely look.

    Also, summer’s over so all those summer blondes may need toning down a little now that sun tans are fading, so try adding a few warmer pieces and some subtle tones of a darker blonde weaved in and out of your existing palette of blondes, it’s perfect for that all year round on trend blonde and Dirty Looks have a great selection of highlighted blonde extensions so you needn’t worry about losing that luxury. All of these looks are proving popular and will take you right through to the end of the winter.

  • Gorgeous Hair Extension Alert - Amber Stevens and Heidi Montag

    Hedi montagEverywhere I look there are lovely ladies with gorgeous hair.  It used to be that we only saw such perfectly long, full heads of hair on our much loved glamorous celebs but now I can’t go out to town without seeing classy and stylish hair extensions on at least half of the ladies out there, this is no doubt thanks to the likes of Dirty looks who sell A list Hair extensions to the Z list us!!

    It’s fantastic, now instead of looking at stars like Paris Hilton, Jordan and Nicole Ritchie and longing for hair like theirs now we can easily achieve their looks!  However, we still need to be on the lookout for the very best of the celebrity hair extension wearers out there in order to keep up!  So who’s getting it spot on right now?   Ok there are your obvious contenders like Paris, Nicole and Katie Price, also as I’ve mentioned, Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby are getting it right.  A couple of less obvious or maybe not as well known ladies are, Reality TV star Heidi Montag and Actress Amber Stevens, these two girls keep popping up on my radar when I’m searching for the best hair styles.  Heidi Montag’s warm and shiny platinum hair is so smooth and sleek and the perfect length and thickness and Amber Stevens exotic dark mane is stunning and works perfectly on the already beautiful vixen. Keep up the good work girls, we’ll be watching!

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