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  • Holly Willoughby - Sexy Curves & Sultry Hair

    HollyStunning TV Presenter Holly Willoughby who’s currently gracing our screens on ITV 2’s The Xtra Factor has recently done a racy photo shoot for men’s mag FHM. The curvaceous beauty that has been known to turn heads and cause a bit of a stir in her sexy gowns on the set of her ITV show Dancing on Ice has, if reports are correct, left very little to the imagination.

    Holly like fellow TV presenter and best mate Fearne Cotton always looks gorgeous, her glossy salt n pepper ash blonde hair is stunning and never too overdone, Holly keeps it simple and still dazzles. The hot FHM shoot in which holly dons a hot two piece string bikini is set to feature in the November edition; this will no doubt help boost her growing popularity with guys and girls alike.

    Unlike the typical Hollywood beauties Holly promotes a healthy body image with natural curves that any of us girls would kill for.  Her sleek locks of hair have not gone under the radar, here at Dirty Looks we believe Holly Willoughby has a few hair extensions to keep her hair looking its best.  So fellas can be on the lookout for Holly’s beautiful bod and we ladies can only wait to get a look at that mane of beautiful hair!

  • Fearne Cotton - Beautiful Hair

    fern cotton

    Fearne Cotton will be bringing her US Guinness World Records TV show to the UK.  The funky fashion queen hosted the show in America in January and is set to host a UK version with GMTV’s Ben Sheppard.  We’re always happy to see Fearne on our screens as she never disappoints when it comes to her look.  She has an all round great sense of style, from clothes to shoes to hair.  Her hair is fantastic, we love her colour, she doesn’t go for the typical blonde it’s always an interesting tone, and her extensions always look so natural.  Fearne, who is said to be cooling off her relationship with TV presenter Steve Jones always gets it right, whether it be down or a quirky up do, she manages to mix retro and rock chick with a mature sophisticated twist which isn’t always easy to achieve!  Fearne makes it look effortless and here at Dirty Looks we love it!

  • Sex And The City - The Movie, Fabulous Fashion, Shoes & Hair


    This week has seen the release of Sex and the City the movie on DVD!  Here at Dirty Looks we’re huge fans of the SATC girls and we are thrilled to see them back in action and looking as fabulous as ever.  It’s all about style on the streets of Manhattan, as Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends strut head to toe in luxurious labels.  But if we can for a moment take our attention away from the Oscar Delarenta gowns and Manolo Blahnik shoes, let us look and the hair! Miranda’s beautiful red hair color and sleek styling has ensured that she looks better in this film than she’s ever done. Charlottes natural rich healthy, bouncy mane is perfect for the squeaky clean Park Avenue Princess she is, and Samantha’s Blonde bombshell, glistening locks make her every bit as sexy at 50 as she was in her 20’s! Carrie’s hair is as stunning as ever, it’s always fun to try and achieve carries look with styling and clip in hair extensions, I use my flat iron and fold my hair one way and then the other to create that natural looking wave/kink to my hair. It’s great having these four style icons to look up to but let’s start looking at the hair and not just the fashion!

    Newsflash!....Rumors are ripe of a second SATC movie, and the big new is if it goes ahead we might see our favourite ladies strutting up and down the streets of London!!!! Watch this Space…..

  • Emo Scene Hair Extensions


    There seems to be a new style growing fast in popularity with teenagers and students everywhere. They are the “Scene Kids” and they’re rocking trendy new hairstyles which they’re calling Scene Hair.  It’s something that’s come from the dark, quirky “Emo” craze.  Emo hairstyles have been around for a good few years now, hacked off at the back with a long piece at the front on both guys and girls, usually black or dark brown and with other vibrant colours in various streaks.  Now though we’re seeing them become more and more original. It seems the way to achieve Scene Hair is to cut your own hair short, backcomb it and then use just two or three clip in hair extensions in the back for your length.

    It’s being done as a grungy look and even as a pretty, girly look, I’ve seen a few girls do it with their bleached blonde hair and with adding a little bow in the top.  There are also some really cool prints out there, raccoon tail hair extensions also known as coon tail hair extensions are quite popular, the section of hair is dyed in stripes similar to that of a Racoon.  Dirty Looks Hair Extensions stock ‘Dye it Yourself’ hair which can be used to create some really amazing and original designs.

    I’ve been looking at this style and have however been made aware that apparently it’s not just a look, you have to have a certain sense of style and individuality to be called a Scene Kid, so if you are thinking of trying out this look remember to put your own funky twist on it, don’t just look at someone else’s hair and copy it, as long as you backcomb and use clip in extensions you’ve got it but add your own flare, maybe a coloured extension or a sexy little headband or beautiful hair ornaments? Make it your own, stand out from the crowd!

  • Kylie & Her New Do!

    kylie_1274182437Pocket sized glamour puss Kylie Minogue has revealed a new sexy look today (and by new look, I mean new hair style). Her sultry honey blonde and brown mane looks stunning and has I think taken years off her. This is quite a change from her quirky short blonde look and an improvement I think, very sophisticated Kylie.

    Kylie’s hair has been on quite a journey over the decades of her pop career, we all remember the now infamous perms of the 80’s!! Although I look back upon those awesome hairstyles with fondness I’m happy to say Kylie looks as stunning as ever, is there any look this siren can’t pull off?!

  • Faking It!


    When it comes to faking it, I think it’s fair to say women have very specific rules, although they’re each to their own.  What is faking it anyway is it that bad?  It seems women in today’s society choose to fake a lot more than years before.  Look around you, in fact just look in the mirror... fake tans, nails, eyelashes, contact lenses, chicken fillets, teeth whitening, even the make-up we wear is in a sense a big fat lie!

    Of course for me, my biggest fake is my hair, hair extensions are my guilty secret, my lie, I wear them and my hair is thicker longer, sexier.   I love it and I don’t care if it makes me fake, after all we weren’t meant to even wear clothes were we? Did Adam and Eve wear clothes?  No, although I am sure there’s more to that story than what meets the eye!  Today clothes are considered essential, well for me, hair extensions are essential and I bet they are for a lot of other women too and why not?! So although I never fake who I am, I’ve got no qualms faking it when it comes to my hair!

  • Breaking news! Posh has had a haircut!

    VictoriaBeckham Poxie

    Breaking news! Posh has had a haircut!! Well hardly breaking news but it’s certainly something everyone seems to be talking about! Victoria Beckham has been photographed at New York fashion week sporting a risqué pixie crop which has already been aptly nicknamed “the poxie”.  The daring new look has received a mixed response from fans and the media.

    Victoria’s a shrewd business women, it seems as her new line of dresses are being launched she aptly unveils a sassy new look which comes with much media hype and press coverage for her and her gorgeous line of “Posh” dresses.

    So, what do we think here at Dirty Looks? Well, we love Victoria, her elegant style and class is looked upon with admiration and her latest offering is no exception. This haircut works well with her almost Elvin features, it brings out something we haven’t yet seen from the former Posh Spice. However, I have noticed that from some angles it is a little harsh and makes her face seem less soft and feminine. As much as we love Victoria’s new hairstyle, we definitely prefer the full head of extensions that just epitomized her role as Queen of the wags during the world cup.

    The great thing about hair styling now is that women like Victoria and for example R&B star Rihanna (who is also currently flaunting a cropped hairdo), is that they can experiment with short hairstyles now because it’s so easy to go back to that beautiful, long hair look in no time. Thanks to clip in hair extensions we can take these risks confident in the knowledge that we can get it back without all the waiting for it to grow back!

  • Britney Spears vma's 2008


    Britney Spears is no stranger for making headlines, unfortunately over the last 18 months or so, headlines made by Britney have not been at all positive. They have done nothing but portray a troubled young woman whose family life has been in utter turmoil. This is a far cry from the Britney we all know and love. The Britney who paraded around with a snake at the VMA’s, or the Britney who put on an epic stage production for HBO in Vegas!! Poor Britney’s just been spiraling out of control, it’s hardly surprising when you look at how outrageous her life has been from a very young age, but so sad to watch.

    I think it’s fair to say, the world is rooting for Britney, although the media tear her down, they’ll also be there to pull her right back up, that’s just how it works. Fans naturally want to see Britney make a full recovery and rebuild her relationship with her family, especially her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James. Once that’s taken care of, we will undoubtedly be anticipating her next album which is said to already be in the making and Britney herself says she has high hopes and would like it to be her best work ever!

    With the 2008 VMA’s fast approaching, we can’t help but anticipate a come back performance from Britney Spears whose stolen the show many times at Previous VMA’s, however Britney camp have denied the possibility of a performance which is a shame as it would be great for Britney to redeem her bad performance at last years show. Of course there’s still a chance for a surprise performance as it wouldn’t be the first time the star has surprised us!!

    The VMA 2008 promo videos are already being shown on MTV and this years host Russell Brand is seen briefly interviewing Britney Spears who certainly looks a million times better, her hair which just a year ago was virtually non existent after she shaved her head now looks long, full and fabulous, a result of hair extensions no doubt. It’s so good to see Britney looking so well, she seems happier, healthier and like she’s getting back to the beautiful sexy Britney we’ve come to love. Let’s hope Britney continues along this path and it won’t be long before we see Britney back on top where she belongs!!

  • Stars Without Make-Up and Hair Extensions

    Christina Aguilera Hiar Extensions

    It’s no secret that the media are brutal when it comes to celebrities. The famous and fabulous it seems are expected to look perfect at all times, so when they do show themselves in public looking anything less than perfect, we act surprised!

    Come on, they’re only human. I hate it when so much emphasis is put on stars without make-up or without hair extensions; everybody makes such a fuss over how different they look at the shop to how they look on the red carpet! Well of course, they can’t be all glamorous all of the time.

    Christina Aguilera is often photographed and criticised without her make-up but Christina’s look has never been a natural look, she’s always opted for sex and glamour.  Who cares what she looks like without make-up and hair extensions, we all know how beautiful she looks with it, that’s how she intends to look. We need to take our focus away from how stars look underneath the glamour after all it’s the glamour that makes us love them!

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